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pally in Engley's hands. Since the recruiting for the Fourteenth Regiment, the arrangement for that service has been changed three times. For a time he was out of the service, but upon the call made in July for 500,000 men, I asked him to assist me. He did so, but with reluctance. My impression is, that a portion of Major Engley's property which he mortgaged, was in the town of Walpole, as he said. He said he had made more money since he left the recruiting service, than while in the employ of the State. He gave us little assistance then, and recruiting went on slowly till October 15th, 1864, with the exception of the recruiting of one year men for the Second Reginient. About this time the Governor sent for me, and told me that he had no doubt that another draft would be ordered before the close of the year; and he requested me at once to take hold of the business of recruiting and set it a going, and I did The arrangement at that time was with four principal agents:Major Engley, Captain Starkey, Colonel Francis and Colonel Jenckes. A few weeks afterwards, Lieutenant Occleston presented himself to recruit for the United States. After this, the Hancock Corps was ordered, and Major Bailey and Mr. Angell undertook the recruiting for that corps. To recur to the 3d Cavalry, on the 1st of January, 1864, I became superintendent for recruiting for the State, and devoted most of my attention to the 3d Cavalry; at this time I was in the service of the United States. I will also state that recruiting was carried on under order No. 227, from the War Department, at Norfolk and Newbern. Taking the order in October, (I have received none since,) the bounty for the men was $100, $200 and $300, respectively, for one, two and three years. The head money for the runner for the Second Regiment, $50, for the old regiments $60 for one year, $80 for two years, and $90 for three years. The four or five agents, on presenting to the Executive office a receipt that they had paid the runner this sum, and no more or less, received $20. In no case could either of these agents receive the $60, $80 or 890. The exceptions to this rule, were the cases of Lieut. Occleston and Col. Jenckes. The former was a United States officer, and received his pay as such, and could not receive the $20; except in one instance, of the first four men brought by him. He received the additional $20, on the ground that he had paid out that sum by misapprehension of orders. This system went on until about the 1st of January, when the bounty was increased $100 for each year. The head money, to all agents, except Occleston, was on presenting a stamped receipt that they had paid out $150 to a runner, or to the recruit, received a voucher which entitled him to $50. The agent, in no case, being permitted to take the $150. The transportation tickets between Providence and New York, were issued, in some cases, by the Quartermaster General; in some cases by myself, and in some cases by Major Engley. Engley's order for transportation would have been good had he sent it to the railroad office, New York. I think that there has been transportation used for other than for recruiting purposes,-fifty or thirty tickets were issued to Col. Viall,—

that his Provost Marshal Brewster, had from Col. Viall, and carried to Buffalo, where he was to recruit on the same terms as Major Engley. Nothing was afterwards heard from Brewster or the tickets, but we found from transactions disclosed, that there had many of them been used. There was many cases where I heard of women riding on this class of transportation, but as some of our recruiting agents were ladies, I did not pay much attention to it. I would state further that the system was liable to abuse.



The following is a list of names of recruits enlisted and mustered at this office, during the month of January, 1865, with date of enlistment, name of person presenting the recruit, date of voucher, and amount for which the voucher was given, and name of person to whom the voucher was given :

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C. A. Fuller...

Providence, February 10, 1865. (






I certify the above to be a true copy of the records of this office, furnished to Hon Wm. P. Sheffield, by request.

Pro. Mar. 2d Dist., R. L.

The following is a list of men forwarded by A. B. Chadsey, Provost Marshal of 2d District, R. I., to the naval rendezvous, Boston, Mass., and enlisted in the U. S. Navy, during the month of January, 1865:

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The list of Fifty-nine Recruits, enlisted in the U. S. Navy, during the month of January, 1865, is a true copy of the records of this office, and furnished Hon. Wm. P. Sheffield, by request.


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