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that he will grant them remis-promised in his holy Word, sion of their sins, and bestow to grant all those things that uponthem the Holy Ghost; that we have prayed for ; which he will givethem the blessing of promise, he for his part, will eternal life, and make them inost surelykeep and perform. Purtakers of his everlasting Wherefore, after this promise kingdom.

made by Christ, ye must also Wherefore, we being thus faithfully, for your part, in persuaded of the good will of the presence of these your our heavenly Father toward Witnesses,andthis wholeConthese Persons, declared by Igregation, promise and answer his Son Jesus Christ, let us to the following questions : faithfuily and devoutly give" The Minister shall then dethanks to him, and say, mand of the Persons to be

LMIGHTY and ever- baptized as follows : the

lasting God, heavenly Questions being considered Father, we give thee humble as addressed to them sevelbanks, for that thou hast rally, and the Answers to rouchsafed to call us to the be made accordingly. knowledge of thy grace, and

Question. faith in thee : Increase this OST thou renounce the knowledge, and confirm this faith in us evermore. Give thy the vain pomp and glory of Holy Spirit to these Persons, the world, with all covetous that they may be born again, desires of the same, and the and be made Heirs of everlast- sinful desires of the flesh ; so ing salvation through our Lord that thou wilt not follow, nor Jesus Christ, who liveth and be led by them ? reigneth with thee and the Ans. I renounce them all ; Holy Spirit, now and for ever. and, by God's help, will enAmen.

deavour not to follow, nor be I Then the Minister shall led by them.

speak to the Persons to be Qucst. Dost thou believe all baptized on this wise : the Articles of the Christian WELL-BELOVED, who Faith, as contained in the

are come hiiher desi. Apostles' Creed ? ring to receive holy Baptism, Ans. I do. ye have heard how the Con- Quest. Wilt thou be baptigregation hath prayed, that zed in this Faith ? our Lord Jesus Christ would Ans. That is my desire. vouchsafe to receive you and Quest. Wilt thou then obe. bless you, to release you of diently keep God's holy will your sins to give you the king and commandments; and walk dom of heaven, and everlast- in the same all the days of thy ing life. Ye have heard also life? thatour Lord JesusChrist hath Ans. I will by God's help ,

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the devil, the world, and the N. Na baptize thee, in the

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I Then shall the Minister say, dren, through Jesus Christ

MERCIFUL God, our Lord. Amen.
grant that the old Adam

T Then shall the Minister in these Person8 may be so bu

take each person to be bap. ried, that the new man may

tized by the Right Hand ; be raised up in them. Amen.

and placing him conveni. Grant that all sinful affec

ently by the Font, according tions may die in them, and

to his Discretion, shall ask that allthings belonging to the

the Godfathers and Godmo. Spirit may live and grow in

thers the Name ; and ther: them. Amen.

shall din him in the Water, Grant that they may have

or pour water upon him, power and strength to have

saying, victory, and to triumph against


I .

Name of and Grant that they, being here

of the Son, and of the Holy

Ghost. Amen. dedicated to thee by our Of fice and Ministry, may also I Then shall the Minister say, be endued with heavenly vir- E receive this Person tues, and everlastingly re- into the Congregation warded, through thy mercy, of Christ's Flock, O blessed Lord God, who dost and do * sign him Minister shall

. Here the live and govern all things, with the sign of make a Cross world without end. Amen.

the Cross ; in :0- upon the per. ALMIGHTY,everliving God, ken that hereaf-son's forehead.

whose most dearly belov- ter he shall not be ashamed to od Son Jesus Christ, for the confess the faith of Christ cruforgiveness of our sins, did cified, and manfully to fight shed out of his most precious under his banner, against sin, side both water and blood : the world, and the devil'; and and gave commandment to his to continue Christ's faithful disciples, that they should go soldier and servant unto his teach all nations, and baptize life's end. Amen. them in the Name of the Fa

T The same Rule, as to the ther, and of the Son, and of

Omission of the Sign of the the Holy Ghost ; regard, we

Cross, is to be observed here, beseech thee,the supplications

as in the Baptism of Inof this Congregation; sanctify

fants. this water to the mystical washing away of sin; and Then the Minister shall say, grant that the Persone, nov EEING now, dearly beto be baptized therein, may receive the fulness of thy Persons are regenerate, and grace, and ever remain in the grafted into the body ofChrist's number of thy faithful chil- Church ; let as give thanks

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unto Almighty God for these the devil and all his works, benefits, and with one accord to believe in God, and to serve make our prayers unto him, him; ye must remember, that that they may lead the rest of it is your part and duty to put their life according to this be-them in mind, what a solemn ginning

row, promise, and profession Then shall be said the Lord's they have now made before

Prayer, all kneeling. this Congregation, and espeO even hierrowed berthy civilnessese 'And yet are also Name; Thy Kingdom come ; to call upon them to use all die Thy Will be done on Earth, ligence to be rightlyinstructed as it is in Heaven ; Give us in God's holy Word ; that so this day our daily bread; And they may grow in grace, and forgive us our trespasses, as in the knowledge of our Lord we forgive those who trespass Jesus Christ; and live godly, against us; And lead us not righteously, and soberly, in into temptation : But deliver this present world. us from evil. Amen. E yield thee humble

T And then spieaking to the thanks,Oheavenly Fa.

baptized Persons, he shall

proceed and say, ther, that thou hast vouchsa

ND as for you, who have of thy grace, and faith in thee: Increase this knowledge, and Christ, it is your part and confirm this faith in us ever-duty also, being made the more. Give thy Holy Spirit Children of God and of the to these Persons ; that being light, by faith in Jesus Christ, now born again, and made to walk answerably to your Heirs of everlasting salvation Christian calling, and as bethroughour Lord Jesus Christ, cometh the children of light: they may continue thy Ser-remembering always, that vants, and attain thy promises, Baptism representeth unto us through the same Lord Jesus our profession ; which is to Christ thy Son ; who liveth follow the example of our and reigneth with thee, in the Saviour Christ,and to be made unity of the same Holy Spirit, like unto him; that as he died, everlastingly. Amen. and rose again for us, so

Then, all standing un, the should we, who are baptized, Minister shall use this Ex- die from sin, and rise again hortation follorving ; spook- unto righteousness ; continuing to the Go!fathers and ally morufying all our evil and Godmothers first. corrupt affections, and daily ORASMUCH as these Per-proceeding in all virtue and

son& have promised in godliness of living, your presence, to renounce

fed to call us to the knowledge A now by Baptism put on

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It is expedient that every Person thus baptized should be confirmed by the Bishop, so soon after his Baptism as conveniently may be ;

that so he may be admitted to the Holy Communion. ( Whereas necessity may require the baptizing of Adults in private

houses, in consideration of extreme sickness; the same is hereby allowed in that case And a convenient number of persons shall be assembled in the house where the Sacrament is to be performed. And in the exhortation, Well beloved, &-c. instead of these words, come

hither desiring, shall be inserted this word, desirous. 9 If there be occasion for the Ofice of Infant Baptism and that of

Åduits at the same time, the Minister shall use the exhortation and one of the prayers next following in the Office for

Adults ; only in the exhortation and prajer, after the

words, these Persons, and these thy Servants, auiding, and these Infants. Then the Minister shall proceed to the questions to be demanded in the cases respectively. Af. ter the immersion, or the pouring of water, the prayer shall be as in this service; only, after the words, these Persons, shall be added, and these Infants. After which the remaining part of each service

shall be used; first that for Adults, and lastly, that for Infants. 1. If any persons, not baptized in their Infancy, shall be brought to be

baptized before they come to years of discretion to answer for them selves, it may suffice to use the Office for Public Baptism of Infants ; or, in case of extreme danger, the Ofice for Private Baptism ; only changing the word Infant, for Child, or Person, as occasion re. quireth.



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An Instruction, to be learned by every Person before he

be brought to be confirmed by the Bishop.

vow three things in my name: THAT is your name? First, that I should renounce

Ans. N. or M. the devil and all his works, Quest. Who gave you this the pomps and vanity of this naine ?

wicked world, and all the sin. Ans. My Sponsors in Bap- fullusts of the flesh; Secondly, tism : wherein I was made a that I should believe all the member of Christ, the child Articles of the Christian Faith; of God, and an inheritor of the And thirdly, that I should kingdom of Heaven. keep God's holy will and com

Quest. What did yourSpon- mandments, and walk in the sors then for you? same all the days of my life.

4's. They did promise and! Quest. Dost thou not think

that thou art bound to believe, who hath redeemed me, and and to do, as they have pro-all mankind. mised for thee?

Thirdly, in God the Holy Ans. Yes verily; and by Ghost, who sanctifieth me, God's help so I will : And I and all the people of God. heartily thank our heavenly Quest. You said that your Father that he hath called me Sponsors did promise for you, to this state of salvation, that you should keep God's through Jesus Christ our Sa- commandments :

Tell me viour : And I pray unto God how many there are. to give me bis grace, that I Ans. Ten. may continue in the same unto Quest. Which are they? my life's end.

Answer. Catechist. Rehearse the Ar- THE same which God tacles of thy belief. Answer.

chapterof Exodus, saying,lam BELIEVE in God the Fathe Lord thy God, who brought


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heaven and earth :

out of the house of bondage. And in Jesus Christ his only 1. Thou shalt have none Son our Lord ; Who was con- other gods but me. ceived by the Holy Ghost, Born II. Thou shalt not make to of the Virgin Mary, Suffered thyself any graven image, nor underPontius Pilate, Wascru- the likeness of any thing that cified, dead, and buried ; He is in heaven above, or in the descended into Hell; The third earth beneath, or in the water day he rose from the dead; Ile under the earth. Thou shalt ascended into Heaven, and sit- not bow down to them, por teth on the right hand of God worship them: for I the Lord the Father Almighty ; From thy God am a jealous God, thence he shall come to judge and visit the sins of the fathers the quick and the dead. upon the children, unto the

I believe in the Holy Ghost; third and fourth generation of The Holy Catholic Church ; them that hate me; and show The Communion of Saints; mercy unto thousands in them The forgiveness of sins; The that love me, and keep my resurrection of the body, And commandments. the life everlasting. Amen. III. Thou shalt not take the

Quest. What dost thou Name of the Lord thy God in chiefly learn in these Articles vain : for the Lord will not of thy Belief?

hold him guiltless, that taketh Ans. First, I learn to be- his Name in vain. lieve in God the Father, who IV. Remember that thou hath made me, and all the keep holy the Sabbath-day: world.

Six days shalt thou labour, and Secondly, in God the Son, do all that thou hast to do; ber

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