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ffiN _the foregoing Part of this
Pea I zed Chapter we read, that the Doc-
K V: trine of our Saviour had given
HMH such Offenee to his Hearers, that:
many even of his Disciples went back, and
walked no more with him: Upon which

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III. The third is, The Authority anddivine Commiffion of Christ, upon which their' Faith and Confidence were built: m heliev'e, and are sure, that thou art that Christ, the Son of the living God. To believe, becausewe have

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we have, from the Things weghave heard and seen of you, determined with ourselves, That thou art the Christ, the Son of the Ii-ving God.

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_ These three Reasons, which St. Peter gives for Adherence to Christ, refer to as many 'general Principles or Maxims: '

As first, That Religion, the onlyaMeans by which Men can arrive at true Happiness, by which they can attain to the last Perfection and Dignity of their Nature, does not, in the present Circumstances of the World,- depend

_on human Reasoning or Inventions: For, was this the Case, we need not to go from home for Religion, or to seek farther than our own Breast for'the Means of reconciling ourselves to God, and obtaining his Favour, and, in consequence of it, Life eternal. Upon such Supposition, St. Peter argued very weakly, in saying, To whom shall we go? For to whom need they go to learn that which they were well able to teach themselves?

The second Principle refered to is, That the great End of Religion is jþturehHaP; ii P/iness; and consequently the best- Religion is that which will most surely direct us to eternal Lisess Upon this Ground St. Peter' \ prefers the Gospel of Christ: Thou hzss the Mrds of eternal Li e.

The third Thing is, That the Authority and Word of God is the only sure Foun> dation of Religion, and the only reasonable Ground for us to build our Hope-s on. Thus

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