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Jesus Christ, who liveth and Joseph, thou son of David, reigneth with thee and the fear not to take unto thee same Spirit, ever one God, Mary thy wife ; for that which world without end. Amen. is conceived in her is of the The Epistle Gal. iv. 1,

Holy Ghost : And she shall

bring forth a Son, and thou OW I say, that the heir, shalt call his name Jesus ; for

as long as he is a child, he shall save his people from differeth nothing from a ser- their sins. Now all this was vant, though he be lord of all ; done, that it might be fulfilled but is under tutors and govern- which was spoken of the Lord ors, until the time appointed by the prophet, saying, Be. of the father. Even so ve, hold, a Virgin shall be with when we were children, were child, and shall bring forth a in bondage under the elements Son, and they shall call his of the world; but when the name Emmanuel,which, being fulness of the time was come, interpreted, is, God with us. God sent forth his Son, made Then Joseph being raised from of a woman, made under the sleep, did as the angel of the law, to redeem them that Lord had bidden him, and were under the law, that we took unto him his wife : And might receive the adoption of knew her not until she had sons. And, because ye are brought forth her first-born sons, God hath sent forth the Son; and he called his name Spirit of his Son into your Jesus. hearts, crying, Abba, Father. Wherefore thou ar! no more The Circumcision of Christ. a servant, but a s-a and if a son, then an i God

The Collect. through Christ.

madest thy blessed Son The Gospel. St. Matt. i. 18. to be circumcised, and obedi. THE "HE birth of Jesus Christent to the law for man; grant

was on this wise : when as us the true circumcision of the his mother Mary was espous- Spirit, that, our hearts and ed to Joseph, before they came all our members being morti. together, she was found with fied from all worldly and carchild of the Holy Ghost. Then nal lusts, we may in all things Joseph her husband, being a obey thy blessed will, through just man, and not willing to the same thy Son Jesus Christ make her a public example, our Lord. Amen. was minded to put her away

The Epistle. Rom. iv. 8. privily. But while he thought on these things, behold, the BLESSED is the man to

whom the Lord unto him in a dream, saying, impute sin. Cometh this bless

edness then upon the circum- Mary and Joseph, and the babe cision only, or upon the uncir-flying in a manger. And when cumcision also ? For we say, they had seen it, they made that faith was reckoned to known abroad the saying which Abraham for righteousness. was told them concerning this How was it then reckoned child. And all they that heard when he was in circumcision it wondered at those things or in uncircumcision ? Not in which were told them by the circumcision, but in uncircum- shepherds. But Mary kept cision. And he received the all these things, and pondered sign of circumcision, a seal them in her heart. And the of the righteousness of the shepherds returned, glorifying faith which he had, yet being and praising God for all the uncircumcised; that he might things that they had heard be the father of all them that and seen, as it was told unto believe, though they be not them. And when eight days circumcised ; that righteous-were accomplished for the cir. ness might be imputed unto cumcising of the child, his them also: And the father of name was called JESUS, which circumcision to them who are was so named of the angel benot of the circumcision only, fore he was conceived in the but also walk in the steps of womb. that faith of our father Abra- I The same Collect, Epistle, and ham, which he had, yet being Gospel shall serve for every uncircumcised. For the pro- day after, unto the Epiphany. mise, that he should be the heir of the world, was not to The Epipihany, or the Mani. Abraham, or

to his seed.) festa. of Christ to the through the law, but through

Geni?.. the righteousness of faith. For if they which are of the law be heirs, faith is made voia O GOD, who by the lead

ing of a Star didst mani. and the promise made of none iest thy only begotten Son to effect.

the Gentilis ; mercifully grant The Gospel. St. Luke ii. 15. hat we, who know thee now

ny faith, may after this life A

ND it came to pass, allave the fruition of thy glori

the angels were gone fous Godhead, through Jesus away from them into heaven. Christ our Lord. Anien. the shepherds said one to another, Let us now go even

The Epistle.

Ephes. iij. 1. unto Bethlehem, and see this COR this cause, I Paul, the thing which is come to pass


prisoner of Jesus Christ which the Lord hath made for you Gentiles; if ye have known unto us.

And they heard of the dispensation of came with haste, and found the grace of God, which is

For Collect.

given me to you-ward : How behold there came wise men that by revelation he made from the east to Jerusalem, known unto me the mystery saying, Where is he that is (as I wrote afore in few words, born King of the Jews ? for whereby, when ye read, ye we have seen his star in the may understand my know-east, and are come to worship ledge in the mystery of Christ) him. When Herod the King which in other ages was not had heard these things, he made known unto the son's of was troubled, and all Jerusamen, as it is now revealed unto lem with him.. And when he his holy Apostles and Prophets had gathered all the chief by the Spirit ; that the Gen-priests and scribes of the peotiles should be fellow-heirs, ple together, he demanded of and of the same body, and them where Christ should be partakers of his promise in born. And they said unto Christ, by the Gospel ; where- him, In Bethlehem of Judea : of I was made a minister, ac. For thus it is written by the cording to the gift of the grace prophet, And thou Bethlehem of God, given unto me by the in the land of Juda, art not effectual working of his power. the least among the princes Unto me, who am less than of Juda ; for out of thee shall the least of all saints, is this come a Governor that shall grace given, that I should rule my people Israel. Then preach among the Gentiles the Herod, when he had privily unsearchable riches of Christ; called the wise men, inquired and to make all men see what of them diligently what time is the fellowship of the mys-the star appeared. And he tery, which from the begin- sent them to Bethlehem, and ning of the world hath been said, Go, and search diligently hid in God, who created all for the young child, and when things by Jesus Christ : to the ye have found him, bring me intent that now unto the prin-word again, that I may come cipalities and powers in hea- and worship him also. When venly places might be known, they had heard the King, they by the Church, the manifold departed ; and lo, the star visdom of God, according to which they saw in the east the eternal purpose which he went before them, till it came purposed in Christ Jesus our and stood over where the Lord ; in whom we have bold-young child was. When they ness and access with confi- saw the star, they rejoiced dence by the faith of him. with exceeding great joy. And The Gospel. St. Matt. ii. 1. house, they saw the young

when they were come into the Bethlehem of Judea, in and fell down and worshipped the days of Herod the King, him: And when they had

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