God and the Goldsmiths

Omni Publications, 1961 - 272 páginas
First published in 1933 under title: Monarchy of money power. Includes bibliography.

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Página 28 - And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength. This is the first commandment. And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.
Página 183 - It may well be the case, and there is every reason to fear it is the case, that there is collected a population in our great towns which equals in amount the whole of those who lived in England and Wales six centuries ago, but whose condition is more destitute, whose homes are more squalid, whose means are more uncertain, whose prospects are more hopeless than those of the poorest serfs of the Middle Ages and the meanest drudges of the mediaeval cities."—Rogers, Six Centuries offforh and ffages.
Página 184 - Britons, hold your own ! Sharers of our glorious past, Brothers, must we part at last? Shall we not thro' good and ill Cleave to one another still? Britain's myriad voices call, ' Sons, be welded each and all, Into one imperial whole, One with Britain, heart and soul ! One life, one flag, one fleet, one Throne ! Britons, hold your own ! POETS AND THEIR BIBLIOGRAPHIES.
Página 134 - As a preliminary measure we visited all the chief factories in Great Britain. The facts we collected seemed to me terrible almost beyond belief. Not in exceptional cases...
Página 176 - It involves the state of the dwellings of the people, the moral consequences of which are not less considerable than the physical. It involves their enjoyment of some of the chief elements of nature air, light, and water. It involves the regulation of their industry, the inspection of their toil. It involves the purity of their provisions, and it touches upon all the means by which you may wean them from habits of excess and of brutality.
Página 134 - ... disgraceful, indeed, to a civilized nation. Their mills were run fifteen and, in exceptional cases, sixteen hours a day with a single set of hands ; and they did not scruple to employ children of both sexes from the age of eight. We actually found a considerable number under that age. It need not be said that such a system could not be maintained without corporal punishment. Most of the overseers openly carried stout leather thongs, and we frequently saw even the youngest children severely beaten.
Página 134 - The younger children seldom held out more than three or four years without severe illness, often ending in death. When we expressed surprise that parents should voluntarily condemn their sons and daughters to slavery so intolerable, the explanation seemed to be that many of the fathers were out of work themselves, and so were, in a measure, driven to the sacrifice for lack of bread ; while others, imbruted by intemperance, saw with indifference an abuse of the infant faculties compared to which the...
Página 97 - Agriculture is the soul, the foundation of the Kingdom: industry ministers to the comfort and happiness of the population. Foreign trade is the superabundance; it allows of the due exchange of the surplus of agriculture and industry.
Página 166 - Let me next tell those gentlemen who are so fond of telling us that property has its duties as well as its rights, that labour also has its rights as well as its duties : and when I see masses of property raised in this country which do not recognise that principle ; when I find men making fortunes by a method which permits them (very often in a...
Página 192 - ... have already given. These are big questions, and this particular question is complicated in a rather unexpected manner. The policy which prevents us from offering an advantage to our colonies prevents us from defending them if they are attacked. Now, I suppose, you and I are agreed that the British Empire is one and indivisible.

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