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, CHAP dwelt at Nazareth, cometh hath warned you to flee from the Appear. John the Baptist in the desert of wrath that is approaching? Bring 8

Judea, saying, “Repent ye, for forth therefore fruits suitable to re-
John the

the kingdom of heaven, (the gos- pentance, and say not within your

pel dispensation) draweth near.” selves, We have Abraham for 9

3 This is he who was spoken of by our father ;' for I say unto you, iba xi. 3. Isaiah the Prophet, saying, “ The that from these stones God is able

voice of one crying in the desert, to raise up children unto Abraham Prepare ye the way of Jehovah, and even now the axe is laid to the 10

make straight a high-way for our root of the trees, so that every tree, 4 God.” · And this John had his which beareth not good fruit, will

raiment of camel's hair, with a lea- be cut down and cast into the fire. thern girdle about his loins, and I indeed baptize you with water un- 11

his food was s locusts and wild to repentance: but he who is com5 honey. Then many of the people ing after me is mightier than I,

of Jerusalem, and of all parts of whose sandals I am not worthy to

Judea, and of all the country about carry; he will baptize you with 6 Jordan, went out to him; and purifying spirit and with fire: for 12 were baptized by him in the river his fan is in his hand, and he will

Jordan, upon confession of their thoroughly cleanse his floor, and 7 sins. But when he saw many of lay up his wheat in the garner, but

the Pharisees and Sadducees com- will burn up the chaff with a un-
ing to his baptism, he said unto quenchable fire."

* This gospel is generally believed to guage; but it is of little moment. The
have been written about A. D. 64, in some best employment of Christians is, to endea-
part of Judea, or near it; for the use of vour to catch the noble spirit which it
the Hebrews, to confirm those who had em- breathes, and conform their lives to the
braced the Christian religion, and to con- excellent precepts which it inculcates.
vert if possible those who had not. We The translation of the books of the New
need not suppose that Matthew wrote the Testament is from Archbishop Newcome
whole book, in the same sense in which we and Mr. Wakefield.
now speak of a writer's composing a work. • The gospel is called the way of Jebo-
It is enough to be satisfied that he furnished vah, because it proved his interposition for
materials for the principal parts of the book, the benefit of mankind.
and approved of the whole, as giving a fair 3 Locusts are still dried for food in some
and just account of what it relates. It has hot countries.
been doubted, whether the original gospel * That ceases not to burn whilst any
was written in the Hebrew or Greek lan. I thing remains to be consumed.




vi. 13.

And dence at


tion of Jesus.


Then cometh Jesus from Gali- “ All these things I will give thee CHAP.

lee to Jordan, unto John, to be if thou wilt fall down, and worship Baptism of baptized by him. But John re-ine." Then saith Jesus unto him, 10 Jesus.

fused, saying, “I have need to be Begone, thou adversary, for it is 1.1 baptized by thee, and comest thou written, Thou shalt worship the Deut.

to me?” And Jesus answered and Lord thy God, and pay religious 15 said unto him, “ Suffer me now, service to him only'." Then the 11

for thus it becometh us to perforın devil leaveth him, and * angels

every righteous ordinance." Then came and ministered unto him. 16 John suffereth him. And as soon Now, when Jesus had heard that 12

as Jesus was baptized and gone up John was delivered up to prison, His resiout of the water, lo! the heavens he withdrew into Galilee.

Capernaum were opened unto John and he saw having left Nazareth, he came and the spirit of God descending like a dwelt in Capernaum, which is on i3

dove, and lighting upon Jesus. the north side of the lake of Tibe-
17 And behold! a voice from heaven, rias, in the borders of Zebulon

saying, “This is my beloved Son, and Naphtali; so that it was ful-
in whom I am well pleased.”.

filled which was spoken by the CHAP. Then was Jesus led up by the Prophet Isaiah, “The land of Ze-14

spirit into the desert, to be ? tried bulon, and the land of Naphtali, Isa. ix. Tempta- by the devil : And when he had countries near the lake, by the side 1, 2.

fasted forty days and forty nights, of Jordan, in Galilee of the Gentiles;
he afterwards hungered, and the the people who sat in darkness 16
tempter came to him, and said, have seen a great light, and to
As thou art the Son of God, those who sat in the region of the
command that these stones be shadow of death, light hath

4 made bread.” But he answered, and up." From that time Jesus began 17

said, “It is written, Man liveth to preach, and to say, “ Repent,
not by bread alone, but by every for the kingdom of heaven draweth

thing which is appointed by God." near."
5 Then the devil taketh Jesus with Now as he was walking by the 18

him to the holy city, and setteth lake of Galilee, he saw two bre- Calls Pehim on a wing of the temple, and thren, Simon called Peter, and ter, Ao6 saith unto him, “As thou art the Andrew his brother, casting a net James, and

Son of God, cast thyself down; into the lake, for they were fish- John.

for it is written, “He shall give his ers; and he saith unto them,“ Come 19 Psalm xci. angels charge concerning thee, with me, and I will make you fish

and they will bear thee upon their ers of men ;” and immediately 20

hands jest thou strike thy foot they left their nets and followed 7 against a stone'.” Jesus said unto him. And going forward thence, 21

him, “ It is also written, · Thou he saw two other brethren, James

shalt not tempt the Lord thy the son of Zebedee, and John his 8 God'.” Again, the devil taketh brother, in the vessel with Zebedee Jesus with him to a very high their father, preparing their nets, imountain, and showeth him ail and he called them; and immedi- 22 the kingdoms of the world, and the ately they left the vessel and their glory of them, and saith unto him, father, and followed him.


viii. 3:

II, 12,

Deut. vi. 26.

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1 A divine impulse.

By having the temptations to do evil, to 4 Having firmly resolved to resist all the
which he would be exposed, strongly pre- temptations to which he should be exposed;
sented to his mind.

he enjoyed the most solacing icflections. 3 Distrustingly put his goodness to the



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And Jesus went about all Gali-, and so were persecuted the teachers CHAP.

lee, teaching in their synagogues, that were before you. Cures va- and preaching the glad-tidings of

Ye are the salt of the earth, 13 estes.dis his kingdom, and curing every dis- but if this salt have lost its savour, Duty of

ease and every infirmity among with what shall it be seasoned ? it setting a 24 the people. And his fame went is no longer good for any thing ample.

through all Syria; and they brought but to be cast out, and trodden un-
unto him all that were disordered ; derfoot by men.

Ye are the light 14
people afflicted with various dis of the world. A city which is
eases and torments ; demoniacs, placed on a hill cannot be hidden,

lunatics, and those that had palsies; nor is a lamp lighted to be put un- 15 5 25 and hé cured them; and great der a bushel, but on a stand, and

multitudes followed him from Ga- it shineth to all that are in the
lilee, and ? Decapolis, and Jerusa- house. In like manner, let your 16
lem, and Judea,and from the side of light shine before men, that they

may see your good works, and glo-
And when he saw the multitudes rify your Father which is in heaven.

he went up a mountain, and sat 6 Think not that I am come to 17 Who are down.; and his disciples came un-destroy the spirit and end of the The moral truly bappy:

to him. And he opened his mouth law or the prophets ; I am not law of

and taught them, saying, “ Happy come to destroy, but to establish Moses 3 are the poor in spirit, for theirs is thein ; for verily I say unto you, established 4 the kingdom of heaven. Happy The hearen and the earth will by Christ.

are those who mourn for their sooner pass away, than one jot or
sins, for they shall be comforted. one tittle of the law be destroyed
5 Happy are the meek, for they shall or fail of its accomplishment.
6 possess the land in peace. Happy Whosoever therefore shall break 19

are those that hunger and thirst one of the least of these my com-
after righteousness, for they shall mandments, and teach men so, he

be filled with all necessary, in- will be • least in the kingdom of
7 struction in their duty. Happy heaven, but whoever shall perform

are the compassionate, for they and teach them will be greatest in
8 shall obtain compassion. Happy the kingdom of heaven.

For I say 20
are the pure in heart, for they shall unto you, except your righteous-
9 *see God. Happy are the peace-ness exceed the righteousness of

makers, for they shall be caled the the Scribes and Pharisees, ye shall 10 sons of God.' Happy are those by no means enter into the king,

that suffer wrong for righteousness' dom of heaven.
sake ; for their's is the kingdom of

" Ye have heard that it was said 21 11 heaven. Happy are ye when men

to those of old, • Thou shalt do no Of murder, reproach you, and persecute yon, murder, and whosoever commit- Exod, xx; and speak all kind of evil against teth murder, shall be liable to the xxxv. 30. 12 you falsely for my sake. Rejoice judgment of the common courts of

and be exceedingly glad, for great justice.' But I say unto you, 22
shall be your reward in heaven; Whosoever is angry with his bro-


Madmen, valgarly supposed to be pos- and to be happy eternally. sessed by demons, or the soals of dead 4 Have the best knowledge of him on

earth, and be in the highest degree sensible of " A part of Syria, containing ten cities, his p esence hereafter. lying on the east of the lake of Galilee. 5 He may profess to be my disciple, but

3 The lowly and unambitious, such were he will be unwo thy of the name. . most likely to become Christ's disciples,


CHAP. ther without a cause, shall be in /* causeth her to commit adultery;: CHAP. V.

V. danger of the judgment, and who- and whosoever shall marry her who ever shall say to his brother without hath been divorced, committeth a cause, 'Thou empty, senseless adultery. fellow !' shall be liable to the coun- “ Again, ye have heard that it 33 cil or supreme court, and whoever was sa to ose of old, “Thou Of comshall say without cause, Thou shalt not forswear thyself, but shalt mon swearworthless, unprincipled wretch !' perform unto the Lord thine oaths.'

shall be in danger of ’ hell fire. But I say unto you, Swear not on Numb. 23 Therefore if thou bring thy gift to any account; either by the heaven,

the altar and there remember that thy for it is God's throne'; or by the 35

brother hath a complaint against earth, for it is his footstool ; or by 24 thee; leave there thy gift before Jerusalem, for it is the city of the

the altar, and go ; first be reconcil-great king. Neither shalt thou 36

ed to thy brother, and then come swear by thy head, for thou canst 25 and offer thy gift. Agree with not make one hair white or black.

thine adversary quickly, whilst thou But let your discourse be · Yes, 37
art on the way to the magistrate yes, no, no :' for whatever is more
with him ; lest the adversary deli-than these proceedeth from evil.
ver thee over to the judge, and the “ Ye have heard that it was said, 38
judge to the officer, and thou be An eye for an eye, and a tooth Of retali-
26 cast into prison. Verily I say unto for a tooth.' But I say unto you, Exod.

thee, Thou mayest not come out Rather than this, resist not the xxi. 24.
thence, till thou hast paid the utter- injurious person ; but whosoever
most farthing

shall strike thee on thy right cheek, 27 “ Ye have heard that it was said turn to him the other also ; and 40 Of Adul- to those of old,

• Thou shalt not whosoever will sue thee at law for commit adultery. But I say unto thy coat, give to him thy cloke you, Whosoever lookethon a also. And whosoever shall force 41 woman, so as to indulge unlawful thee to go one mile, go with him desires towards her, hath already two. Be disposed to give to him 42

committed wickedness with her in that asketh thee, and from him
29 his heart. Therefore, if even thy that would borrow of thee turn

right eye lead thee to sin, pluck not away.
it out and cast it from thee; for “ Ye have heard that it was said, 13
it is better for thee that one of thy' Thou shalt love thy neighbour, Treatment

members perish, than that thy and ' hate thine enemy.' But I say
30 whole body be cast into hell. And unto you, Love your enemies, 44

if thy right hand lead thee to sin, and to show that you do love theni,
cut it off and cast it from thee; for bless those that curse you, do
it is better for thee that one of thy good to those that hate you, and
members perish, than that thy pray for those that treat you injuri-

whole body be cast into hell. ously and persecute you that you 45

31 " And it was said, Whosoever may be the sons of your Father, of divorce. divorceth his wife, let him give her who is in heaven ; for he maketh

a writing of separation.' But I say his sun to rise on the evil and on

unto you, Whosoever shall di- the good, and he sendeth rain on
32 vorce his wife, unless for adultery, the just and unjust ; for if ye love 46

tery: Exod. XX. 14

Deut. xxiv. S.

"A punishment co responding to a death 3 This was an inference which the Jews by fire in the valley of Hinnom. See Jer. made from the books of Moses ; but without vii. 31,

good grounds. • If she marry again during his life.



CHAP. those who love you, what is your

66 Our Father, who art in hea- CHAP. VI.

VI. reward? Do not even the publi- ven, hallowed be thy name. Thy 47 cans the same ? And if

ye salute kingdom come. Thy will be done A form of your brethren only, what good on earth, as it is in heaven. Give prayer. will this do you

Do not the us this day the bread sufficient for 11 Gentiles act in the same manner? us: and forgive us our trespasses, 12 48 Be ye therefore ? perfect, as your

perfect, as your as we forgive those who trespass Father that is in heaven is perfect. against us, and S bring us not into CHAP.

Take heed not to perform temptation ; but deliver us from 13

your good deeds before men, that evil: for thine is the kingdom, and Of alms.

ye may be seen by them; other- the power, and the glory for ever. giving, wise ye have no reward with


Amen! For if ye forgive men 14 2 Father, who is in heaven. There- their offences, your heavenly Father fore when thou doest thy alms, will also forgive you, but if ye forgive 15 sound not a trumpet before thee; not men their offences, neither will as the hypocrites do in the syna- your Father forgive your offences. gogues and in the streets, that they “ Moreover, when ye fast, be not 16 may receive honour from men. like the hypocrites, of a gloomy Of fasting.

Verily I say unto you, that they countenance, for they disfigure 3 have their reward. But when thou their faces, that they may appear doest alms, let not thy left hand unto men to fast: verily I say unto

know what thy right hand doeth ; you, They have their reward ; 17 4 that thine alms may be in secret ; but when thou fastest, anoint thy

and thy Father who seeth in secret, head, and wash thy face; that 18
will reward thee openly.

thou appear not unto men to fast, 5 “And when thou prayest, be not but unto thy Father who is in seOf prayer, as the hypocrites are, for they love cret ; and thy Father who seeth in

to pray,standing in the synagogues, secret will reward thee openly.
and in the corners of streets, that “ Lay not up for yourselves 19
they may be seen by men. Verily treasures on earth, where moth and The best

I say unto you, They have their worın destroy, and where thieves treasures.
6 reward. But thou, when thou break through and steal; but lay 20
prayest; go into thy closet, and up for yourselves treasures in hea-
when thou hast shut the door, pray ven, where neither moth nor worm
to thy Father who is in secret, and destroy, nor thieves break through

thy Father who seeth in secret will and steal: for where your treasure 21 7 reward thee openly. And when is, there will be your heart also. ye pray, use not babbling repeti- “The eye is the lamp of the 22 tions, like the heathen: for they body; if therefore thine eye be Light of

the body think they will be heard for their sound, thy whole body will be en

and mind, 8 much speaking. Be not therefore lightened; but if thine eye be dis

like them; for your Father know-ordered, thy whole body will be in
eth what things ye have need of be- darkness. If therefore the 2 light
fore ye ask him. In this manner that is in thee become darkness,
therefore pray ye:

how great will that darkness be!

1 The collectors or farmers of the Ro- thus: Bring us not so into temptation, as man taxes and customs. Men of bad cha- that we may be otherwise than" delivered racter, and frequently ranked with sinners. from evil.

• Imitate the excellence and perfection of 4 That is, thine understanding, which is God, as much as lies in your power the lamp of the mind. A sound understand

3 This petition must be so connected with ing will make men prefer heavenly treasures the following, as if both had been expressed to earthly, and God to riches.

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