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to be Duties, Murder or Adultery to be Sins, he would not recur to Miracles for an Argument. These and the like Duties are enforced in the Gospel, but were always Truths and Duties , before our Saviour's Coming : And we are in possession of them without the Help of Miracles or Revelation. And these are the Doctrines by which we try A the Miracles.

But the Doctrines which are to be proved by Miracles are the new revealed Doctrines of Christianity, which were neither known or knowable to theReason of Man : Such are the Doctrines of Salvation and Redemption by Christ, of Sanctification and Regeneration by the Spirit of God: And who ever yet brought these Doctrines to prove the Truth or divine Original of the Miracles i

I shall only add, that-what has been said it concerns those chiefiy to consider, who hold fast and admire the Principles of Natural Religion, but despise or overlook the Proofs of Christianity. If they will but consider the Tendency of their own Principles, they are not far from the Kingdom of God : For 'the same Reasons, that oblige them to believe in God, oblige: them to belieVC in Christ also.. And, as we have one God the Father ofv all,


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even Jesus Christ, the Saviour and Redeemer of us all. And let them take heed, that, havingbeen made Partakers of so much Grace, to the Acknowledgment of the one true God, they fall not the more irrecoverably under Condemnation by obstinately resufing to acknowledge his only and eternal Son, Jesus Christ the righteous. . .

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ZHX }%*(Y£ HE N we consider the Care of . chess OIO Providence over the Children of v A w WMA . . . . Vssg W Men, as it 18 manifested either - in the Works of Nature or of l * Grace, we naturally fall into the Reflection of the Text, and wonder to see r ' so much done for Men, who seem to have no Merit or Desert equal to the Concern shewed for them. If we look up to the Heavens, and view the Sun, Moon, and Stars, and consider the Power by which these mighty Bodies were formed, the Wisdom and Contrivance by which their Motions are

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the Benth we receive from them, that they
were intended for our- Service : And. yet what
are we, that we should be so served? If- we
' look round this Earth, the Place 70f* otha-
bitation, we find it filled with many Kinds of
Creatures, and adorned by the bountiful Hand
of Nature as is it were meant to be a Seat
of Pleasure and Happiness; and we are sure
that this Part of the World, at least, was made
for the Benefit- of Man: Here heis-Lord,
and has Dominion over the Works God;
for on Earth there is no Creature to rival- him
in Power and Wisdom, or that can challenge
any Share of Authority with him.- But this
Lord of the Earth, does he not come into
it helpless ? is he not wretched whilst he. is in
it, and oftentimes miserable when he is. to go
Out of-'it? What must we say then? that this
noble Palace was erected and adorned merely

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