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Religion once more' restored to its native Hope of Glory and Life for evermOre. You i will be no longer obliged to wander in the Mazes and Intricacies of human Reason, and to speculate upon the Attributes of divine Mercy and justice; the Limits and Boundaries of' which are not to be determined by the Wit of Man, and the Contemplation of which abounds with Terrors as well as Hopes :_ But you may see the clear and immutable Purpose of God to give Salvation to all who, with penitent Hearts, and a firm Reliance on his Word, endeavour asterRighteousness.

One would imagine the Gospel should easily find Credit with Men, when all its ? Promises do so exactly tally and correspond x with the Hopes of Nature. Has Nature any a Reason to complain of this? Is it an Obe? jection to the Gospel, that it has confirmed all your Hopes and Expectations, that it has given you the Security of God's Promise to establish the very Wishes of your Heart? ' You trust, you say, that He who made you still retains some Love for you : To convince you that he does, be ba: shut his well-beloved Son into the Mrld to stz've Sinncrs. Though you offend, yet you hope on Repentance to be forgiven; The Gospel confirms this

ss Hope;

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that, if the Text is to be understood in this exclusive Sense, it will affect the Proofs and Authorities of any former Revelation equally with those of Sense and Reason. But then, on the other side, 'tis certain, that, if this Argument does not impeach the Authority of Most: with regard to this fundamental Article of Faith, neither will it shut out the Proofs of Natural Religion; since it must destroy the Evidence os both, or of neither. Now, that it does not set aside the Authority of Blesse, is evident from our Saviour's Argument to the Sadduceer : Now that the Dead are rai/Z-d, .e*ven szes shewed at the Bush, - when he calleth the Lord the God of Ahraham, and the God (s Isaac, and the God of jacoh. Luke xx. 37, From whence it appears, that our Saviour thought the Law of Most; afforded good Proof of a future Life; which is inconsistent with the Supposition that there was no Evidence, for Life and Immortality till the Publication of the Gospel.

But, supposing Most: or the Law of Nature to afford Evidence for a future Life and Immortality, it remains to be Considered, in what Sense the Words of the-Text are to be understood, which do affirm that Life and Immortality were hr'oaght to Light through the Gcspel. To bring any thing to Light

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