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HMMÞ Proceed to consider the Character given in the Text of Xi X an unbelieving Heart; namely, at That it makes us depart from ' the living God. What may be proper to be said on this Subject may be reduced, Ithink, under these three Heads : First, To shew, that it is for want of Faith, considered as a Principle of Religion, that Men depart from the living God. i Secondly, That Faith' cannot be a Principle of Religion, until it has its Effects and Operations in the Heart; _ Thirdly, That the Motions and Opera. tions of the Heart are in great measure under our own Power and Government.


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And fromhence it will evidently appear, how much it is the Business and Concern of -a religious Life to be watchful over the Heart,'to guard against all such Affections as will destroy; the Influence of Faith, and render the Heart uncapable of receiving the Impreffions of the Spirit of God.

First then, We are to shew that it is for want of Faith, considered as a Principle of Religion, that Men depart from the li-viag God. What is meant by departing from God, will appear _by comparing this with other equivalent Expreflions made use of in this Chapter. . In the. eighth Verse the Apostle ' introduces the Holy Ghost'speaking- in the Language of the Psalmist, and thus sorewar-ning the People, Harder: not your Hearts. Inthe tenth Verse God complains of the rebellious Israelites- in the Wilderness, saying, They do always err in their Hearts', and' ' they have not known my Ways. In the-Verse immediately after the Text the Apostle thus, explains his Meaning: But exhort one another daily, While it ii called ten-day, lest any gf-yxoa, he bardeaed through tho Deceitfulmfi r osssZSiiz. ' So then,=, to abe hardcned in Heart, to arr- ix-I Heare-not to or walk in the Ways Of God,_'tQ be. hatdcned through. the. Deceitfulnets. Of. Sin, are one and. the same' '

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