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Exchanges for new equipment.

Travel expenses of foreign

Provided, That, subject to the approval of the Secretary of War, motor-propelled vehicles, airplanes, engines, parts thereof, and appurtenances may be exchanged in part payment for new equipment of the same or similar character to be used for the same purpose as those proposed to be exchanged.

Provided further, That during the present emergency,
instruc-oflicers and enlisted men of foreign armies attached to
tors,etc., in the
United States. the Aviation Section of the Signal Corps as instructors

or inspectors when traveling in the United States on
official business pertaining to the Aviation Section of
the Signal Corps shall be authorized, from funds ap-
propriated by this Act, the same mileage and transpor-
tation allowances as are authorized for officers or en-

listed men of the Regular Army.
Appropria- Sec. 10. That for the purpose of carrying this Act

into effect the sum of $610,000,000 is hereby appropriated
out of any funds in the Treasury not otherwise appro-
priated, to be available until June thirtieth, nineteen
hundred and eighteen.




July 27, 1917. [247] CHAP. 42.-An Act Authorizing the President to take pos[H.R. 4892.]

session, on behalf of the United States, for use as sites for [Public. No.

permanent aviation stations for the Army and Navy and for 31.)

aviation school purposes, of the whole of North Island in the
harbor of San Diego, California, and for other purposes. [AP-

proved, July 27, 1917. 40 Stats. 2417).
North Island, Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa-
San Diego llar-
bor, Cal. tives of the United States of America in Congress as-

Possession authorized of. sembled, That the President be, and he is hereby, aufor purposes. thorized to cause possession to be taken forth with, on

behalf of the United States, for use for national defense

and in connection therewith as sites for permanent aviaVesting of tion stations for the Army and Navy and for aviation title waived.

S., sec. school purposes, of the whole of North Island, in the 355, p. 60.

harbor of San Diego, California, and the provisions of
section three hundred and fifty-five, Revised Statutes,
shall not apply to the expenditure of any appropriations
for improvements thereon for aviation purposes.

[248] The Attorney General or the claimants to the

said North Island are authorized to make application Condemnation for the determination and appraisement of any rights proceedings.

private parties may have in the said island over and be-
yond any rights thereto in the United States to the Dis-


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trict Court of the United States for the Southern Dis- Appeal. trict of California; the proceedings to be prosecuted in accordance with the laws of the State of California relating to the condemnation of property for public use. Either party may take an appeal from the judgment of such court direct to the Supreme Court of the United States within ninety days after such judgment is ren- Payment of

de termined dered. Upon the final ascertainment of the value of value into any right, title, or interest adjudged to be in any private claimants to the said island there shall be paid into court the value of the same as so determined, together with interest thereon at the rate of six per centum per annum from date possession thereof was taken as herein authorized; and thereupon the United States shall be vested with title to said lands. The amount so paid shall be distributed by order of the court to the owner or owners of such right, title, or interest in said island as their respective interests may be determined by the court. The amount necessary to pay the awards in favor of private claimants is hereby appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise specifi- Appropriation. cally appropriated, to be disbursed under orders of the Secretary of War.

Distribution to owners.


[250] CHAP. 49.-An Act Making appropriations for the construc- August 8, 1917.

(II. R. 4285.) tion, repair, and preservation of certain public works on rivers and harbors, and for other purposes: : [Apuppred: 7A 743151S

[Public, No.

37.) 1917. 40 Stats. 250.]

Be it enacted by the Senate iná tlouse of Regresenta-se and tives of the United States of America in fongress as- priations. sembled,





[266] Sec. 7. That section four of the river and harbor Regulation of Act of August eighteenth, eighteen hundred and ninety-Fol

. 28, p. four, as amended by section eleven of the river and harbor Act of June thirteenth, nineteen hundred and two, be, and is hereby, amended so as to read as follows:

“Sec. 4. That it shall be the duty of the Secretary of Use of navi War to prescribe such regulations for the use, adminis- to be regulated

by Secretary of tration, and navigation of the navigable waters of the war. United States as in his judgment the public necessity 374, amended may require for the protection of life and property, or of operations of the United States in channel improvement, covering all matters not specifically delegated by



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of areas adja.

Posting of law to some other executive department. Such regularegulations.

tions shall be posted, in conspicuous and appropriate Punishment places, for the information of the public; and every perfor violations.

son and every corporation which shall violate such regulations shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and, on conviction thereof in any district court of the United States within whose territorial jurisdiction such offense may have been committed, shall be punished by a fine not exceeding $500, or by imprisonment (in the case of a natural person) not exceeding six months, in the dis

cretion of the court." Regulation Sec. 8. That, in the interest of the national defense cent to target and for the better protection of life and property on hcations, etc. said waters, the Secretary of War is hereby authorized

and empowered to prescribe such regulations as he may deem best for the use and navigation of any portion of areas of the navigable waters of the United States or waters under the jurisdiction of the United States endangered or likely to be endangered by Coast Artillery fire in target practice or otherwise, or by the proving operations of the Government ordnance proving ground at Sandy Hook, New Jersey, or at any Government ordnance proving ground that may be established elsewhere on or near such waters, and of any portion or area of said waters occupied by sub[267]marine mines, mine

fields, submarine cables, or other material and accessories Transporting pertaining to seatonst fortifications; and the said Secreexplosiyesu'I] tary of War shall have like power to regulate the trans

. Enforcement te éthöhte Thät to enforce'thie regilations prescribed pursuant to

h this section the Secretary of War may detail any public

vessel in the service of the War Department, or, upon the request of the Secretary of War, the head of any other department may enforce, and the head of any such department is hereby authorized to enforce, such regulations by means of any public vessel of such department.


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August 10, [272] CHAP. 51.-.An Act To amend the Act to regulate commerce,

1917. (S. 2356.)

as amended, and for other purposes. [Approved, August 10.

1917. 40 Stats. 272.) [Public, No. 39.)

Be it enacted by the Senate and Ilouse of RepresentaInterstate commerce reg. tives of the United States of America in Congress asulations. 54401 melded: sembled, That section one of the act entitled "An Act to

regulate commerce," approved February fourth, eighteen

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hundred and eighty-seven, as heretofore amended, be
further amended by adding thereto the following:
“ That on and after the approval of this Act any per-


for obstructing son or persons who shall, during the war, in which the movement United States is now engaged, knowingly and willfully during present by physical force or intimidation by threats of physical force obstruct or retard, or aid in obstructing or retarding, the orderly conduct or movement in the United States of interstate or foreign commerce, or the orderly make-up or movement or disposition of any train, or the movement or disposition of any locomotive, car, or other vehicle on any railroad cr elsewhere in the United States engaged in interstate or foreign commerce shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and for every such offense shall be punishable by a fine of not exceeding $100 or by imprisonment for not exceeding six months. Use of armed

forces to preor by both such fine and imprisonment; and the Presi- vent, etc. dent of the United States is hereby authorized, whenever in his judgment the public interest requires, to employ the armed forces of the United States to prevent any such obstruction or retardation of the passage of the mail, or of the orderly conduct or movement of interstate or foreign commerce in any part of the United States, or of any train, locomotive, car, or other vehicle upon any railroad or elsewhere in the United States engaged in interstate or foreign commerce: Provided, That

Proviso. nothing in this section shall be construed to repeal, isions not modify, or affect either section six or section twenty of

Vol. 38, pp. an Act entitled 'An Act to supplement existing laws against unlawful restrains and monopolies, and for other purposes,' approved October fifteenth, nineteen hundred and fourteen. “ That during the continuance of the war in which the


transportation United States is now engaged the President is authorized, of national de if he finds it necessary for the national defense and se-itles. curity, to direct that such traffic or such shipments of commodities as, in his judgment, may be essential to the national defense and security shall have preference or priority in transportation by ary common carrier by railroad, water, or otherwise. He may give these di

issue orders, rections at and for such times as he may letermine, and etc. may modify, change, suspend, or annul them, and for any such purpose he is hereby authorized to issue orders direct, or through such person or persons as he may designate for the purpose or through the Interstate Commerce Commission. Officials of the United States, when so

Labor pro

731, 738.

fense commod


to tion etc,



Compensa designated, shall receive no compensation for their serv

ices rendered hereunder. Persons not in the employ of the United States so designated shall receive such compensation as the President may fix. Suitable offices may be [273] rented and al necessary expenses, including compensation of persons so designated, shall be paid as directed by the President out of funds which may

have been or may be provided to meet expenditures for Carriers may the national security and defense. The common carin Washington riers subject to the Act to regulate commerce or as many tices, or ders, of them as desire so to do are hereby authorized with

out responsibility or liability on the part of the United States, financial or otherwise, to establish and maintain in the city of Washington during the period of the war an agency empowered by such carriers as join in the arrangement to receive on behalf of them all notice and service of such orders and directions as may be issued in accordance with this Act, and service upon such agency

shall be good service as to all the carriers joining in the Orders to be establishment thereof. And it shall be the duty of any complied with.

and all the officers, agents, or employees of such carriers by railroad or water or otherwise to obey strictly and

conform promptly to such orders, and failure knowingly Penalty for and willfully to comply therewith, or to do or perform

whatever is necessary to the prompt execution of such order, shall render such oflicers, agents, or employees guilty of a misdemeanor, i nd any such officer, agent, or employee shall, upon conviction, be fined not more than

$5,000, or imprisoned not more than one year, or both, Rates for in the discretion of the curt. For the transportation to be fixed by of persons or property in carrying out the orders and di

rections of the President, just and reasonable rates shall be fixed by the Interstate ('ommerce Comr..ission; and if the transportation be for the Government of the United States, it shall be paid for currently or monthly by the

Secretary of the Treasury rut of any fund; not otherwise exemptererem appropriated. Any carrier complying with any such penalties, etc. order or direction for preference or priority herein au

thorized shall be exempt from any and all provisions in existing law imposing civil oi criminal pains, penalties, obligations, or liabilities upon carriers by reason of giving preference or priority in compliance with such order or direction.” 1




As to compensation for transportation of troops, munitions of war, military supplies and property, see also 40 Stats, 193.

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