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for even 'the Alcorari owns jesus for a true

Prophet. But With respect to this Instance I persuade myself it can be no very distracting Study to find Reasons to determine our Choice. Go to your Natural Religion : Lay before her Mahomet and his Disciples arrayed in Armour and in Blood, riding in Triumph over the Spoils of thousands and tens of thousands, who fell by his Victorious Sword: Shew her the Cities which he set in Flames, the Countries which he ravaged and destroyed, and the miserable Distress of all the Inhabitants of the Earth. When she has viewed him J in this Scene, carry her into his Retirements: si Shew her the Prophet's Chamber, his Con-_ __ cubines and Wives; let her see his Adultery, 'sand hear him alledge Revelation and' his r divine Commifiion to justify his Lust and his Oppreffion. _ When she is tired with this vProspect, then shew her the blessed Jesus, humble and meek, doing Good to all the Sons of Men, patiently instructing both the Ignorant and the Perverse. Let her see him in his most retired Privacies : Let her follow him to the Mount, and hear his Devotions and Supplications to God. Carry her to his Table to view his poor Fare, and hear his heavenly heavenly Discourse. Let her see him injured, but not provoked : Let her attend him to the Tribunal, and consider the Patience with which he endured the Scoffs and Reproaches of his Enemies. Lead her to his Cross ; and let her view him in the Agony of Death, and hear his last Prayer for his Persecutors : Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do ! '

When Natural Religion has viewed both, ask, Which is the 'Prophet of God ? But . 'her Answer we have already had ; when she saw Part of this Scene through the Eyes of the Centurion who attended at the Cross; by'him she spoke and said, 'Truly this Man was the Son of God.

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' ' 4- a FHE great Evidence of Christianity, to which our Saviour and

i his Apostles constantly appeal, are the Nfirficles, Wonders, and Signs, which God did by the Hand' of Jesus to confirm the Authority and Commiffion he gave him to publish and declare his Will to the World. This being the only reasonable Evidence that he could ' give of his coming from God,,our Saviour says expresly, If I had not done among them T the

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