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the approach of foreign principles. If the SERM. war we are engaged in has

any pretensions XXI. to self-defence, it is chiefly against such baleful and pernicious tenets.

Let us vigilantly guard against the propagation of them; they have driven one nation to distraction, and we should fare no better. May God, in the year we have entered upon, protect us from all things hurtful, and grant us all things profitable, to our salvation ; all things needful, both to our souls and bodies ! May he, who can change the times and the seasons at his pleasure, look down upon us, infuse into all nations a desire of unity, peace, and concord ; preserve to our use the kindly fruits of the earth, bless and defend our gracious sovereign, forgive us all our sins, and endow us with the grace of his Holy Spirit, in time to come, that we may learn to amend our ways according to his holy word!



2 CHRON. xx. 27. 30.

Then they returned every man of Judab and

Jerusalem, and Fehoshaphat in the forefront of them, to go again to Jerusalem with joy; for the Lord bad made them to

rejoice over their enemies. And they came to Jerusalem with psalteries,

and harps, and trumpets, unto the house of

the Lord. And the fear of God was on all the kingdoms

of those countries, when they beard that the

Lord fought against the enemies of Israel. So the realm of Jebosbaphat was quiet, for bis

God gave him rest round about. FROM

ROM the first invention of letters, by SERM. means of which the history of past ages XXII.


* Preached in the parish church of Shobdon, Here fordshire, on the general thanksgiving day, 1798; and


SERM. has been transmitted to us, and the actions XXI. of our forefathers preserved, it has ever

been the wisdom of man, under all circumstances of public and general concern, to refer to these valuable records, as the faithful depositaries of past experience, and to deduce from thence, by comparison of situations, whatever might contribute to his instruction, consolation, or hope. Thither the statesman of the present day frequently recurs for the better conduct and support of the commonweal. Thither the philosopher directs his view to estimate the powers and energy of the human soul, and to form his judgment of its future capacity, by the testimony he obtains of past exertions. Thither the ambitious has recourse to learn how to compass the honors of this world; to enrol himself in the lists of fame, and rival the atchievements of former generations. Thither also, in his turn, the religious man applies himself for more sober and rational information; and, bent

printed at the particular desire of the Right Hon. the Viscount and the Viscountess Bateman; but never before published.

upon tracing the finger of God in all con- SERM, cerns of importance to the good and wel- XXII. fare of man, is pleased to discover, in the course of human events, a direction marvellously conducive to the final purposes of Heaven, the constant and eternal will of God; and continually illustrative of his irresistible

supremacy, his over-ruling providence, his might, majesty, and power !

We are this day assembled together to commemorate a succession of events, which, it can be no exaggeration to say, affect all that can be dear to us and valuable in life! which, for the moment at least, may have diverted from this our native country, not danger only, but irretrievable ruin ! for the bold and violent threats of our chief enemy are beyond example merciless. We all must acknowledge it is no common triumph they aiin at; but because they see us to be a great nation, they are resolved to depress us'; because they see us more happy and content than themselves, they are bent upon throwing us into a similar state of politiСс


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