The Correspondence of Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford: And the Rev. William Mason; Now First Published from the Original Mss, Volumen2

R. Bentley, 1851

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Página 194 - Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee.
Página 174 - And this is law, I will maintain Unto my dying day, Sir, That whatsoever King shall reign, I will be Vicar of Bray, Sir!
Página 7 - Que la trompette du jugement dernier sonne quand elle voudra, je viendrai, ce livre à la main, me présenter devant le souverain juge. Je dirai hautement : Voilà ce que j'ai fait, ce que j'ai pensé, ce que je fus.
Página 8 - ... j'ai dévoilé mon intérieur tel que tu l'as vu toi-même , Être éternel. Rassemble autour de moi l'innombrable foule de mes semblables; qu'ils écoutent mes confessions , qu'ils gémissent de mes indignités , qu'ils rougissent de mes misères °. Que chacun d'eux découvre à son tour son cœur au pied de ton trône avec la même sincérité; et puis qu'un seul te dise , s'il l'ose , Je fus meilleur que cet homme-là.
Página 407 - A Criticism on the Elegy in a Country Church-yard, being a continuation of Dr. Johnson's criticism on the Poem of Gray.' This was written by Dr. Young, Professor of Greek at Glasgow. In a letter of Dr. Johnson to M.
Página 185 - Boswell, that quintessence of busybodies, called on me last week, and was let in, which he should not have been could I have foreseen it. After tapping many topics, to which I made as dry answers as an unbribed oracle, he vented his errand...
Página 172 - Of his intellectual character, the constituent and fundamental principle was Good Sense, a prompt and intuitive perception of consonance and propriety. He saw immediately, of his own conceptions, what was to be chosen, and what to be rejected ; and, in the works of others, what was to be shunned, and what was to be copied. But good sense alone is a sedate and quiescent quality, which manages its possessions well, but does not increase them; it collects...
Página 298 - Epic poetry is the art of being as long as possible in telling an uninteresting story; and an epic poem is a mixture of history without truth, and of romance without imagination.
Página 7 - Moi seul. Je sens mon cœur et je connais les hommes. Je ne suis fait comme aucun de ceux que j'ai vus ; j'ose croire n'être fait comme aucun de ceux qui existent. Si je ne vaux pas mieux, au moins je suis autre. Si la nature a bien ou mal fait de briser le moule dans lequel elle m'a jeté, c'est ce dont on ne peut juger qu'après m'avoir lu.
Página 223 - I dined on Monday with the Harcourts at Mrs. Montagu's new palace, and was much surprised. Instead of vagaries it is a noble simple edifice. When I came home, I recollected that though I had thought it so magnificent a house there was not a morsel of gilding, it is grand not tawdry, nor larded and embroidered and pomponned with shreds and remnants and clinquant like all the Harlequinades of Adam, which never let the eye repose a moment.

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