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needs consist of these two Parts; An Account of the Redemption wrought by God, and Instructions to Men upon what Terms they may reap the Benefit of the Redemption. As far as our Part goes in the Gospel, there is nothing mysterious; we have nothing to do for ourselves, but what we very well know how to do. As to the other Parts of the Gospel, we are not required to comprehend and account for God's Methods of Salvation, but only to accept them; which, as I before ' observed, are two distinct Acts of the Mind, and not dependent upon each other. As for the Work of God in our Redemption, 'tis indeed wonderful and mysterious: And why should it seem strange to you, that it is so? Are there any other Works of God which are not mysterious? Consider the Creation and Formation of this World -; consider the Sun, the Moon, ctand the Stars, the Works of his Hand 3 tell me by what secret Power - they move, by what Rule their different MotiOns were at first impressed, and by what secret in Nature or Providence ever since preserved. , Or, if you think it hard to be sent to ssCQnsider the Heavens at a_ Distance, do but consider the Earth, and the meanest Creatures 'of its: Can __you tell how they are,

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