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Or this. | Ans. As it was in the ba LMIGHTY God, our hea-ginning, is now, and ever


his great mercy, hath pro- Min. Praise ye the Lord. mised Forgiveness of Sins to Ans. The Lord's name be all those who, with hearty praised. Repentance and true Faith, turn unto him ; have mercy 4 Then shall follow a Portion of upon you, pardon and deliver the Psalms, as they are apyou from all your sins, con

pointed or one of the Selecfirm and strengthen you in all by this Church, with the Dor

tions, as they are set forth goodness, and bring you to olocy, as in the Morning Sereverlasting life, through Je- vice Then shall be read the sus Christ our Lord. Amen.

first Lesson, according to the

Table Then the Minister shall which shall be suid or sung,

or Culendar, afier kneel, and say the Lurd's

the following Psalm, ercept Prayer; the people still when it is rend in the ordin. kneeling, and repeating it ary course of the Psalms, on with him, both here and the nineteenth day of the wheresoever e se it is used in month. Divine service.

Cantate Domino. Psal. xcviii. UR Father, who art in

Name ; Thy Kingdom come: new song ; for he hath Thy Will be done on Earth. done marvellous things. as it is in Heaven ; Give us With his own right hand, this day our daily bread ; And and with his holy arm, hath forgive us our trespasses, as he gotten himself the victory. we forgive those who trespass The Lord declared his sal. against us; And lead us not vation ; his righteousness into temptation ; But deliver hath he openly showed in the us from evil : For thine is the sight of the heathen. Kingdom, and the Power,

He hath remembered his and the Glory, for ever and mercy and truth toward the ever. Amen.

house of Israel ; and all the 9 Then likewise he shall say, lends of the world have seen

O Lord, open thou our lips; the salvation of our God.

Ans And our mouth shall Show yourselves joyful unshow forth thy praise.

to the Lord, all ye lands;

sing, rejoice, and give thanks. [ Here, all standing up, the Praise the Lord upon the Minister shall say,

harp : sing to the harp with Glory be to the Father, a psalm of thanksgiving. and to the Son, and to the With trumpets also and Holy Ghost;

shawms, o show yourselves

joyful before the Lord the upon earth, thy saving health King.

among all nations. Let the sea make a noise Let the people praise thee, and all that therein is, the God; yea, let all the people round world and they that praise thee. dwell therein.

Olet the nations rejoice and Let the floods clap their be glad ; for thou shalt judge hands, and let the hills be joy- the folk righteously, and goful together before the Lord, vern the nations upon carth. for he cometh to judge the Let the people praise thee, earth.

O Gorl; yea, let all the people With righteousness shall praise thee. te judge the world, and the Then shall the earth bring people with equity.

forth her increase ; and God, Or this.

even our own God, shall give Bonum est confiteri. Psal. xcii. Jus his blessing.

God shall bless us ; and all

the ends of the world shall thanks unto the Lord, and

fear him. to sing praises unto thy name, O Most Highest;

1 Or this. To tell of thy loving kind

Benedic, Anima mea. Psal. cüi. ness early in the morning. and of thy truth in the night PRAISE the Lord, O my season;

and all that is within Upon an instrument of ten ne, praise his holy Name. strings, and upon the lute;

Praise the Lord, O my soul, upon a loud instrument, and and forget not all his benefits; upon the harp.

Who forgiveth all thy sin, For thou, Lord, hast made and healeth all thine infirmime glad through thy works ; and I will rejoice in giving), Who saveth thy life front praise for the operations of lestruction, and crowneth thee thy hands.

with mercy and loving kind| Then a Lesson of the New

O praise the Lord, ye A:)Testament, as it is unpoint- gels oi his, ye that excel in ed: And after that, shall be strength; ye that fulfil his sung or said this Psalm, ex- conimandment, and hearken ceft on the twelfth day of the unto the voice of his word. month.

O praise the Lord, all ye Deus misereatur. Psal. Ixvii. lis hosts; ye servants of his

OD be merciful unto us bat do his pleasure. .

and show speak good of the Lord, us the light of his countenance all ye works of his, in all places and be merciful unto us. of his dominion. Praise thou That thy way may be known the Lord, O my soul.





bless us,


Then shall be said the Apos- were made ; who for us men, tles' Creed, by the Minister and for our salvation, came and the People, standing : own from Heaven, and was And any Churches may omit incarnate by the Holy Ghost the words, He descended of the Virgin Mary, and was into Hell, or may, instead made man, and was crucified of them, use the words, He also for us under Pontius Pi. went into the place of de. late. He suffered and was parted Spirits, which are buried, and the third day he considered as words of the rose again, according to the same meaning, in the Creed Scriptures, and ascended into

ther Almighty, Maker of right hand of the Father ; and heaven and earth :

he shall come again, with gloAnd in Jesus Christ his on- ry, to judge. both the quick ly Son our Lord; Who was and the dead ; whose king. conceived by the Holy Ghost, om shall have no end.

rn of the Virgin Mary, Suf- And I believe in the Holy fered under Pontius Pilate, Ghost, the Lord and giver of Was crucified, dead, and bu-life, who proceedeth from the ried; He descended into Hell; Father and the Son ; who with The third day he rose from the Father and the Son togethe dead; He ascended into her is worshipped and gloriHeaven, And sitteth on the ied, who spake by the proright hand of God the Father phets. And I believe one Ca. Almighty ; From thence he holic and Apostolic Church. shall come to judge the quick acknowledge one Baptism and the dead.

or the remission of sins; and I believe in the Holy Ghost;| look for the resurrection of The Holy Catholic Church ;l be dead, and the life of the The communion of Saints ; world to come, Amen, The forgiveness of sins; The

1 And after that, these Prayers resurrection of the body, And following, all devoutly kneelthe life everlasting. Amen.

ing; the Minister first pro. Or this.

nouncing, BELIEVE in one God, the I , The Lord be with you ; of Heaven and Farth, and of

Ans. And with thy Spirit. all things visible and invisible:

4 Min. Let us pray. And in one Lord Jesus O Lord, show thy mercy Christ, the only begotten Son upon us ; of God, begotten of his Father Ans. And grant us thy salbefore all worlds ; God of God. vation. Light of Light, very God of Min. O God, make clean very God, begotten, not made, four hearts within us ; being of one substance with Ans. And take not thy Holy the Father, by whom all things Spirit from us.

9 Then shall be said the Collect and walk in thy way : Endue for the day, and, after that, them plenteously with heaventhe Collects and Prayers fol- ly gifts ; grant them in health lowing:

and prosperity long to live ; (A Collect for Peace. and finally, after this life, to O GOD, from whom allattain everlasting joy and feli

holy desires, all good city, through Jesus Christ our counsels, and all just works Lord. Amen. do proceed; give unto thy ser-a A Prayer for the Clergy and Fants that peace, which the

People. world cannot give; that our

. hearts may be set to obey thy ALMIGHTY and everlastcommandments, and also that

ing God, from whom by thee, we, being defended

cometh every good and perfect from the fear of our enemies, shops and other Clergy, and

gift, send down upon our Bimay pass our time in rest anci quietness, through the merits initted to their charge, the

upon the Congregations comof Jesus Christ our Saviour.healthful spirit of thy grace ; Amen.

Jand, that they may truly please 1 A Collect for Aid against thee, pour upon them the conPerils.

tinual dew of thy blessing: O ,

LORD, our heavenly Fa. Grant this, () Lord, for the

ther, by whose Almighty :onour of our Advocate and power we have been preserved Mediator Jesus Christ. Amen. this day ; by thy great mercy Prayer for all Conditions of defend us from all perils and

Men. dangers of this night, for the

Preserver of all mankind, our, Jesus Christ.


we humbly beseech thee for all 14 Prayer for the President sorts and conditions of men,

of the Uniel States, and all hat thou wouldest be pleased in Cirii Authority.

to make thy ways known unto LORD, our heavenly Fa-lihem, thy saving health unto

ther, the high and mighty all nations. More especially Ruler of the universe, who we pray for thy holy Church dost from thy throne behold all universal ; that it may be so the dwellers upon earth ; most guided and governed by thy heartily we beseech thee, with good Spirit, that all who prothy favor to behold and bless fess and call themselves Christhy servant, The President of tians, may be led into the way the United States, and all oth-of truth, and hold the faith in ers in authority ; and so re-unity of Spirit, in the bond of plenish them with the grace peace, and in righteousness of of thy holy spirit, that they life. Finally, we commend to may always incline to thy will, thy Fatherly goodness, all those

love of thy only Son our Savi-OGOD, the Creator and

who are any ways amicted orfour lives; by giving up ourdistressed in mind, body, or seives to thy service, and by estate ; that it may please thee walking before thee in holiness to comfort and relieve them, and righteousness all our days, according to their several ne-through Jesus Christour Lord; cessities; giving them patience to whom, with thee and the under their sufferings, and a Holy Ghost, be all honour Happy issue out of all their af.and glory, world without end. flictions : And this we beg for Amen. Jesus Christ's sake. Amen. A Prayer of St. Chrysostom.

11 General Thankegiving. ALMIGHTY God who ALMIGHTY God, Father

hast given us at this . of all mercies, we, thine time, with one accord, to make unworthy servants, do give our common supplicationsunto thee most humble and hearty thee; and dost promise that thanks for all thy goodness and when two or three are gatherloving kindness to us, and to ed together in thy name, thou all men

l'e bless thee for wilt grant their requests; fulfil our creation, preservation, and now, O Lord, the desires and all the blessings of this liie ; petitions of thy servants, as but, above all, for thine ines may be most expedient for timable love in the redemption them; granting usin this world of the world by our Lord Jesus knowledge of thy truth, and, Christ; for the means of grace, in the world to come, lise everand for the hope of glory lasting. Amen. And, we beseech thee, give us 2 Cor. xiii. 14. that due sense of all thy mer

of our

Lord cies, that our liearts may be

THE grace

Jesus Christ, and the unfeignedly thankful, and that love of God, and the fellowwe may show forth thy praise, ship of the Holy Ghost, be 1300 only with our lips, but in with us all evermore. Amen.

Here endeth the Crder of EveniNG PRAYER.

THE LITANY, | Or GENERAL SUPPLICATION, to be used after Morning

Service, on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. O

GOD, the Father of Head O God the Son, Redeemer

ven; have mercy upon us of the world; have mercy miserable sinners.

upon us miserable sinners. O God, the Father of Head O God the Son, Redeemer of ven ; have mercy upon us mi-the world ; have mercy upon us serable sinners.

miserable sinners.

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