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and please God by, that is, it must be the best Religion. ss

From hence then, I say, it is incumbent on every Man of Sense and Reason, upon every one who judges for himself in the Choice of his Religion, first to inquire whether there be a Revelation, or no: Nor'can the Precepts of Natural Religion singly be drawn into question, till 'tis first certain, that there is no Revelation to direct us: And therefore there can be no Comparison stated generally between Natural and RevealedXReligion, in order to determine our Choice between them z because the Revelation must be first rejected, before Natural Religion can pretend to the sole Direction.

And yet this is the beaten Path that Un\believers tread: They consider in general, A that Revelation is subject to many Uncertainties; it may be a Cheat at first, or it may be corrupted afterwards, and not faithfully handed down to them ; but in Natural Religion there can be no Cheat, because in that every Man judges for himself, and is bound to nothing but What is agreeable to the Dictates of Reason and his own Mind: And upon these general Views they reject all Revelations whatever, and adhere to Natural Religion as the safer Guide. But attend


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make so mean a Figure in the World, as to justify your Contempt of it: The Light shines forth in the World, whether you will receive it, or no; if you receive it not, the Consequence is upon your own Soul, and you must answer it.

Were Men fi'ncere 'in their Profeffions of Religion, or even in their Desires of Salvation and Immortality, the Controversies in Religion would soon take a new Turn: The only (Lieffion would be, whether the Gospel were true, or' no: We should have no Reasoning against Revelation in general 3 for 'tis impossible that a sincerely religious Man should not wish for a Revelation of God's Will, if there be not one already: We should then see another kind of Industry used in searching the Truths of God, which are now overlooked, because Men have lost their Regard for the Things which make for their Salvation. Were the Gospel but a Title to an Estate, there is not an Infidel of them all, who would sit down contented with his own general Reasonings against it: It would then be thought worth looking into; 'its Prooss would be considered, and a just _ Weight allowed them : And yet the Gospel is our Title, our only Title, to a much nobler Inheritance than this World knowss

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