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32, 33 'Tis God that girds my armour onl,

And all my just designs fulfills ;
Through him my feet can swiftly run,

And nimbly climb the steepest hills. 34 Lessons of war from him I take,

And manly weapons learn to wield ;
Strong bows of steel with ease I break,

Forc'd by my stronger arms to yield. 35 The buckler of his saving health

Protects me from assaulting foes;
His hand sustains me still ; my wealth

And greatness from his bounty flows. 56 My goings he enlarg'd abroad,

Till then to narrow paths confin'd ;
And, when in slipp'ry ways I trod,

The method of my steps design'd. 37 Through him I num'rous hosts defeat,

And flying squadrons captive take ;
Nor from my fierce pursuit retreat,

Till I a final conquest make.
38 Cover'd with wounds, in vain they try

Their vanquish'd heads again to rear ;
Spite of their boasted strength, they lie

Beneath my feet, and grovel there. 39 God, when fresh armies take the field,

Recruits my strength, my courage warms ; He makes my strong opposers yield,

Subdu'd by my prevailing arms.
40 Through him the necks of prostrate foes

My conqu’ring feet in triumph press;
Aided by him I root out those

Who hate and envy my success. 41 With loud complaints all friends they try'd ;

But none was able to defend ;
At length to God for help they cry'd ;

But God would no assistance lend. 42 Like flying dust, which winds pursue,

Their broken troops I scatter'd round ;
Their slaughter'd bodies forth I threw,
Like loathsome dirt, that clogs the ground.

43 Our factious tribes, at strife till now,

By God's appointment me obey ;

The heathen to my sceptre bow,

And foreign nations own my sway. 44 Remotest realms their homage send,

When my successful name they hear ; Strangers for my commands attend,

Charm'd with respect, or aw'd by fear. 45 All to my summons tamely yield,

Or soon in battle are dismay’d;
For stronger holds they quit the field,

And still in strongest holds afraid. 46 Let the eternal Lord be prais’d,

The rock on whose defence I rest!
To highest Heav'ns his Name be rais'd,

Who me with his salvation bless'd! 47 'Tis God that still supports my right;

His just revenge my foes pursues ; 'Tis he, that, with resistless might,

Fierce nations to my yoke subdues. 48 My universal safeguard he !

From whom my lasting honours flow; He made me great, and set me free

From my remorseless bloody foe. 49 Therefore, to celebrate his fame,

My grateful voice to Heav'n I'll raise ; And nations, strangers to his Name,

Shall thus be taught to sing his praise : 50 “ God to his king deliv’rance sends ;

“ Shows his anointed signal grace ;
6 His mercy evermore extends
" To David, and his promis'd race.”

HE Heav'ns declare thy glory, Lord,

Which that alone can fill;
The firmament and stars express

Their great Creator's skill.
2 The dawn of each returning day

Fresh beams of knowledge brings ;
And from the dark returns of night,

Divine instruction springs.
2 Their pow'rful language to no realm

Or region is confin'd;
'Tis nature's voice, and understood

Alike by all mankind.


4 Their doctrine does its sacred sense

Through earth's extent display ;
Whose bright contents the circling sun

Does round the world convey.
5 No bridegroom on his nuptial day

Has such a cheerful face ;
No giant does like him rejoice

To run bis glorious race.
6 From east to west, from west to east,

His restless course he goes ;
And, through his progress, cheerful light
And vital warmth bestows.

7 God's perfect law converts the soul;

Reclaims from false desires ;
With sacred wisdom his sure word

The ignorant inspires.
8 The statutes of the Lord are just,

And bring sincere delight;
His pure commands in search of truth

Assist the feeblest sight.
9 His perfect worship here is fix'd,

On sure foundations laid ;
His equal laws are in the scales

Of truth and justice weigh'd ;
10 Of more esteem than golden mines,

Or gold refin'd with skill;
More sweet than honey, or the drops

That from the comb distill. 11 My trusty counsellors they are,

And friendly warnings give;
Divine rewards attend on those

Who by thy precepts live.
12 But what frail man observes how oft

He does from virtue fall?
O cleanse me from my secret faults,

Thou God that know'st them all! 13 Let no presumptuous sin, O Lord,

Dominion have o'er me ;
That, by thy grace preserv’d, I may

The great transgression flee.
14 So shall my pray'r and praises be

With thy acceptance blest ;
And I secure on thy defence,

My strength and Saviour, rest,


PSALM XX. 1 "HE Lord to thy request attend,

And liear thee in distress; The name of Jacob's God defend,

And grant thy arms success : 2 To aid thee from on high repair,

And strength from Sion give; 3 Remember all thy off'rings there,

Thy sacrifice receive : 4 To compass thy own heart's desire,

Thy counsels still direct ; Make kindly all events conspire

To bring them to effect.
5 To thy salvation, Lord, for aid

We cheerfully repair,
With banners in thy name display'd;

“ The Lord accept thy prayor.”
6 Our hopes are fix'd, that now the Lord

Our sov’reign will defend ; From Heav'n resistless aid afford,

And to his prayer attend.
7 Some trust in steeds for war design'd;

On chariots some rely ;
Against them all we'll call to mind

The power of God most high. 8 But from their steeds and chariots thrown,

Behold them through the plain, Disorder'd, broke, and trampled down,

Whilst firm our troops remain.
9 Still save us, Lord, and still proceed

Our rightful cause to bless;
Hear, King of Heav'n, in times of need,
The prayers that we address.

SHE king, O Lord, with songs of praise

Shall in thy strength rejoice; With thy salvation crown'd, shall raise

To Heav'n his cheerful voice.
2 For thou, whate'er his lips request,

Not only dost impart;
But hast, with thy acceptance, blest

The wishes of his heart.
3 Thy goodness and thy tender care
Have all his hopes outgone ;


A crown of gold thou mad'st him wear,

And sett'st it firmly on.
4 He pray'd for life ; and thou, O Lord,

Didst to his prayer attend,
And graciously to him afford

A life that ne'er shall end.
5 Thy sure defence through nations round

Has spread bis glorious name;
And his successful actions crown'd

With majesty and fame.
6 Eternal blessings thou bestow'st,

And mak'st his joys increase ;
Whilst thou to him unclouded show'st
The brightness of thy face.

7 Because the king on God alone

For timely aid relies;
His mercy still supports his throne,

And all his wants supplies.
8 But, righteous Lord, thy stubborn foes

Shall feel thy heavy hand;
Thy vengeful arm shall find out those

That bate thy mild command.
9 When thou against them dost engage,

Thy just but dreadful doom
Shall, like a glowing oven's rage,

Their hopes and them consume. 10 Nor shall thy furious anger cease,

Or with their ruin end ;
But root out all their guilty race,

And to their seed extend.
11 For all their thoughts were set on ill,

Their hearts on malice bent;
But thou with watchsul care didst still

The ill effects prevent. 12 Wbile they their swist retreat shall make,

To 'scape thy dreadful might,
Thy swifter arrows shall o’ertake,

And gall them in their flight. 13 Thus, Lord, thy wondrous strength disclose

And thius exalt thy fame;
Whilst we glad songs of praise compose

To thy Almighty Name.

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