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obey his supreme Lord, and to acknowledge i the Author of these, great and good Gifts: So? far from it, 'that God' Was in a manner

_expelled from his ovsivn Creation, and Stocks and Stonesand the Beasts'- of the Field were exalted and set up to-receive the Honour and Worship due to the CreatOr. The' Morality of' the World= became answerable to the Religion'si-of it; and no Wonder: For-whyihosiulil he not turn Brute himself, iwhd cart be centent with'ct a Brutc for his 'God P I The Wonder lies- on thev other Side, that God

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It can serve to no good Purpose to- give Men a great Opinion of themselves, and of the considerable Figure they make isin the Universe; nor can it be done with Truth and Justice. Experience, which shews us daily our own and the Follies of those about us, will be too hard for all Reasonings upon ' "this Foot: and the Mind of Man, conscious .-of its own Defects, will see through the Flattery, which ascribes to it Perfections and Excellencies with which it feels itself to be unacquainted. Or, could-a Man, in spight of his own Experience, be persuaded to think

sthimsclf very considerable, and worthy of all

that God has done for him; this Opinion eoUld-"tend only to make him proud and 'conceited, and to think the Dispensations of 'rProvidence' with regard to himself to 'be

rather Acts of justice, and due to his Merit, rthan-the Effects of Goodness and Benignity Pin' the Governor, of the World. Such! an I Opinion would in a great Measure exclude

a Sense of Dependence, and in a greater still

a Sense of Gratitudez which are vital siand . fundamental Principles in Religion. ct :;-.; . But, if we set out with taking. a proper F" View of ourselves in the= first- place', 'and lct with' considering- the many Imperfections and -' 'Follies 'to-which we are liable as rational ' Agents,

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