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Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1357, by

G. P. PI'TNAM AXD Co. latie Clerk's of the District Court of the United States, for

the Southern District of New York

Tbc knickerbocker Press


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Autbor's Preface.



HE present volume completes a work to

which the author had long looked forward as the crowning effort of his

literary career. The idea of writing a life of Washington entered at an early day into his mind.

It was especially pressed upon his attention nearly thirty years ago while he was in Europe, by a proposition of the late Mr. Archibald Constable, the eminent publisher of Edinburgh, and he resolved to undertake it as soon as he should return to the United States, and be within reach of the necessary documents. Various circumstances occurred to prevent him from carrying this resolution into prompt effect. It remained, however, a cherished purpose of his heart, which he has at length, though somewhat tardily, accomplished.

The manuscript for the present volume was nearly ready for the press some months since, but the author, by applying himself too closely in his eagerness to finish it, brought on a nervous indisposition, which unfitted him for a time for the irksome but indispensable task of revision. In this he has been kindly assisted by his nephew, Pierre Munro Irving, who had previously aided him in the course of his necessary researches, and who now carefully collated the manuscript with the works, letters, and inedited documents from which the facts had been derived. He has likewise had the kindness to superintend the printing of the volume, and the correction of the proof sheets. Thus aided, the author is enabled to lay the volume before the public.

How far this, the last labor of his pen, may meet with general acceptation is with him a matter of hope rather than of confidence. He is conscious of his own short-comings and of the splendid achievements of oratory of which the character of Washington has recently been madle the theme. Grateful, however, for the kindly disposition which has greeted each successive volume, and with a profound sense of the indulgence lie has experienced from the public through a long literary career, now extending through more than half a century,

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