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Recommending a Revision of the Constitution of the State of Michigan.

Whereas, In the opinion of this Legislature, the time Resolved, That the above recommendation shall be has arrived when a general revision of the constitution submitted to the people at the next general election, and of the State of Michigan is necessary for the well-being those voting in favor of calling a Convention shall have and better government of the inhabitants of the State; written or printed on their ballots, the words - For a and

Convention, and those voting against such Convention Whereas, By the second section of article thirteen of shall have written or printed on their ballots the words the said constitution, it is made the duty of the Senate “Against a Convention;" which votes shall be canvassed and House of Representatives in such case, to recom- and returned in the same manner, as near as may be, as mend to the electors, at the next election for members of required in section twenty-five, chapter seven, and sec. the Legislature, to vote for or against a Convention to tions twelve and thirteen, of chapter nine of the revised be called for the purpose of revising said instrument; statutes of eighteen hundred and forty-six; and the Secretherefore

tary of State shall report the result to the next Legislature Resolved, by the Senate and House of Representatives thereafter. of the State of Michigan, That we do hereby recommend to the qualified electors of the State of Michigan, at the

Resolved. That the Secretary of State shall cause these next general election for members of the Legislature, to

resolutions to be published in the State paper for three vote for or against a Convention, to be called for the pur

months in succession next previous to the next general pose of making a general revision of the constitution of

election for members of the Legislature. This State.

Approved March 12, 1819.


Wees 'Rotte


GIVEN at the General Election held within the State of Michigan on Tuesday the sixth day of November, in the

year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty-nine, for and against a Convention to be called for the pur. pose of inaking a general revision of the Constitution of this State, recommended by the Legislature thereof for the year 1849, pursuant to section two of article thirteen of the Constitution of this State, by Joint Resolution No. 21, approved March 12th, 1849.

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four thousand and ninety-five were given against the said Convention; and three of said votes were blanks.

We certify the foregoing to be a correct statement of the votes given in the State of Michigan for and against the said Convention, submitted to the people of said State, at the said election, holden on the sixih day of November, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty-nine, as appears from the canvass and examination of the statements of votes given in the several counties, re. ceived by the Secretary of State from the respective coun ty clerks, duly certified under their hands and seals of of. fice. In witness whereof we have hereunto set our names at the office of the Secretary of State, this fifteenth day of December, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty-nine.

GÉO. W. PECK, Secretary of State,
JOHN J. ADAM, Auditor General,
GEO. B. COOPÉR, State Treasurer,

Board of State Canvassers.


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COUNTIES. For a Con- | Against a Bl’ks.

vention. Convention. Allegan,


110 Barry, Berrien,

46 Branch

635 Calhoun,


1071 Cass,

1,002 Chippewa,

16 Clinton,


355 Eaton,

508 Genesee,


2501 Hillsdale,


48 Houghton,

Not Returned. Ingham,

539 Ionia,


229 Jackson,


119 Kalamazoo,


1 179) Lapeer,


1141 Lenawee,


98 Livingston,

1,523 Mackinac,

871 Macomb,

1,106 Monroe,

460 Oakland,


299 Ottawa, Saginaw,

177 Shiawassee, St. Clair,

911 St. Joseph,


177 Van Buren,

792 Washtenaw,

3,095 Wayne,

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State of Michigan, ss:
. We, the undersigned, having, in pursuance of law, this
fifteenth day of December, A. D. one thousand eight hun-
dred and forty-nine, at the office of the Secretary of State,
examined and canvassed the statements received by the said
Secretary, of the votes given in the several counties at the
general election holden on the sixth day of November, A.
D. one thousand eight hundred and forty-nine, for and
against a Convention to be called for the purpose of ma-
king a general revision of the Constitution of this State,
and inade out a correct statement of the whole number of
votes given atsuch election for and against said Convention,
and certified such statement to be correct, and subscribed
our names thereto; and it appearing from such canvass
and statement that the greatest number of votes was given
in favor of said Convention, do hereby determine that said
Convention has been duly called according to the provi-
sions of the second section of the thirteenth article of the
Constitution of said State.



3,216 Total,

33,193 4,095

GEO. W. PECK, Secretary of State,
JOHN J. ADAM, Auditor General,
GEO, B. COOPER, State Treasurer.

Board of State Canvassers.


The whole number of votes given at said election for and against a Convention to be called for the purpose of making a general revision of the Constitution of said State of Michigan, was thirty-seven thousand two hundred and ninety-one; of which votes, thirty-three thousand one hun. dred and ninety-three were given for the said Convention;

AN ACT To provide for the time, place and manner of holding the Convention to Revise the

Constitution, and for the election of Delegates thereto.



opene next sprina re qualified. The elhall be

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of l districts in the same manner and in the same space of time Representatives of the Siate of Michigan, That an elec- after said election is held as is now provided for by law in tion for delegates to the Convention to revise the constitu- the appointment of county and district canvassers, and tion of the State of Michigan, shall be held on the first the meeting and canvassing of votes for Representatives; Monday of May, in the year of our Lord one thousand and certificates of election shall be given to the persons eight hundred and fifty. The township board of elections entitled thereto by the same officer and in the same man. in the several townships, and the inspectors of elections her as Representatives now receive the same; and the in the different wards and cities of this State, shall, upon county clerks of their respective counties and districts the day above mentioned, open the polis of their respec. shall, within five days after sich danyass, transmit to the tive townships, wards or cities, in the manner prescribed Secretary of State certified copies, under their hands and by law for the election of Representatives to the State seals of office, of such canvass in their respective counties Legislature, at the same place at which the polls may be and districts; and in case of contested elections to the opened for the election of township, ward and city officers Convention, the Convention shall have the same power to at the next spring election, and shall receive the votes of judge of the qualifications, return and election of its dele. all electors who are qualified by law to elect Representa gates ils the Legislature of this State now have. .. tives to the State Legislature. The electors shall be enti. Sec. 5. The delegates chosen shall meet in Convention tled to vote for as many persons as shall be entitled to a at the capitol in Lansing, on the first Monday 'of June, seat in said Convention from their several counties or one thousand eight hundred and fifty. They shall be districts by the provisions of this act, which votes shall judges of their own privileges and elections, and the delabe taken in the same manner as is now provided by law gates thereof shall have the same privileges to which in elections for Representatives to the State Legislature. Representatives to the State Legislature arë ëntitied, and

SEC. 2. The Secretary of State is hereby required to shall by ballot appoint one of their number president, and publish the notice of this election, and send copies thereof may appoint one or more secretaries, a sergeant-at-arms, to the sheriffs of the different counties and districts in this one or more reporters, and such messengers as their con State, which said copies shall be sent to said sheriifs at venience shall require; and such delegates of the Conven. least three weeks before the day appointed for holding lion shall be entitled to the same mileage for travel, and said election, Said notice shall contain the number of the same per diem allowance as is noiv paid to members delegates and their apportionment to each county and of the Legislature; and the president, secretaries, repor: district, and the Secretary of State shall cause said notice ters, sergeant-al-arms, door-keepers and messengers shall 1o be published in the State paper and in a paper publish receive such compensation as the Convention shall see fit ed in each of the counties in this State, (where a paper is to allow. The amount due each person shall be certified .published) three weeks in succession, previous to the day to by the principal secretary of the Convention, and of holding the election. The copies of said notice to be 1.countelsigned by the president and the Treasurer of the delivered to the sheriffs, as aforesaid, shall contain the State shall pay ihe certificates so certified to and counternumber of delegates to which the counties or districte signed, out of any moneys in the treasury hot otherwise to which suich sheriffs belong, are respectively entitled; 1 appropriated; and the said Convention may furnish for its and the said sheriffs shall, immediately on the receipt of own use such stationery as it may require, as is usual for said notice, transmit a copy of the substance thereof to legislative bodies, and the amount due therefor shall be each of the township clerks in their respective counties or certified to and paid for in the same manner as the dele. districts; and the township clerks shall, at least one gates and officers are paid. And it shall be thë dlity of the week prior to the day appointed for said election, post up Secretary of State to attend said Convention at the open. copies of such notice in three of the most public places ing thereof; and he and all public officers shall furnishi in their respective townships.

such Convention with all such pariers, statements, books SEC.3. The number of delegates in such Convontion or other public documents in their possession, as the said shall be one hundred, to be apportioned among the several Convention shall order or require. “And the State printer counties and representative districts in this State as fol shall perform the printing required to be done by said lows, viz: the county of Allegan, one; Barry, one; Berri Convention, at such times and in such manner as they en, three; Branch, three; Calhoun, five; Cass, three; shall direct, and said printer shall receive the same con. Chippewa and the counties attached thereto for represen. pensation and in the same manner as now provided by tative purposes, one; Clmton and the counties attached law for compensation and payment for legislative printthereto ror judicial purposes, one; Eaton, two; Genesee, ing; and in case the said printer shall refuse or neglect to three; Hillsdale, four; Ingham, two; Ionia and the coun: perform the duties aforesaid, the said Convention may ties attached thereto for judicial or that may be attached appoint a printer to perform said duites, : who shall i'efor representative purposes, two; Jackson, five; Kalama ceive the same compensation and in the same manner as 200, three; Kent and Ottawa and the counties attached is now provided by law for legislative printing... to Kent and Ottawa for judicial purposes, three; La Sec. 6. The proceedings of the said Convention shall peer, two; Lenawee, seven; Livingston, four; Macki. | be filed in the office of the Secretary of State, and the renac, one; Macomb, four; Monroe, four; Oakland, nine; vision of the Constitution agreed to by said Convention Saginaw and the counties attached thereto for judicial shall be recorded in his office. The said revision shall be purpoges, one; Shiawassee, one; St. Clair and the coun. submitted by the Convention to the people, for their adop. lies attached thereto for representative and judicial pur tion or rejection, at such time and in such manner as the i poses, three; St. Joseph, three; Van Buren, one; Washte. Convention may prescribe. naw, eight; Wayne, ten.

SEC. 7. All willful and corrupt false swearing in taking Szc. 4. The several township. boards of election, and any of the oaths prescribed by this act, or by the laws or the inspectors of election of the different wards and cities, this State inade applicable to this act, or any other mode or shall canvass and return the votes given at said election in form in carrying into effect this act, shall be deemed perthe same manner as is now provilled by law for the can. jury, and shall be punished in the manner now prescribed vase and return of votes given at the election of Repre. | by law for willful and corrupt perjury. sentatives; and the county and district boards of canvass. Sec. 8. This act shall take effect and be in force from ersshall be appointed in the same manner, and shall meet and after its passage. and canvass the votes in their respective counties and í Approved March 9, 1850,

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Farmer. Massachusetts,

Fariner Massachusetts, Physician. Ireland,

farmer. New York, Farmer. Upper Canada, Merchant. Connecticut, Lawyer. Massachusetts Miscellaneous. New-York,

Fariner. New York,

Farmer: New-York, Lawyer. New Brunswick, Lawyer. Pennsylvania, Merchants New-York

Farmer. New-York,

Farmer. New York

Farmer. Netv-Jersey, Farner.

Merchant. New York,

Farmer, New-York,

Miller. New-York,

Farmer. New-York,

Fariner. New York,

Miller. North Carolina,

Farmer. Massachusetts, Lawyer.' Maine,

Farmer. New-York,

Farmer. New-York,

Fapmer. N., Hampshire, Farmer. New-York,

Farmer. New-York,

Physician. Connecticut, Lawyer. New-York,

Merchant. Massachusetts,

Fariner, &c. New-York,

Merchant, &c. Michigan,

Lower Canada, Farmer.
New Hampshire, Physician,
New York, Farmer.
New-York, Miller.
New York, Merchant.
Massachusetts, Fariner,
Connecticut, Printer.
New York,

New York, Lawyer,
Connecticut, Farmer.
New-York, Farmer.

Connecticut, lawyer.
Massachusetts, Farmer.
New-York, Printer.
New York, Farmer

Connecticut, Lawyer.

New York,

New-Yorki Merchant

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SECRETARIES John Swegles, Jr., H. S. Roberts, Chas. Hascall.
REPORTERS-C. J. Fox, Joseph Coates, William Coates, Martin Mahon.
SERGEANT-AT-ARMS---David Hubbard, Jr.
DOORKEEPER-E. C. Merrifield.
MESSENGERS-Moses II. Goodrich, Daniel Bloss, William C. Stockton, Charles E. Toan.



On Supplies and Expenditures--Messrs. Hanscom, 1 On the Militia-Messrs. Hanscom, Arzeno, Dimond, Danforth, Beeson, Chapel and Eaton.

O'Brien, White, Anderson and Daniels. On Printing-Messrs. Gardiner. B

On Education-Messrs. Walker, Van Valkenburgh, and Hascalli

Butterfield, Eastman, Desnoyers, J. D. Pierce, Barnard, Or Bill of Rights-Messrs. S. Clark, Rix Robinson,

Williams and Edmunds. Gardiner, Gibson, Webster, P. R. Adams and Prevost.. On Finance and Taxation-Messrs. Britain, Bush, Fra. On the Division of the Powers of Government--Messrs.

lick, Axford, Morrison, Burns, Choate, Wells and Chan. J. Clark, Newberry, Hart, Barnard and Asahel Brown.


On Banking and other Corporalions, etcept Municipal On Impeachments and Removals froń Office-Messrs.

-Messrs. Cook, Raynale, Hascall, Danforth, Gardiner, Sullivan, J. Clark, W. Adams, Beardsley and P. R. Ad

Crouse, Moore, White and Coinstock. ams.

Or Salaries-Messrs. Storey, Van Valkenburgh, Ma. On the Elective Franchise----Messrs. Whittemore, Al.

bon, Desnoyers, Eastman, Morrison and Williams. vord, Hascall, Lovell and Wait.

On the seat of Government--Messrs. Kingsley, Axford, On the Executive Department-Messrs. Whipple, Skin

Danforth, Storey and Willard. ner, Mowry, Eaton, M. Robinson, Anderson, Sutherland, N. Pierce and Daniels.

Or Etemptions and the Rights of Married Women--On the Schedule-Messrs. Mason, Hart, Robertson,

Messrs. J. D. Pierce, Newberry, Lee, Chapel, Fralick, H.

Bartow and Tiffany. Moore, Alvord, Wells and Backus.

On the Punishment of Crimes-Messrs. Witherell, On the Legislative Department-Messrs. McClelland, Sturgis, M. Robinson, Woodman, Warden, Kinne and PreE. S. Robinson, Beeson, Bagg, Soule, Gale, Crouse, Al vost, varado Brown and Chandler.

On Miscellaneous Provisions---Messrs. Church, Whit. On the Judicial Department-Messrs. Crary, S. Clark,

temore, Sutherland, Alvarado Brown, Marvin, Dimond

and Carr. Church, Hanscom, Sullivan, Walker, Kingsley, Tiffany. Backus, Butterfield, Hixon, Comstock, Cook, Asahel On the Mode of Amending and Revising the Consti. Brown, Hathaway, Mowry, Lee, Town and Bagg. tutionMessrs. McLeod, Mosher, Webster, Gibson and On County Officers and County Government-Messrs.

On the Arrangement and Phraseology of lhe Constitui. Rix Robinson, Cornell; Aminon Brown, Conner, Hixon,

ti072--Messrs. Crary, McClelland, Whipple, S. Clark, Gar. Green and Wait.

diner, Walker, Redfield, Britain, Wells, Tiffany and Wil. On Township Officers and Township Government liams. Messrs. Bush, Eaton, Chapel, Town, Beeson, Harvey On the Government and Judicial Policy of the Upper and Leach.

Peninsula-Messrs. Roberts, McLeod, Cornell, Willard, On the Organization of the Government of Cities and

Hanscom, Edmunds, Gale, Robertson and Graham. Villages--Messrs. J. Bartow, Skinner, Marvin, Witherell 1 On State Officers. Except the Executive-Messrs. Red. and Raynale.

| field, Roberts, Mosher, Orr and Carr.



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