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'his Defence before King Agrippa, gives this
Account ofsithe Gospel he preached -:
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other Things than those which the Prophet: and Mo/Zuct did say should come. 'And indeed one Revelation: admitted to be of divine Anthoritysisimust sibe'a Touchstone to 'try all she."ceeding Revelations by : siF or GOd canndt contradict himself; and the great Works done by Moses and by Christ are not only an Evidence of their divine Authority, but are a Bar to all succeeding Pretenders. The' Miracles reported to have been dene in the Heathen World are imWorthy of God, con

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least as much Goodness in making Men happy, as in making them at all. .

With what Colour of Reason can the pretended Miracles of the Heathen World be brought into this Westion, which were done upon trifling Occasions, unworthy of the Interpofition of God P Look into all the antient Oraclesz see to what mean Purposes they are applied, and how often they prove destructive to those who relied on them ; and then tell me what Marks you see of divine Wisdom or Goodnessin them, that should set them upon an equal Foot with the Miracles of Christ Jesus.

We read in the Old Tcstament of some Miracles wrought in Behals of particular People, and for particular Purposes: But neither are these, though of divine Authority, to be setin competition with the Miracles of the vGospel : For they were not introductory to any Schessme of Religion, or new Declaration of God's Will, but are rather to be considered as Acts of Government, and suitable to the Character of God as King of - Israel, for, where the Government itself wasdivine, no wonder to see the Measures of the Government to be of the same Kind. And this Character of God being peculiar to the


* Jews, is the Reason why such 'Miracles were frequent under the Jewish Law, and are Very \ rarely to be met with under the Gospel.

Secondly,-I am to consider what sort of Works are to. be admitted forNMiracles in proving the Truth of any Religion. ' s

The first Suspicion that men naturally have of any one who pretends to Prophecy or lnspiration, is, that he has contrived the whole Matter himself: For we have seen many Vifions and Inspirations imposed on the Vulgar by Men of very bad Heads or very bad Hearts. And therefore the first Inquiry is, whether the Miracles might not proceed from human Art or Cunning.

And shall I undertake to prove, that it exceeds the Power of Man to raise the Dead to Life, to give Sight to the Blind, and to cure all Diseases by the Word of his Mouth ? No: siNever was any such Attempt set up. But perhaps no such Miracles were ever really done, and the People were deceived by false Appearances. As for Instance; When the Man born blind was restored to Sight, he did not indeed recover his Eyes, but all the rest of the People lost theirs; which I think would be the greater Miracle of the two: For it is as easy to believe that the Word


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