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ART. I.-Eulogy on Von Buch; by Professor COTTA of Freiberg.*

At Freiberg on the 19th of March was held a funeral festival in honor of LEOPOLD von Buch, the most celebrated geologist of our time, who died in Berlin on the 4th of the same monih.

At 7 o'clock, P. M., the scientific audience collected in the Wernerian Hall of the Academy of Mines, which unfortunately did not possess extent enough to allow of the unusual attendance of the public at large. Professor Heuchler had decorated the cenotaph with the coat of arms and portrait of the deceased. Fitting geological specimens surrounded its base, which all had especial

* Professor SilLIMAN.—Sir_The accompanying translation of an eulogy pronounced in the Academy of Mines here, by Cotta, Professor of Geology, I have taken the liberty of sending you for your scientific Journal.

It is taken from the Leipzig “ Illustrirti Zeitung" of April 9th, where the proceed. ings at length, with the illustrations, are given. The speech on the part of the students I have left out; and you may also omit if thought better, the introductory remarks of Prof. Breithaupt accompanying the translation. I have translated the address because it gives a true portrait of the remarkable man by one who knew him intimately, and also that his labors may be better known than they perhaps are in America, where he desired so much in his latter days to go, and of whose munificent patronage of science he ever spoke in unbounded praise. I had the honor of making his acquaintance last winter through the kindness of Prof. Cotta, while in Berlin, and of learning from him more of the general features of American geology with which he had of late particularly employed himself, than I had expected to do in Europe. He expressed but one regret, and that was that he could not be young again to go there and devote himself to the development of her geological resources. I have the honor to be, Sir, your ob't serv't,

Royal Saxon Acad. of Mines, Freiberg, June 4th, 1863.
SBOOND SERIES, VOL XVII, No. 40. Jan., 1864.

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