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nounced, that through the instrumentality LONDON MISSIONARY SOCIETY. On of his grace the Archbisbop of Canterbury, Thursday, the 10th of May, the fortythe Queen had consented to become the fourth annual meeting of this association Patroness of the College. This announce- was held at Exeter-hall; the chair was ment was received with loud cheers. The taken by Edward Baines, Esq., M.P. for meeting then adjourned. The school bas Leeds. The Rev. W. Ellis read an abincreased from 346 at Christmas to nearly stract of the report, from which it ap370.–Times.

peared that the missions generally, exThe Council of King's College have cepting in China and Madagascar, were made arrangements for establishing a class prospering. The following was the num. for civil engineering and mining. Instruc- ber of missionary stations and out-stations tion will be given in the requisite branches belonging to the society in different parts of the mathematics, natural and experi- of the world, missionaries labouring at the mental philosophy, chemical science, geo- same, &c. &c. :-logy, mineralogy, metallurgy, machinedrawing, practical perspective, &c. Siu

Natise, 8c' dents will be admitted at the age of 15,

South Seas...... 50


74 and the full course will last three years.

Ultra Ganges... 5


49 East Indies......319

588 The class will be conducted by Professors Hall,


3 Daniell, Moseley, Wheatstone, and

Mediterranean.. Phillips, and will be opened in the first

& week of October next.



African Islands } 36 The London UNIVERSITY.-Saturday, West Indies..... 41


15 April 28th, the distribution of the prizes to the students of the faculty of medicine


505 took place in the theatre of the London The directors had sent tortb, during the University College. There were about past year, to various parts of the world, 600 ladies and gentlemen present. The missionaries, with their families, amountBishop of Durham was chairman. The ing, exclusive of their children, to sixtyreport of the faculty was read by Professor one individuals. The number of churches Quain, from which it appeared that the was 93, communicants 7,347, and scholars students entered for the faculty of medi- 36,954, being an increase on the year cine bad considerably multiplied. On the 1837 of 9 churches, 932 communicants, conclusion of the distribution, the chair- 2,732 scholars. In relation to the funds, man stated that the receipts of the Insti- the directors bad to report that the amount tution had last session exceeded the ex- of legacies received during the year bad penditure by 1,0001., and there had been been 3,7401. os. 8d., being 4,0371. 55. 8d. an increase of fifty-seven pupils in the less than the amount of legacies received faculty of medicine and arts. -- Times. during the preceding year. The contriChurch M18810NARY SOCIETY,- The

butions for the ordinary and special objects 13th annual meeting of the Church Mis

of the society bad been 66,5141. 16s. ld., sionary Society wus held at Exeter-ball,

making, with the legacies, a total of on the 1st of May; the Earl of Chichester ?0,2551., being an increase beyond the took the chair. During the past year

income of last year of 5,882. 3s. 7d. the society had received a further grant

The expenditure of the year bad been of 1,0001. towards negro education; and

76,8181. 16s. Ild., being an increase beconsiderable progress is being made in the

yond the expenditure of the previous West Indies as well as ip the north-west

year to tbe amount of 13,6581. 7s. 9d., of America. The receipts of the society

and an excess beyond the income of the bad been 83,4471., and the expenditure

past year of 6,5631. los, 11d. 86,5401.

The amount received during PRAYER-BOOK AND HOMILY SOCIETY. the past year shewed an increase of up- The anniversary of this society was held wards of 11,0001. The meeting was ad- in the lower room of Exeter-ball, on the dressed by the Earl of Cbichester, the 3rd of May; Lord Bexley in the chair. Lord Bishop of Chester, the Rev. Mops. The report stated that, amongst other opeM. D'Aubigne, the Bishop of Ripon, the rations of the society, during the past year Rev. J. W. Cunningham, the Marquis of 3,326 ships bad been visited or revisited Cholmondeley, the Hon. and Rev. B. in the London and other docks; 913 of Noel, G, Finch, Esq., the Rev. Hugh them were spoken with particularly, and Stowell, the Rev. Samuel Gobat, Yacoub supplied withi books. Sixty-nine masters Araad El Kebava, from Syria, and the held divine seryice on board their vessels Rev. William Jowett. - Times.

regularly ; 799 entirely neglected that VOL. XIII.- June, 1838.

3 x

The re

duty; 1,249 Prayer-books in English, 6 and Assad Y, Kayat, a native of Syria, in German and French, 3 copies of the Mr. Marsh banded in 2001. wbicb bad wbole Book of Homilies, and is of select been subscribed at a meeting got up by a Homilies, had been sold to sailors. The lady at Norwich. total issue of books during the past year BRITISH AND FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY.--was 164,586. The total issue from the The thirty-fourth anniversary of this sucommencement was 2,214,718. Nearly ciety was held on Wednesday, May 2nd, 14,000 copies of the coronation service at Exeter-ball. Lord Bexley, the presihad been put into circulation.

dent of the society, took the chair. The ceipts amounted to 2,4661, 13s. 10d., and Earl of Burlington, the Earl of Harrowby, the expenditure to 2,5391. 198., leaving a Lord Lorton, Lord Teignmouth, Lord balance due to the treasurer of 731. . s. 2d., Mountsandford ; the Bishops of Chester, besides wbich the society was under en- Ripon, and Norwich ; the Dean of Salisgagements amounting to 1,5131, 10s, 4d. bury; E. Baines, Esq., M.P., Sir Thomas The meeting was addressed by the Rey. Acland, M.P., Justice Sir A Van Park, the Messrs. R. Dallas, E. Neale, E. Sidney, American Ambassador, &c., &c., were on Admiral Hillyar, Lord Mountsandford, the platform. From the report


appears the Rev. Messrs. R. Newstead, A. Thel- that the income of the society from all wall, Thomas W. Marsh, and Alderman sources in the last year, bad amounted to Hunter.

97,2371, 1s. 11d., of which 31,8921, 16s. SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING CHRISTIANITY bad been derived from the free contribuAMONG THE JEWS.--The thirteenth anni. tions of auxiliary associations, being an versary was held on Friday, May 4, at excess from that source of 1,2581. 168, 4d. Exeter-ball ; the Right Hon. G. H. Rose, beyond the amount of any preceding year. M.P., in the chair, who entered into some The donations bad amounted to 4,8451.; details respecting past operations and the the legacies to 11,9111. 15s. The total present position of the society. Applica- expenditure of the year had amounted to tions of missionaries for a more liberal 91,1791. 14s. lld. The issues for bome supply of the Sacred Treasure had been circulation had been 369,764 copies, and every year more and more urgent. The for foreign circulation there bad been committee found that, in order to gain issued 224,634 copies, being the greatest continual access to the Jews, they must number of copies issued for foreign cirbe able to furnish them with the word of culation in any year since the formation God; that, for the most part, when they of the society ; making a total distribuwere destitute of the scriptures, the visits tion of 4,216,580 Bibles, and of 6,671,460 of tbe Jews to them became less fre. Testaments: in all, 10,888,013 copies. quent, and their conversations with them In the course of the past year, there had less interesting; but that when they been formed seven new associations, were supplied with Hebrew Bibles, either making in the whole 2,374 associations at for sale at a reduced price, or for occa. bome, and 265 in the colonies. The re. sional gratuitous distribution in parts, port also noticed, that considerable prothey had no cause to complain of want of gress bad been made in the publication of intercourse with tbe Jews. For the pur. books, by which, being printed in raised pose of remedying tbis, as far as possible, letters, the blind might be taught to read. the stereotype bad been purchased. The Copies of the Psalms, and portions of the assistant-secretary read the report for the New Testament, had been completed in last year, from which it appeared that that manner. The meeting was addressed 19,0541. 4s. 8d. had been subscribed to by the Rev. A. Brandram, Viscount Lorthe funds of the society for the year ; being ton, the Bishop of Chester, the Bishop of an increase of 4,5171. 17s. 9d. from the Norwich, Rev. Dr. Henderson, Rev. year preceding-the largest portion of Mons. M. d'Aubigne, A. Stevenson, Esq., wbich rose from the auxiliary societies. the American minister, Rev. J. Birt, Lord From Ireland the sum subscribed was Teignmouth, Yagouba Asaad El Kehaya, 1,2591. 2s. 11d. towards the funds of the Revs. R. Daly, R. Newstead, J. W. society, and 2141. towards building a Cunningham, Mr. Dudley, Sir T. D. church at Jerusalem, being an increase of Acland, M.P., Edward Baines, Esq., 4361. from the preceding year's subscrip- M.P., Lord Montsandford, and Lord tion. Resolutions were proposed or se- Bexley. conded by the Rev. Messrs. T. Grimshaw, TRINITARIAN Bible Society. - The F. Cunningham, Ilugb Stowell, Joseph seventh anniversary meeting of the Trinita. Wolff, Williain Pym, J. H. Stewart, J. II. rian Bible Society was held on Monday, Merle d'Aubigne, S. Gobat (church mis- May 7th, in tbe lower room, Exeter-ball, sionary from Abyssinia), William Marsh, Discount Lorton in the chair. The report


represented the affairs of the society as of London, who was detained elsewhere by very prosperous, and that the contribus important duties, arrived at two o'clock. tions of the present year were considerably The following were the leading facts conover those of the previous one.

tained in the report:PASTORAL AID Society. The annual

During the past year, her Majesty bad meeting of the Church Pastoral Aid So- become patroness of this society, and ciety was held May 8th, in the great room, the Bishop of London had accepted the Exeter-ball. The right hon. Lord Ashley office of vice-patron and president. Lecwas in the chair. The report detailed the tures had been delivered on the prevalence proceedings of the society for the first year, and mischievous effects of intemperance. from wbich it appeared that the grants of Thirty new associations bad been formed, the society now aid 132 incumbents of and 20,000 members had been added to parishes and districts, baving an aggre. the society, making a total of 249,00). gate population of 1,086,000 souls, in whose The amount of expenditure during the spiritual care, before the aid of the society, past year was 9251. 98. 8£d., the receipts, only 147 members were employed. The 7071. 93. 101d. ; leaving a balance against grants of the society provide for an addi- the society of 2171. 195. 101d. tion of 123 clergyman and 22 lay assist- Motions were moved or seconded by ants.

Sir Edward Parry, Admiral Hillier, the PROTESTANT Association. The annual Hon, and Rev. B. W. Noel, D. W. Alex. meeting of the Protestant Association was ander, Esq , Rev. T. Mortimer, the Bishop beld on Wednesday, May 9th, in the of Norwich, Rev. Messrs. Gogerley and great room, Exeter-ball; the Earl of Win- Perrot, and Mr. T. Roberts. - I hid. chelsea in the chair. The chairman called CHURCH RATE ABOLITION SOCIETY, attention to the fact that a fearful increase A meeting of this society was held on of popery had taken place in this country Tuesday, May 8th, at the City-of-London witbin the last forty years. In respect to Tavern, Bishopsgate-street; Sir Culling the erection of chapels and of seminaries Eardley Smith in the chair. The meeting, of education, every effort was now being which was not nearly so numerous as on made by the church of Rome to re-estab- former occasions, was addressed by the lish its dominion within these realms, and Chairman, Mr. Baines, M.P. ; Mr. A. that nothing could prevent popery again White, M.P.; Mr. Hindley, M.P. ; Mr. spreading through the land except the O'Connell, M.P.; the Rev. Jo

Burnett; united efforts of the friends of tbe protes- the Rev. John Howard Hinton ; Mr.Cbilds, tant church and of the revered institutions of Bungay ; and otber individuals. There of the land. In the year 1792, the chapels was nothing remarkable in the matter of in this country and Scotland connected the speakers, except that, with scarcely an with the church of Rome amounted to 20, exception, they joined in a virulent attack now they exceeded 500; and during the on Dr. Chalmers and his lectures. The same period of time, the number of Roman- report of the society urged upon the meet. catholic schools and seminaries bad in- ing the necessity of agitation, and the procreased from two to nearly 100. Captain priety of multiplying petitions to parliaGordon announced that tbe association ment, now that there seems little probabi. was in debt about 3001., and called upon lity of any measure being passed this sesthe meeting to lend its aid in promoting sion on the principle recommended by the efficiency of the society. The noble Lord Jobn Russell. - Morning Herald. chairman had set the example of contribut- OPENING OF THE WELLINGTON Chapel, ing 101. in addition to 601. be had already St. James's-Park.-On Sunday, May 6th, subscribed.-Watchman.

the splendid building lately erected in the BRITISH AND FOREIGN TEMPERANCE barrack.yard of the Welliogton barracks, SOCIETY.—The seventh anniversary of this St. James's-park, as a chapel for the regisociety (founded by Capt. Brenton) was ment tbat may be stationed there, was held at Exeter-hall, April 27th. Prior to opened for the performance of divine serthe public meeting, a party of gentlemen vice. There were present nearly 2,000 of took breakfast together, at which the the household troops, consisting of three Bisbop of Norwich presided. In the course regiments of Foot Guards and the Blues. of the proceedings, Mr. Pownall stated, Ibid. that upwards of 3,000 children, under four- The new church in Berwick-street was teen, bad been committed to prison in two opened for divine service on Sunday, May years, for crimes arising out of intempe- 13th, on wbich occasion two sermons were rance....... The Bishop of Norwich pre- preached; that in the morning by the sided at the public meeting until tbe Bishop Lord Bishop of Winchester; and that in




the afternoon, by the Rev. Wm. Dods. chapel sball forbid the same. S. That worth, Secretary of the Metropolis Church. every vestry or other meeting which bę Building Society.— Times.

virtue of any statute, law, or custom, bas The first stone of a second new church in beretofore been holden in any restry. the parish of Rotherhithe was laid in Pa. room of any church or chapel of any parish radise-row, on Thursday, April 19th, by or place may, from and after the passing Major-Gen. Sir W. Gomm, K.C.B. The of this act, be bolden in such other room church is to be built at the expense of the within the parish or place as shall be aptrustees of the late Miss Hlyndman, and pointed in the notice given of such meetthe site is given by Sir W. Gomm, who ing by the church warden or church wardens bas also given ground for the site of a third or other persons authorized by law to call church. On this occasion, a neat silver the same. 4. That if any vestry or other trowel was presented to Sir William by the meeting be bolden in any church or chapel builder, Mr. J. Kelsey, in the name of the contrary to the provisions of this act, all inhabitants of Rotherhithe, as a small proceedings at such meeting sball be ab. token of gratitude for his liberality in bav. solutely null and void in law. 3. That ing given sites for two churches, as well this act shall not extend to that part of the as 1001. towards the new churches, and united kingdom called Scotland.” 501. towards the new school-rooms lately SELECT COMMITTEE ON COURCH LEASES. erected in the parish. The proceedings of Lord John Russell, Mr. Goulburn, Mr. the day were concluded by a treat of cake Lambton, Mr. Pusey, Mr. Pease, Mr. G. and tea given to nearly 700 children be- Vernon, Mr. V. Smith, Mr. G. Koight, longing to schools connected with the Mr. Childers, Lord Eliot, Mr. Heetor, church of England. The church is to be Mr. Ingham, Mr. W. Evans, Mr. H. called Christ's Church.- Morning Post. Jobnstone, the Solicitor-General, Mr. B.

VESTRIES IN CHURCHES.-- The Bishop Wall, and Mr. Ward. of London has presented to the Ilouse of Lords a bill on this important subject. It

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. has been considered and amended in a PETERBOROUGH DIOCESAN CHURCII committee of their lordships, and the fol- BUILDING ASSOCIATION.— A general meetlowing are the leading features of it, ting for the formation of an association in amended in committee.”- It is entitled, the diocese of Peterborough for the build. An act to prevent the holding of vestrying and enlargement of churches and chaor other meetings in churches." The pels, was held on Wednesday, April, 18th preamble sets forth that_“ Wbereas in at the George Hotel, Northampton. Upparishes where the vestry-room is not suf- wards of two hundred of the nobility, genficiently large and commodious for the try, and clergy of tbe county attended, holding of vestry or other meetings, not and the chair was taken by the Marquis of being for the purpose of divine worship, Northampton. The aim of the association, such meetings are frequently adjourned to as specified in the first and second resoluor holden in the body of the parish church, tions adopted by the meeting, appears to which practice is productive of scandal to be to provide, as far as possible, for all religion, and of other great inconveniences: persons in the communion of the church for renedy thereof be it enacted, ac, of England the means of attending tbe 1. That no meeting, not being for the public worship of Almighty God, and to purpose of divine worship, according to effectuate this object by forming a diothe rites and ceremonies of the united cesan association in union with, and in church of England and Ireland as by law aid of “ The Incorporated Society for Proestablished, or for some religious or eccle. moting the Enlargement, Building, and siastical purpose, approved by the bishop Repairing of Churches and Chapels," hut of the diocese, shall be holden in the hody limited as regards its own expenditure of any parish church or chapel, or other witbin the archdeacopry, to promoting the consecrated church or chapel, nor in the enlargement(not the repairing) of churches chancel thereof, in any parish or place the and chapels. In the course of the meetpopulation whereof exceeds 1,000 per- ing, the Rev. Dr. Butler, chancellor of which 233,925 were free. Several resolu- Sir P. P. F. P. Acland, bart., of Fairtions were passed, and laws and regulations field, has bad an organ built, the entire agreed to for tbe government of the society.

2. That in any parish or place, the the diocese, who acted as provisionary population whereof does not exceed 1,000 secretary, and appears to have taken a persons, such meeting as aforesaid shall very active part in the formation of the not be held in the body of the parish association, stated that the incorporated church or chapel, or in the chancel thereof, society bad, in the space of fifteen years, in case the rector, vicar, or other incum- contributed 119,4051 , by which bad been bent or minister of the said church or obtained 313,550 additional sittings, of


cost of which is estimated at nearly 1,0001., An account of the funds of the embryo asso- and be bas presented the same for the serciation was at the same time laid before the vice of the church at Stogursey.--Wilts meeting, from which it appeared that the

Herald. sum of 7971. 18s, had been received as An important decision relative to tithes donations, and annual subscriptions entered was given in the Court of Exchequer, a few upon the books to the amount of 1141. 6s. days since, in a case sent up from North It is devoutly to be wished that this laud. Curry. The court decided that vetches able example may be followed with equal cut green were of the nature of agistment spirit throughout every diocese in the tithe, and were therefore small tithe.--kingdom.-Cambridge Chronicle.

Ibid. We are informed that the Rev. J.

STAFFORDSHIRE. Storer, as legal representative of the late A bazaar beld at Tamworth, at wbich Rev. Creed Turner, bas paid to the Not- Lady Peel was present, for the endowment tingham General Hospital the sum of of a chapel, realized, in two days, 5001, 1 7051, 19s. being such part of the legacy

SUSSEX left by the said Rev. Creed Turner as

Between the hours of 9 and 10 o'clock, ibere were legal assets to meet ; and tbat


on Wednesday evening, the 25th of April, Miss Gill, of Doncaster, has most liberally

as the Rev. Mr. Richards, vicar of Ickleg. presented the sum of 3581. 6s. 81. to the bam, and bis family, were sitting in his same institution, being her share of that parlour, some villain fired through the portion of the said Rev. Creed Turner's iron-plate shutter of the window, and property, which, owing to the operation of nearly shot Mr. Richards ; fifteen slugs the statute of mortmain was voided for longed in the walls. There is no douht it benevolent purposes, and became hers as

was done with an intent to murder, as it is one of his next of kin.— Nottingham Jour- not the first time this gentleman bas been nal.

shot at.

It is most strange that these base OXFORDSHIRE.

attempts should be made upon the life of On Wednesday, May 16th, the founda- one who is so grent a friend to the poor. tion-stone of a parochial school for boys, We regret to state that no clue has yet to be used also as a Sunday school, in the been obtained by which the assassins can parish of St. Thomas, in this city, was laid be traced.-Susser Express. by the Rev. J. Jones, the perpetual curate. The new church on the Montpelier road, -01ford Heruld.

Prighton, has recently been consecrated. RUTLANDSHIRE.

-Surrey Standard. A piece of plate has been presented to

WARWICKSHIRE. the Ven. Archdeacon Bonney, by general

Last week, the annual examination of subscription of the nobility, clergy, ladies, the scholars of King Edward the Sixth's gentlemen, yeomen, and working-classes Free Grammar School, in Birmingham, of the county of Rutland, in gratitude for,

took place.

The examiners were the and approbation of, his magisterial services Rev. William Hayward Cox, M.A., Vicefor a period of twenty-one years. Lin. Principal of St. Mary Hall; the Rev. W. colnshire Chron.

Jacobson, M.A., Vice-Principal of Magda. At the audit of the governors of Oakbam len Hall; and ibe Rev. G. J. Kennedy, and Uppingham Schools, Henry Peach, of M.A., Fellow of St. John's College, Cam. Emmanuel College ; G. A. Bewit, of Sid bridge. ney College; Charles Jemkins, of Trinity

WILTSHIRE. Hall; and Thomas Relumen, of Trinity At a vestry, held at Melksham, on the College, all of Cambridge, (lately pupils 2nd of May, a church-rate of three-halfin Oakham school,) were appointed to the pence in the pound was granted, without general exhibition to either Oxford or the slightest opposition.-Salisbury Her. Cambridge, value 401. a year.-G. Flud- On the 19th ultimo, the Lord Bishop of yer, Esq., was chosen a governor, vice Sir Salisbury consecrated the new chapel and Gerard Noel Noel, deceased.--Cambridge chapel-yard of Shaw and Whitley in the Chron.

parish of Melksbam.--Ibid. SOMERSETSHIRE.

YORKSHIRE. The new church in the parish of Weston, The Scarborougb committee of the Sonear Bath, was consecrated on the 10th of ciety for Promoting Christian Knowledge May, by the Lord Bishop of the diocese. held their ninth anniversary on Monday, Bath Herald.

May 14th. The following is an extract

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