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his Appearance, and he delivered Oracles not to be communicated to vulgar Ears. So in the Old Testament, when God speaks, Clauds and Darkmst are round about him, and his Presence and his Voice are terrible. But here every thing had a different Turn: The Appearance was in the Likeness of a Man, and in the Form of a Servant; and, as he came in like a Servant, he went out like a Slave, be was esteemedstrz'cken, and his Departure was taken far Mstry. His D'octrine was framed rather to purisy the Heart, and to give Wisdom to the Simple, than t0' ' exercise the. Head, and furnish Matter for the Curious and Learned; to be a general _ Instruction and a common Rule of Life to all Men, and not to satissy the Vanity of worldly Wisdom in Inquiries above its Reach. With Him the Precepts of Virtue are the Principles of Wisdom and Holiness, the greatest Ornament of the Mind of Man. si ss

But these Things the wise and the great Men of the World find hard to reconcile with the Wisdom and Majesty of God, according to theirv Notions of Wisdom and Power. Why did not Christ, say they, appear in the Power and Majesty-of his Father P Would not the Embassy have been more worthy both of God and of ern?

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i - wthe Notions and Ideas which are familiar tow

them. Great Power and great Authority are 'connected with the Ideas of great Pomp and Splendos; and, when we talk of the Works of God, ourMinds naturally turn themselves viewthe great and miraculous Works of Providence: And this is the Reason why _ Men' are slow to discern the Hand of God in the ordinary Course of Nature, where



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