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and Destruction, from which no human Power or Cunning can deliver us; yet our Hope is stedfast and unmov'eable, being

placed in Him Who is able to sithdue all 1

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that even the Desire' and Endeavour to please God frequently exposes them to infinite S'orsi rows in this World ;- We stand amazed, and are ready to doubt whether these Appearances can be reconciled' with the Belief that God governs the World. But, since all Nature proclaims the Being and the Power of God', and the visible Things of the Creation de

clare in every Language of the World the

Wisdom and Goodness of Him who made them z under the Force and Conviction of this Evidence that there is a God, we can find no poffiblev Way to account for his Justice and Goodness towards the Children of Men, but by supposing 'that he has appointed a Day in which he will judge the World in Righteoaffiuji : And fince this World evidently is not the 'Scene of this Judgment, we conclude there must be another, in which we shall stand before his Tribunal; Thus far Nature goes: All beyond this is vain Philosophy and Imagination, founded in Conceits. which are in vogue to-day, and forgot tosimorrow. Scholars may reason of

the Nature of the Soul, and the Condition -_ of it when fieparated from the Body; but

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to Nature in this painful Search'after Life and Happiness. The numberless Instances of Mortality which we hear and see, the ' Remains of those who left the World Ages before we came into it, and are still mouldering in their Tombs, is undeniable Evidence that Death destroys this compound Being which we call Man. How to revive this Union Nature knows not; and as for those who make the Spirits of Men in the divided State to be perfect Men, they seem to have got a Conclusion without consulting the Premises. Look now into the Gospel: There you will find every reasonable Hope of Nature, nay every reasonable Suspicion of Nature, cleared up and confirmed, every Difficulty answered and removed. Do the present Circumstancesof the World lead you to suspect that God could never be Author of such corrupt and wretched Creatures as Men now are? Your . Suspicions are just and well-founded: God made Man upright; butv thro' the Temptation of the Devil Sin entered, and Death and Destruction followed after. ' X Do you suspect, from the Success of __Virtue and Vice in this World, that the Providence of God does not interpose to protect the Righteous from Violence, or to punish . ' the

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Nature of separate Spirits, or concerning the . Body, however to Appearance lost and de' stroyedz for the -Body and Soul shall once more meet to part no more, but to be happy for ever. In this Case the Learned cannot doubtsand the Ignorant may be sure, that itis the Man," the very Man himself, who shall rise again: For an Union of the same Soul and Body is as certainly the Restoration of the Man, as the dividing them was the Destructionsi '

Would y0u know who it is that gives this Assurance? 'Tis One who is able to make good his Word; One who loved you so well as to die for you; yet One too great

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