The Magazine of Horticulture, Botany, and All Useful Discoveries and Improvements in Rural Affairs, Volumen15

Hovey and Company, 1849

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Página 223 - CONTAINING DIRECTIONS FOR RAISING, PROPAGATING AND MANAGing Fruit Trees, Shrubs and Plants ; with a Description of the Best Varieties of Fruit, including New and Valuable Kinds.
Página 116 - ... at the present time, when so much attention' is being given to the culture of the grape vine.
Página 420 - Fruit-growers, nursery-men, and all others interested in the art of pomology, are invited to be present — to become members, and to take part in the deliberations of the convention. In order to increase as much as possible the interest of the occasion, members and delegates are requested to forward for exhibition as large collections of fruit as...
Página 420 - Each contributor is requested to come prepared with a complete list of his collection, and to present the same with his Fruits, that a Report of all the varieties entered may be submitted to the meeting as soon as practicable.
Página 465 - State Agricultural Society was to be held, and on the day succeeding the close of said Fair, therefore we consider this convention entitled by courtesy to perpetuate itself, but being aware that a convention of an analogous character was held in the city of New York, in the autumn of 1848, and that said convention organized itself into a permanent association, under the title of the American Congress of Fruit Growers, which is to assemble in said city of New York, on the second day of October next,...
Página 440 - Lays two or three eggs; of a dirty -white colour with brown spots ; each egg about three and a half inches long, and two and a half wide.
Página 53 - The winter pruning of pyramid Pear-trees is almost reduced to a mechanical operation, when the summer management has been properly attended to. Keeping the tapering form in view, it consists in cutting each shoot a little shorter than the one immediately below it, taking care to cut to a bud situated on the side of the shoot towards that direction in which it would be most desirable the prolongation should proceed. Shoots that are too vigorous for the rest are not cut to a bud on the upper side,...
Página 460 - Cuttings arc struck every year from the young shoots, in the same manner as we do in England. When they are rooted they are potted off at once into the pots in which they are to grow and bloom ; that is, they are grown upon what would be called by our gardeners
Página 82 - ... with bell-glasses, and place them on a shelf in a shady part of an early vinery, keeping the surface constantly moist by pouring water on the outside of the glasses. As soon as the plants have come up air is admitted, and increased as they advance in growth. When sufficiently strong they are pricked out into small pots, having the same drainage, moss, and mixture as the seed pots, and are again shaded with hand or bell-glasses until the plants become established.
Página 48 - Scientific agriculture, or the elements of chemistry, geology, botany and meteorology, applied to practical agriculture ; illustrated by numerous engravings and a copious glossary : 12mo 279p — Rochester, published by Erastus Darrow, 1848 ; deposited by Erastus Darrow.

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