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Mineralogy and Geology.--Parophite : Crystalline limestone of the Vosges : Pyromeride

of the Vosges, 127.-Pitchstone from the trap of Isle Royal : Oxyd of Zinc: Crystal-

lized Furnace Products : Fibrous amianthoid substance, a furnace product from West-

phalia : Dolomite: Pxeudomorphous Minerals :-Pinite after Labradorite, 128-Karpho-

lite after Wolfram : On Serpentine after Hornblende, Augite, Diallage, Schillerspar :

On White lead ore after Linarite : On the waters of the Great Salt Lake, Rocky Moun-

tains, by Dr. L. D. GALE: On the waters of the Warm and Hot Springs of Salt Lake

City, by Dr. L. D. GALE: Analyses of several native Borates, by Prof. Bechi, viz ,

Lagonite, Hayesine, Borax, Larderellite, 129.–On Melan-Asphalt, by C. M. WETHER-

ILL: Thalia, 130.--A new Meteorite from Tennessee, by Prof. J. LAWRENCE SMITH:

On the Identity of Owenite and Thuringite, by Prof. J. LAWRENCE SMITH: On the

probable depth of the Ocean of the European Chalk Deposits, by Prof. H. D. ROGERS,


Botany and Zoology.-Salad for the Solitary, by an Epicure, 132.—Lindley, The Vegeta-

ble Kingdom, or the Structure, Classification and Uses of Plants : De Candolle's Pro-

dromus : Observations on the habits of certain Crawfishes, by Dr. R. P. STEVENS, 133.

Miscellaneous Intelligence.--On the Earthquake at Manilla of Sept. 16, 1852, 135.—The

Koh-i-noor Diamond, by Prof. Tennant, 136.- Abstract of a Meteorological Register,

kept at Knoxville, Tennessee, by 0. W. MORRIS, 139.—On the Binocular Microscope,

and the Stereoscopic Pictures of Microscopic Objects, by Prof. C. WHEATSTONE, F.R.S.,

140.-On the periodic and non-periodic variations of Temperature at Toronto in Canada

from 1811 to 1852 inclusive, by Colonel Edward SABINE, R.A., 143.-On Periodical

Laws in the larger Magnetic Disturbances, by Capt. YOUNGHUSBAND, R.A , F.R.S., 144.

--Mode of Determining the Optical Power of a Microscope, by Prof. HARTING, 146,--

On an Instrument for taking Soundings, by F. MAXWELL LYTE, Esq., 149.--Louis

Sæmann : Cabinet of Minerals for sale : Obituary_JAMES E. TESCHEMACHER : Die

Kreidebildungen von Texas, und irhe organischen Einschlüse, von Dr. FERD. ROEMER,

150.--Geological Map of Keweenaw Point, Lake Superior, Michigan, by J. D. WHIT-

NEY: People's Journal, 151.

List of Works, 152.



XIX. Notice of a Geological Map of the United States and the

British Provinces of North America, by J. Marcou, · · 199

XX. On the Chemical Composition of the minerals Algerite and

Apatite; by J. D. Whitney, . . . . . . 206

XXI. Contributions to Chemical Mineralogy ; by James D. Dana, 210

XXII. On Microscopes with large Angles of Aperture ; by Dr.

E. D. Norti,

· 221

XXIII. Further Notes on Cereus giganteus of Southeastern Cali-

fornia, with a short account of another allied species in So.

nora ; by Dr. George ENGELMANN, ·

· 231

XXIV. On the Composition of Recent and Fossil Lingulæ, and

some other shells; by W. E. LOGAN, F.R.S., and T. S. Hunt, 235

XXV. On a new Meteorite from New Mexico; by Dr. F. A. Genth, 239

XXVI. Introductory Essay, in Dr. Hooker's Flora of New Zealand, 241

XXVII. On the relations which exist between Friction and Pres.

sure; by M. J. Nicklės, . . . . . . 252

XXVIII. Abstract of a Meteorological Journal, for the year 1853,

kept at Marietta, Ohio ; by S. P. HildretH, M.D., • 255

XXIX. On the Eye and the Organ of Hearing in the Blind Fishes

of the Mammoth Cave ; by Jeffries WYMAN, M.D., . 258

XXX. Additional No:e to Researches on the Development of the

Viviparous Aphides ; by W. I. BURNETT, M.D., . . 261

XXXI. Correspondence of M. JEROME NICKLÈS—Academy of

Sciences : Election of a Perpetual Secretary, 262.—Publi.
cation of the works of Arago and Laurent, 263.—Death of
Theodore Olivier : On the Proximate principles of Bran of

Wheat, 264.-On the Ammonia contained in Rain-water :

Heating of Wire by the Voltaic Current, 265.—Various

Memoirs, 266.-Chemical reactions effected under the influ-

ence of High Pressure: Heating Apparatus, 267.-Eco-

nomical Manufacture of Bi.chromate of Potash, 269.-Pho-

tography, 270.—On four new Quinquinas, 271.

Appendix.—Notice of a collection of Fishes from the southern

bend of the Tennessee River, Alabama ; by L. Agassiz, 297


Chemistry and Physics.-Bartlett's Elements of Analytical Mechanics, 271.-Darstellung

der Farbenlehre und optische Studien von H. W. Dové: Einleitung in die höhere
Optik von Dr. August Beer, 272.--Die Lehre von der Reibungselektricität von P. T.
Reiss, 273.-On the Absolute Zero of the Perfect Gas Thermometer, by W. J. MAC-
QOORN RANKINE, Esq.: Aridium, by CAMPBELL MORFIT and James C. Booth, 274.-

Note to J. D. Dana's Contributions to Chemical Mineralogy: On the Production of

Crystalline Structure in Crystallized Powders, by Compression and Traction, by Sir

DAVID BREWSTER, K.H., D.C.L., F.R.S., etc., 275.

Geology. On the Gold Fields of Victoria or Port Philip, by H. G. WATHEN, Esq., 279.-

On the Structure of Agate, by THEODORE GÜMBEL, 284.

Botany and Zoloogy.-Fungi Caroliniani Exsiccati, by H. W. RAVENEL: Comparative

Anatomy, by C. Th. v. SIEBOLD and H. STANNIUS. Translated from the German and

Edited with Notes and Additions, by WALDO I. BURNETT, M.D., 285.

Astronomy.—New Planet Euterpe : New Comet, 286.

Miscellaneous Intelligence.-Contributions to Meteorology, by CHARLES SMALLWOOD,M.D.,

287.- Tornado in Knox Co., Ohio, Jan. 20, 1854: Discovery in Photography, 290,-

Fishes of Northern New York-Frozen Fish, 291 -American Association for the Ad-

vancement of Science : Cabinet of Minerals for Sale : Camerocoras trentonense and

Orthis Verneuili, 292.-Obituary.-J. E. Teschemacher, 292.-Outline of the Geology

of the Globe and of the United States in particular, with two Geological Maps, etc., by

EDWARD HITCHCOCK, D D., LL.D.: The Microscope in its special application to Veg-

etable Anatomy and Physiology, by Dr. HERMANN SCHACHT. Translated by FRED-

ERICK CURREY, Esq., M.A: Explanations and Sailing Directions, to accompany the

Wind and Current Charts, by M. F. MAURY, LL.D., Lieut. U.S. N., 295.- The Annals

of Science, conducted by Hamilton L. SMITH, A.M. : Transactions of the American

Philosophical Society, Philadelphia, 296.


Chemistry and Physics.--Artificial production of polychroism in crystallized substances,

421.-Rate of transmission of impressions made upon the nerves, 422.- Preparation of

large crystals of sulphate of iodo-quinine for optical purposes : On the law of induction

in magnetic and paramagnetic substances, 423.—On the laws of the attraction of elec-

tro-magnets, 424.- Identity of Niobium and Pelopium, 425.- Preparation and Properties

of metallic Aluminum : Preparation of Aluminum by electric deposition, 427.-On the

arsen-ethyls : On the alcohol of benzoic acid, 428.- Formation of nitruret of benzoyl

from hippuric acid : On the exhibition of the fixed lines of the solar spectrum with ordi-

dary Aint glass prisms, by OGDEN N. Rood, 429.

Mineralogy and Geology.-Appendix to Observations on the Homeomorphism of some

Mineral Species, by JAMES D. DANA, 430.-On Descloizite, a new Mineral Species, by

M. A. DAMOUR, 434.-Ancient Lake in the Colorado Desert, 435.—Quicksilver Mine of

Almaden, California, by W. P. BLAKE, 438.-Conistonite, 440.

Botany and Zoology.- On the Age of the large Tree recently felled in California, by A.

GRAY, 440.-Synopsis Plantarum Glumacearum, auctore E. G. STEUDEL: Lindley's Fo-

lia Orchidacea : Epistolæ Caroli a Linné ad Bernardum de Jussieu Ineditæ, et mutuæ

Bernardi ad Linnæum, 443.-Localities and Habits of certain species of Insects, &c.,

by J. P. KIRTLAND, 444.

Astronomy.--Comet V, 1853, 444.-Obituary, Prof. A. C. Petersen, 445.


Miscellaneous Intelligence.-Abstract of Meteorological Observations made at Burlington,

Vt., in 1853, by Z. THOMPSON, 445.—Extract of a letter from Col. J. C. Fremont, respect-
ing his Explorations for the route of a Railroad to the Pacific, 447.-On the Action of Al-
kalies on Rocks, by M. DELESSE, 450.-On the Prosopite of Scheerer, by JAMES D.
Dana: Geological Survey of Tennessee, 452.- Telegraphic Longitude at Brussels : The
World of Science, Art and Industry, illustrated from examples in the New York Exhi.

bition, 1853, '54, edited by Prof. B. SILLIMAN, JR., and C. R. GOODRICH, Esq. : The

Electro-Magnetic Telegraph, by LAWRENCE TURNBULL, M.D., 453.-Outlines of a

Mechanical Theory of Storms, by T. BARNETT : Fownes' Chemistry for Students : A

Manual of British Mineralogy, by R. P. Greg, F.G.S., and W. G. LETTSOM : My

Schools and my Schoolmasters, or, the Story of my Education, by Hugh MILLER : An-

nual of Scientific Discovery : Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge, 454.

List of Works, 455.

Index, 457.


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