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Nonsense. I think it is necessary to thew it from the Original. If it feems strange how they could take them out of the Scriptures, and Christians cannot see them in it, the Answer is short, the elder Heathens understood the Things the Ideas are taken from, which the Words in Scripture. refer to, and Christians have neglected the knowledge of them. Em blems or Draughts of the Heavens, or Representations, as at first, and downwards to, and in the Temple of the Heathens, or Representations, or new Descrip

1., of the Effence, and of the Persons remain there, as they did when the Ideas taken from them were exhibited by supernatural Representations, and committed to Forms or Figures, or Letters. So indeed the Heathens had their knowledge from the Light of Nature, not in the Sense the Words are used, nor any otherwise. To restore the Kņowledge of the Things from whence the Ideas are taken, is the chief Part of my Intent.

I think myself bound to follow Christ's Directions, which were given when only the Hebrew Scriptures were writ; John y. 39. Search the Scriptures, for in them ye think ye have eternal Life; and they are they which testify of me. Ver. 46. For bad ye believed Moses, ye would have believed me, for be wrote of me, (Marg. Gen. iii. 15. Deut. xviii

. 15.) So John xvii. 17. Thy Word is Truth. If this be taken for the Letter, the Ideas of Things or Actions natural, moral, or mysterious, raised by the Word, correspond with their Exemplars, or Archetypes. Though 'tis plain this first, if not the second, was spoken to the Persons then present of the Hebrew, yet Scriptures now include what was fince writ mostly in Greek, a Language which had been adapted for other Gods, which did not afford Words to express what concerns these Points so strongly and clearly as the Hebrew had express'd them. And as there was no Dispute whether any

other Effence was God, except the Essence of the Heavens, and as that was clearly settled ; and as all the other Names of God were either such as relate to the Covenant, or were taken from the Heavens as a Type of the Effence and Personality, or reclaimed from the Heavens, or in Distinction to the imagined Power in the Heavens; and as that Mat-ter was fully settled in the Hebrew Text, ’tis seldom, and, if I may be allowed


to use such a Word in speaking of the Scripture, but accidentally touch'd

upon in the Greek or New Testament, and then by way of Reference to the Old. And as there is, and the Heathens always acknowledg'd, a Trinity in the Substance of the Heavens, and as the Scriptures make Use of that Personality to carry on the material Ideas of the Personality in the eternal Essence by them; and as the Heathens had a Tradition of something more, which they always join'd in that Trinity, there never was any Dispute about that, till the Design of the Salvation of Man by the Coming of Christ was perfectly manifested and compleated, and the Devil set the ancient Hereticks to work to oppose it. Indeed, the New Testament is callid, (General Epistle of James i. 21.) The engrafted Word, which is able to save your Souls. The Gospel of Christ is engrafted or built upon former Manifestations, and cannot grow or stand without them, viz. The Evidence of Jehovah, Elohim, &c. Nay, the Greek Language is but engrafted into the Hebrew; as a Graft grows and bears the Fruit, and the Stock fupplies it with Nourishment, so here. And though the ancient Fathers have proved, from the Original in the Greek Language, and our


Divines from that, and the Writings of the Fathers in that and the Latin Tongue, more than enough to satisfy those who are willing to know and accept the Truth, yet it seems ʼtis not enough to stop the Mouths of Wranglers. Therefore ?tis our Business to search the Scriptures, if poflible, more diligently than they have been search’d, for Evidence about these Matters, and to Thew the Root and Stem which support the Graft.

It has been often faid, that if you diffect and examine any Creature which has Poison in some of its Parts, it has one Part, which, if apply'd to the Part bit or ftung, kills the Poifon : So, I believe, has Philosophy. I am refolv'd to try the Experiment.

I Thall presently give up Metaphysicks, or abstracted Notions, pretended to be form'd in the Mind without outward, or reveald by outward Helps, and allow that Man is so form’d, that no Idea comes into his Mind but by Sense, or by supernatural Means, by the Assistance of sensible Objects. But because several cited by Mr. Win his Longitude by the Dipping-Needle, p. 88. could find out no Mechanism in Gravity, our learned Men, who pretend to be Divines, fill imagine


they have little or nothing to do with Nature. I have said, in the Introduction to the second Part of M. P. p. 45. that the Heathens forced the Chriftian Church to cast out their Philosophy with their Gods : Now I may add, that they thereby forced them to cast out the Knowledge of the Things which give the idea of the Personality, upon which the Christian Religion is founded. All the Ideas of Divinity are formed from the Ideas in Nature ; every Description of Divinity in the Scripture is taken from natural Things ; To they have Words of Divinity without ldeas, who have not Ideas of Nature ; that is, all the Ideas of the Effence existing, of the Personality, of their Operations, &c. are revealed to us in the Scriptures by Words which raise Ideas taken from other Things, or are emblematically represented by Things which God has created, formed, or fitted, and by Scripture constituted ; or by Things which God has exhibited by supernatural Means, or has, by Scripture, ordered Man to form and constitute for those Ends: And he who does not take his Ideas, by those Rules, from those Objects, has not, nor can have any from

any other, nor can have any at all, or, at least, no true or proper ones of them, and is


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