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“ Je voudrais échauffer tout l'univers de mon gout pour les jarding. Il me semble
qu'il est impossible qu'un méchant puisse l'avoir. Il n'est point de vertus que je ne
suppose à celui que aiine à parler et à faire des jardins. Péres de famille, inspirez
ia jardinomanie à vos enfans.Prince De Ligne.


(vol. V., NEW SERIES.)





The Fifteenth Volume of the Magazine contains a great
variety of information in every department of Horticulture,
which will be found enumerated in the following Table of

Boston, December 25th, 1849.



Notes made during a Trip to London

and Paris, in the Autumn of 1849. By

A Retrospective View of the Progress of

J. E. T. .

Horticulture in the United States dur Notes of a visit to Ontlands, Hempstead,

ing the year 1849. By the Editor .

Long Island, N. Y.; the residence of

Report on the Fruit and Kitchen Gardens

D. F. Manice, Esq. By the Editor

near Paris, from observations made dur Desultory Remarks on the Principles and

ing a visit in the spring of 1817. By Mr.

Practice of Horticulture. By W. Saun-

R. Thompson, Superintendent of the ders, Vew Haven, Conn. . . . 534

orchard and kitchen garden of the Lon-

don Horticultural Society .

Destruction of Filberts by fungi.


Goodsell, Esq., New York.

Notes of a Visit to several gardens and The Blight in Pear Trees. By J. H.

nurseries in Western New York. By James, Esq., Urbana, Ohio : 13. 433

the Editor

97 Disease in Apples. By N. Goodsell, Esq.,

Fungi in Vegetation. By John Lewis Rochester, N. Y.
Russell, Professor of Botany, &c., to Descriptions and Engravings of six varie-
the Massachusetts Horticultural So-

ties of Apples. By T. S. Huinrickhouse,

ciety . . . . . . . 154


Coshocton, Ohio . . . .

On the Acclimation of Tropical Exotics The Hubbardston Nonsuch Apple

in Florida. By the Rev. R. K. Sewall,

the Editor . . .

East Florida. In a letter to Dr. A. Description and Engravings of select va-

Mitchell, St. Mary's, Geo. Communi-

rieties of Apples. By the Editor :

Caled by Gen. H. A. S. Dearborn 241 1. Mother, Hooker, Ben . .
Remarks on Gardening and Gardens in

2. Minister, Holmes, Tolman Sweet-
Louisiana, By Alexander Gordon, Bo-

tanical Collector, Baton Rouge, La. 245 | 3. Sutton Beauty, Bullock's Pippi
Some Plants of Danvers and Wenham,


Essex County, Massachusetts. By John

Lewis Russell, Professor of Botany, Harvey.

&c., to Massachusetts Horticultural The Ilowell Pear, a new native scedling;


with a description and engraving of the

Some remarks on the more general culti-

Fruit. By the Editor .


vation of Indigenous Trees, Shrubs, and Remarks on fifteen varieties of Early

Herbaceous Plants: with a notice of Plums, which have fruited in the Pomo-

the Vaccinium Vilis-Idaa, growing in

Jogical Gardens at Salem. By R. Man-

Roxbury. By Gen, H. A. S Dearborn 337 ning

. . . 102

Beautiful Native Trees, Shrubs, and Her Pomological Notices ; or Notices respect-

baceous Flowering Plants, growing in

ing new and superior fruits, worthy of

Massachusetts, worthy of general culti-

general cultivation. By the Editor 105

vation. By Gen. II. A. S. Dearborn, Remarks on the Formation of Vine Bor.


. 3A5' ders; with detail of experiments in

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the culture of the Grape, during a period Green-houseg. By James Hutchinson.
of five Years. By Robert B. Leuchars,

From the Journal of the London Hor-
New Haven, Con. . . . . 110 ticultural Society . . . . . 540

Ives's Seedling Plum, a new variety, with

a description and engraving of the

fruit. By the Editor . . . . 118


Notices of Culinary Vegetables, new or

recently introduced, worthy of general On the culture of the Calceolaria. By

cultivation. By the Editor, . . 156 James Kennedy, Gardener to S. T.

A select list of Apples, with a few obser- i Jones, Esq., Staten Island, N. Y., (con-
vations on their respective merits. By

tinued froin Vol. XIV, p. 494) . .
Samuel Walker, President of the Mass The Guava (Psidium Cattleyanum:) its

achusetts Horticultural Society. 163 cultivation and management. By the

On the management of Peach Trees. By

Editor . . . . . . . 35

R. B. Leuchars, New Haven, Con. 166. 205 Floricultural and Botanical notices of new

Descriptions and Engravings of select and beautiful plants figured in Foreign
varieties of Pears. By the Editor :

Periodicals; with descriptions of those
1. Walker, Excelentissima, Las Ca recently introduced to, or originated in
nas, St. Dorothee, Jalousie de Fonte-

American gardens, 38. 121. 219. 268. 316.
nay Vendee, Brande's St. Germain . 193

369. 397. 452
2. Moyamensing, Locke, Burlingame, On the cultivation and treatment of the
Stevens's Genesee, Gustin's Summer,

Lisianthus Russellianus. By William
Oswego Beurré . . . . .

Saunders, Gardener to William Bost-
3. Summer Bon Chrétien, Ronville, : wick, Esq., New Haven, Conn. . . 72
Valleé Franche, Passe Colmar, Long General management of the Calceolaria.
Green of Automne, Julienne . : 440 By William Saunders, New Haven,

The Hoo-Sung, or 00-Sung, from Shang.

Coni. . . . . . . . 174

hai - its Cultivation, &c.' By H. Wen- On the cultivation of Cape Heaths. By

dell, M. D., Albany, N. Y. . . . 212 W. S. Leach, Gardener to S. Rucker,

Glandular and Glandless-leaved Peach

Esq., Wandsworth, Surry, England.

Trees. By N. Goodsell, Rochester, NY. 213 With remarks by the Editor


The Averill Apple, its origin, &c., with On the culture of Clerodendrons. By R.

8 description of the fruit. By L. P. B. Leuchars, New Haven, Conn. . 254

Grosvenor, Pomfret, Con. ; in a letter On the culture of the Daphne odora.
to Samuel Walker, Esq., Presideut of From the Gardeners' Chronicle. With

the Massachusetts Horticultural Socie- remarks by the Editor,

ty. With an engraving of the Fruit. Descriptions of ten new Verbenas. By

By the Editor . .

296 the Editor . . . .

Notice of a new Plum, called the Drap d' | Remarks on the cultivation of the Fuchsia.

Or of Esperín, with an engraving of the

By W. Saunders, New Haven, Conn. 263

fruit. By the Editor . .. .

. 298 Notes on the American Aloe. By Wm.

A few hints on Summer Pruning Pyramid-

Saunders, New Haven, Conn. , .303

al Pear Trees. By the Editor . . 300 On the cultivation of the Pansy. By Mr.

A few words about Strawberries. I

Turner, Chalvey, near Windsor. With

Editor . . . . . . . 352 remarks by the Editor . . . 301. 366

List of American and Foreign varieties of On the cultivation and management of
Pears which succeed on the Quince. By

the Ranunculus. By Dr. F. Horner,
W. Reid, Elizabethtown Nursery, Hull, near London. With remarks by

N. J. . . . . . . 388 the Editor . . . . . . 356

Some account of a new Seedling Cherry. Notice of a fine and showy species of

By Henry Vail, Esq., Troy, N. Y., in a

Cowparsnep, (Heracleum Wilhelmsii.)

letter to the Massachusetts Horticultu-

Bv John Lewis Russell, Prof. Bot, and

ral Society. With a description and

Veg. Physiol. Mass. Hort. Soc., &c. &c. 394

engraving of the fruit. By the Editor 391 Stray Thoughts on Roses. By T. Rivers,
Hints on Pruning. By R. B. Leuchars, I Sawbridgeworth, Berts., England 495

New Haven, Con. . . . . . 436 Garden Notes, No. 2. By Dr. M. A.

Descriptions and Engravings of select Ward, Athens, Ga. . . . . 501

varieties of Plums. By the Editor:

Notes on Gardens and Nurseries


1. Coe's Golden Drop, Kirke's, Hu-

ling's Superb, Semiana . . . 486

The Long Green of Autumn Pear, with


remarks on its history, &c. By lion.

J. S. Cabot, Salem

. . . 492 Select List of Hardy, Deciduous, and Ev.

On the Cultivation of Grape Vines in i ergreen Shrubs. By the Editor . . 145

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Scientific Agriculture, or the Elements of my, from Personal Observation. By

Chemistry, Geology, Botany, and Mete-

Heury Colman. Vol. II. Parts IX, and

orology, applied to Practical Agricul-

X. 8vo. pp. 371 to 598. Boston, 1818 124

ture. By M. M. Rodgers, M. D. I vol. The American Fruit Book . . .223

12mo., pp. 280. Rochester, 1848. . 80 A Practical Treatise on the management
European Agriculture and Rural Econo- l of Fruit Trees . . . . . 224

General Notices

Convention, 86; Messrs. Hogg & Sons' col-

Pelargoniums, 40; Bones, 81; Warmth of a

Jection of Plants, 86; Roses and Climbing
Covering of Snow, 81; New Food, 81; Cul-

Plants, suitable for a trellis or arbor, 86;

ture of Lisianthus Russellianus, 81; Culti-

Annual Fair of the New York State Agri-

vation of Verbenas, and grouping them in

cultural Society, 130; Twenty-first Annual

the open garden, 83; Cultivation of Celery,

Exhibition of the Massachusetts Horticul-

127; Management of Fruit Trees, 122; Cul-

tural Society, 130; Blight in Pear Trets,

ture of Azaleas, 129; Tree Mignonette, 178;

131; North American Pomological Conven-

Gooseberries and Currants, 179; Cultiva-

tion, 131; Summer pruning dwarf Pear

tion of Celery, 181; Transplanting Budded

Trees, 182; Seedhng Lycopodiums, 184;

Roses, 225; Weigelia rosea, 226; Hint re-

Sea Groundsel Tree, or Ploughman's Spike-

specting the culture of Araucária imbricata,

nard, 181; North American Pomological

226; Culture of Neapolitan Violets, 227;

Convention at Syracuse, N. Y., 185; Tuch-

Pelargoniums for exhibition, 228; Campán-

sia serratildlia, 235; Thuja filiórnus, hardy,

ula carpática, 229; Culture of Violets,

236; Swan's Orange and Ronville Pears,

229; Francisea Hopeana, 229; Chinese

236; Aberdeen Beehive Strawberry, 236;

Winter Flowers, 229; Pomological Archr.

North American Popological Convention,

ology, 230; Treatment of Cactuses in win-

237; Worcester County Horticultural So-

dows and the open air, 233; Josling's St.

ciety, 278; Cincinnati Storticultural Socie-

Albans Grape, 231; Fastening Fruit Trees

ty, 279; Annual Fair of the New York State

to walls, 235; The Nighl-blooming Cereus,

Agricultural Society, Premiums on Fruits

235; Raising Annuals, 273; The Rhododen.

and Flowers to be awarded, 279; New Hi-

drons of Sikkimhimalaya, 275; Wisteria

ven County Borticultural Society, 325 ;

sinensis, 319; Verbena pegs, 319; O'xalis

Northwestern Pomological Convention, 323;

floribunda, a bedding plant, 320 ; Dahlias.

Vermont Fruit Growerx' Convention, 326 ;

320 ; Vines, 322; Antirrhinums, 322; Sum-

The Elton and Black Eagle Cherries, 373;

mer treatment of hard wooded Green-house

Belle de Bruxelles Pear, 374; Muniticent

Plants, 322; On keeping up a succession of

bequest to the Massachusetts Horticultural

Flowers, 370; Liquid Manure, 371; Achi-

Society, 374; Horticuliural Club at Flush-
menes, 372; Vines in pots, 373; Injurious

ing, L. I., 374; Exhibition of Strawberries

effect of excessive quantity of Fruit, 417;

al Rochester, N. Y., 375; Exhibitions of

Fuchsia serratifolia, 419; Rhubarb Preserve,

Horticultural and Agricultural Societies,

419; Rare Coniferæ and improvements at

419; Horticultural Exhibition of the Amer-

the Cairnies, Perthshire, the property of

ican Institute, N. Y., 520; National Con-
Geo. Patton, Esq., 505.545; Autumnal Treat-

vention of Fruit Growers, 421; Belle de
ment of Green-house Plants, 549; On Form-

Bruxelles (or Belle d'Aout) Pear, 422 ; New
ing Evergreen Gardens, 550; On the Culti-

York State Fair at Syracuse, 465; North

vation of Hardy bulbs, 551; Cultivation of

American Pomological Convention (second

the Pansy, 552 ; Bedding out Plants, 558;

session) at Syracuse, N. Y., 166 ; Annual

On the Management of Fruit Trees, 553;

Exhibition of the Cincinnati Horticultural

Cultivation of the Hollyhock, 555; Plum:

Society, 509; Niessrs. Ilogg & Sons' collec.
bago Larpente, 556 ; What is Ripening the

tion of Plants at Yorkville, 509; Third An-

Wood? 561; liints for Amateurs, 563.

nual Exhibition of the New Bedford Horti.

cultural Society, 509; Botanical Riches of


California, 510; American Congress of Fruit

Growers (second session) at New York, 511;

France.-French Bouquets, 324.

Horticulture in Illinois, 565.

England. - Dahlias, and Dahlia Exhibitions

of 1819, 564.



Appropriation for Premiums for 18-19, and Ex-

Notes on Pears, 41; The Feich Apple, 42; hibitions, 45; Report of the Comiittee i-

The best four varieties of Strawberries, 42; warding Premiums for 18 12.87; Siated Meet-
Mr.P. Barry, 43; Annual Meeting of the New ing in January, and Addresses of Messrs.
York State Agricultural Society, 84; Norfolk Wilder and Walker, 133; Votes relative to
County Agricultural Society, 86; Report of presentation of Plate, &c., to Mesess. Wi!-
the Ohio Nurserymen and Fruit Growers'' der, Dearborn and Teschemacher, 135; Pre-

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