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bu't that He, who at the first formed Man out of 'Dust and Ashesinto a living Soul, should be ame to call him into Life again out of ithe same State?i-But the Gospel has declared both his Will and his Power, which he confirmed in the raising his own Son from the Grave ; and better Evidence we could not have for the Pofiibility and Certainty of a Resurrection.v This Evidence of the Gospel has reinstated Nature in all her Hopes, confirmed her Rightxto Immortality, and taught her to triumph over Death and the Grave, which seemed before to be unmoveable Bars to all her Expectations. This * has restored Religion, which had hardly one sound Foot to stand on, and made our Faith and our Reason consistent, which were before at too great Distance. Nature indeed taught us to hope for Immortality; but it was in spight of Sense and Experience, till the great Prince of our Peace appeared, who

hrought Life and Immortality to Light through his Gosþel.


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'the Resurrection of Christ: Whereas in the Chapter before this, Ver. 25, 'the Apostle tells us in general, that God hath set forth Christto be a Propitiation through Faith in

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