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because they appear to be Works of infinite ss Power, and such as cannot be exceeded, but _ because of necessity they prove-in course

of Argument a 'First Cause of all Things;

which First Cause being unlimited, nothing

is or can poffibly be done, that the Power: of the First Cause cannot ado. And therefore the Works of the Creation must be and are admitted as an infallible Proof of theBeing of a God. Let it then bee-remembered, Thata Revelation is not introduced to prove ' the Being of a God; That the Miracles of our-Saviour were not wroughtto that Pure poseYbut, supposing the vBeing of aGod, to Prove God 'theAuthOr of the. Revelation: 'thenit -must_ be allowed, Than-if- we bring as good Arguments to prove God the Author of the Revelation, as can be broughtto.- 'prove the Being of God, all who believe 'the Being of a God are equally obliged to believezth'e Divinity of the Revelation.

- The first and mostnatural Notion of God is, thathe is the Maker of the World, and all Thing-s, in'it. This was the Notion the jewr had of God pand, when'they distinguished-the' true God from the Heathen Gods, they defined- him to'be the Maker'of the World and Man-kind, Look then into

- - ' the

the Miracles of the Gospel, and you will see this Attribute of. God as clearly demonstrated by them as by 'the Works of Nature: For there you, will find, that the Author of the Christian Miracles is the Maker of Mankind ; for by him Men were made 3 that is, dead Bodies were made into living Men: For to raise a dead Man, and to. make a new Man, are much the same Thing. Any Matter may be formed evenv by human Art into the. Shape of a. Man; but it is adding Life that makes the Man. If we believe we received our Senses, our Reason, our natural Strength andVigour, from the true God at first ; look into the Gospel, and you will find the ssMiracles of Christ are from the same Hand : For to_ the Blind he gave Sight, to the Deaf Hearing, to the Lame and, SiCk Strength and Sounduess, to Demoniacs and Lunatics he gave Reason and a right Mind.. Or, if . you chuse rather to look into the material World for the Proof of a God 5 if you think the Beauty, Order, and Regularity of the World speak God-to be both Author and Governor of Nature 5 search the Gospel, and you will find the Miracles of Christ, derive themselves from the Governor of the World, andssspcak ss the same Language with the

3_ _ ' r , Works

Works of Nature: For at his Word the stormy Winds were laid 3 the Sea obeyed his Voice: When he suffered all Nature trembled; the Earth shook, the vVail Of the Temple was rent, the Sun and the Moon were darkened z Which drew from the _Centurion attending at his Execution the Confefiibn, Truly this was the Son of' God. If you appeal to the natural Sense and Notions of Mankind for the Idea of the true God, andvthence collect his essential Attributes, Justice, Righteousness, Holiness and Goodz ness ;_ let the Voice of Nature be still; and the Gospel shall speak more plainly, how just-,how righteous, how holy and good God is, who is Author of the Salvation and Redemption which is by Christ Jesus. Takect what Way you will to prove 'the Being or the Attributes of God, and in the same Way with equal Advantage Wewill prove the God of the World, that is, the only true God, to be the Author of Christianity; which all who believe the Being of a God are bound to admit 'for a Proof of the Truth of Christianity : For 'either the Works of Nature are not'a 'good Proof of the Being of a God ib; or the Works of the Gospel, being of the same kind, and Effects of equal Power, must


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