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HE Psalter shall be read through once every month, as it is in February it shall be read only to the twenty-eighth or twentyninth Day of the Month.

And whereas January, March, May, July, August, October, and December, have one-and-thirty Days a-piece ; it is ordered, that the same Psalms shall be read the last Day of the said Months, which were read the Day before; so that the Psalter may begin again the first Day of the next Month ensuing.

And whereas the CXIXth Psalm is divided into twenty-two Portions, and is overlong to be read at one time; it is so ordered, that at one time shall not be read above four or five of the said Portions.

The Minister, instead of reading from the Psalter as divided for Daily Morning and Evening Prayer, may read one of the Selections set out by this Church.

And, on days of Fasting and Thanksgiving, appointed either by the Civil or by the Ecclesiastical Authority, the Minister may appoint such Psalms as he shall think fit in his discretion,unless any shall have been appointed by the Ecclesiastical Authority, in a Service set out for the Occasion; which, in that case, shall be used, and no other. PROPER PSALMS ON CERTAIN DAYS.


Evening. CHRISTMAS-Day, Psalms 19

Psalms 89 45

110 85



102 32

130 38



64 40




113 57

114 111



24 15

47 21



104 68


The Minister may use one of the Selections, instead of any one of the above Portions.


APPOINTED TO BE READ. "HE Old Testament is appointed for the First Lessons at Morn.


read every year once, as in the Calendar is appointed.

The New Testament is appointed for the Second Lessons at Morning and Evening Prayer

And to know what lessons shall be read erery Day, look for the Day of the Month in the Calendar following, and there ye shall find the Chapters that shall be read for the lessons, both at Morning and Evening Prayer ; except only the Moveable Feasts, which are not in the Calendar ; and the Immoveable, where there is a Blank left in the column of Lessons; the proper Lessons for all which Days are to be found in the Table of proper Lessons.

And, on Days of Fasting and Thanksgiving, the same Rule is to obtain, as in reading the Psalms.

And the same discretion of choice is allowed, on occasions of Ecclesiastical Conventions, and those of Charitable Collections. And Note, that whensoever Proper Psalms or Lessons are appoint.

ed, then the Psalms and Lessons of ordinary course appointed in the Psalter and Calendar, if they be different, shall be omit.

ted for that Time. Note also, That the Collect, Epistle, and Gospel, appointed for the

Sunday, shall serve all the Week after, where it is not in this Book otherwise ordered.

1 Tax Ratification of the Book an Instruction to be learned by
of Common Prayer.

every Person before he be

2 The Preface.

brought to be confirmed by

3 The Order how the Psalteris

the Bishop

• appointed to be read. 18 The Order of Confirmation,

4 The Order how the Rest of or Laying on of Hands upon

the Holy Scriptures is appoint. those that are baptised, and

ad to be read.

come to Years of Discretion.

5 Tables of Lessons of Holy 19 The Form of Solemnization

Scripture, to be read at Morn. of Matrimony

ing and Evening Prayer, 20 The Order for the Visitation

throughout the Year.

of the Sick.

6 The Calendar.

21 The Communion of the Sick.

7 Tables and Rules for the 22 The Order for the Burial of
Moveable and Immoveable the Dead.
Feasts, together with the Days 23 The Thanksgiving of Women
of Fasting and Abstinence after Child-Birth; commonly

throughout the Year.

called the Churching of Wo-

& Tables for finding the Holy.


24 Forms of Prayer to be used at

9 The Order for Daily Morn. Sea.

ing Prayer.

25 A Form of Prayer for the Vi.

10 The Order for Daily Even- sitation of Prisoners.

ing Prayer.

26 AForm of Prayer and Thanks.

11 Prayers and Thanksgiv. giving to Almighty God, for the

ings upon several Occasions, Fruits of the Earth, and all the

to be used before the two final other Blessings of his merci.

Prayers of Morning and Even. ful Providence.

ing Service.

27 Forms of Prayer to be used

12 The Collects, Epistles, and in Families.

Gospels, to be used throughout 28 Selections of Psalms, to be

the Year.

used instead of the Psalms for

13 The Order for the Adminis.

the Day, at the Discretion of

tration of the Lord's Supper, the Minister.

or Holy Communion. 29 Articles of Religion, as esta.

14 The Ministration of Public blished by the Bishops, the

Baptism of Infants, to be used Clergy, and Laity of the Pro-

in the Church.

testant Episcopal Church in

15 The Ministration of Private the United States of America,

Baptism of Children in Houses.

in Convention, on the 12th

16 The Ministration of Baptism Day of September, in the Year

to such as are of Riper Years, of our Lord 1801.

and able to answer for them- 30 The Psalter, or Psalms of



17 A Catechism; that is to say,





By the

Bishops, the Clergy, and the Laity of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the U. nited States of America, in. Convention, this 16th Day of October, in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eightynine.

THIS Convention having in their present Session set forth A Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, do hereby establish the said Book : And they declare it to be the Liturgy of this Church; and require, that it be received as such by all the Members of the same: And this Book shall be in Use from and after the 1st Day of October, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety.





19 • 12

St Andrew.
Prov. 20

Prov, 21
S: Thomas.


24 Nativity.

1 Lesson.Isaiah 9 to 8 Isaiah 7 • 10 to 17

2 Lesson.'Luke 2 to y 15 Titus 3 4 to 9 St. Stephen. 1 Lesson, Prov. 28

Eccles. 4 2 Lesson. Acts 6 08 & ch 7 Acts 7 • 30 to 55 St. John.

to o 30 1 Lesson. Eccles. 5

Eccles. 6 2 Lesson. Rev. 1

Rev. 22 Ianccents.

Jerem. 31 to v 18 Wisd. 1

1 Lesson. Gen. 17 to o 15 Deut. 10 v 12
2 Lesson Rom. 2


2 Epiphany. 1 Lesson. Isai 60

Isaiah 49 2 Lesson. Rom. 11

John 2 to v 12 Conversion of St. Paul. 1 Lesson. Wisd. 5

Wisd. 6 2 Lesson. Acts 22 to v 22 Acts 26 to o 24 Purif. Virgin Mary. Wisd. 9

Wisd. 12 St. Matthias.


Ecclus. 1 draun. Virgin Mary. Ecclus. 2

3 szk Wednesday. 1 Lesson. Isaiah 59

Jonah 3 2 Lesson. Luke 6 0 20 2 Pet. Monday before Easter. 1 Lesson. Daniel 10

Hosea 11 2 Lesson. John 14 Tuesday before Easter. 1 Lesson. Daniel 11 to 9 30

2 Lesson. John 15
Tvednesday before

1 Lesson. Daniel 11 - 30

2 Lesson John 11 y 45
Thursday before Easter
1 Lesson. Daniel 19

Jer. 31 2 Lesson. John 13 Good-Friday.

1 Lesson. Gen. 22 to o 20 Isai. 52 u 13 & ch 53 2 Lesson. John 18

Phillip. 2

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