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Government prices to be uniform.

authorized etcz profits and cost of production to be determined by the

Dot Federal Trade Commission, and if the prices fixed by satisfactory.

the said commission of any such product purchased by
the United States as hereinbefore described be unsatis-

factory to the person or persons entitled to the same, Procedure. such person or persons shall be paid seventy-five per cen

tum of the amount so determined, and shall be entitled

to sue the United States to recover such further sum as, Vol. 36, pp. added to said seventy-five per centum, will make up such 1096, 1132.

amount as will be just compensation in thy manner pro-
vided by section twenty-four, paragraph twenty, and
section one hundred and forty-five of the Judicial Code.

All such products so sold to the United States shall
be sold by the United States at such uniform prices, qual-
ity considered, as may be practicable and as may be de-

termined by said agency to be just and fair. Continuing Any moneys receivea by the United States for the use of receipts.

sale of any such coal and coke may, in the discretion of

the President, be used as a revolving fund for further Balances. carrying out the purposes of this section. Any moneys

not so used shall be covered into the Treasury as mis

cellaneous receipts. Cost of pro- That when directed by the President, the Federal Trade duction to ascertained by Commission is hereby required to proceed to make full


inquiry, giving such notice as it may deem practicable,
into the cost of producing under reasonably efficient man-
agement at the various places of production the follow-

ing commodities, to wit, coal and ccke.
Information The books, correspondence, records, and papers in
producers. pur- any way referring to transactions of any kind relating
chasers, etc.

to the mining, production, sale, or distribution of all
mine operators or other persons whose coal and coke
have or may become subject to this section, and the
books, correspondence, records, and papers of any per-
son applying for the purchase of coal and coke from the
United States shall at all times be subject to inspection
by the said agency, and such person or persons shall
promptly furnish said agency any data or information
relating to the business of such person or persons which

said agency may call for, and said agency is hereby Authority of authorized to procure the information in reference to




the business of such coal-mine operators and producers of coke and customers therefor in the manner provided for in sections six and nine of the Act of Congress approved September twenty-sixth, nineteen hundred and

agency to procure,

for dealers.

fourteen, entitled "An Act to create a Federal Trade Vol. 38, pp.

721, 722. Commission, to define its powers and duties, and for other purposes," and said agency is hereby authorized and [286] empowered to exercise all the powers granted to the Federal Trade Commission by said Act for the carrying out of the purposes of this section.

Having completed its inquiry respecting any com- nent of marlmodity in any locality, it shall, if the President has mum prices. decided to fix the prices at which any such commodity shall be sold by producers and dealers generally, fix and publish maximum prices for both producers of and dealers in any such commodity, which maximum prices shall be observed by all producers and dealers until further action thereon is taken by the commission.

Allowances In fixing maximum prices for producers the commission shall allow the cost of production, including the expenese of operation, maintenance, depreciation, and depletion, and shall add thereto a just and reasonable profit.

Allowances In fixing such prices for dealers, the commission shall allow the cost to the dealer and shall add thereto a just and reasonable sum for his profit in the transaction.

The maximum prices so fixed and published shall not Prior con be construed as invalidating any contract in which prices paired. are fixed, made in good faith, prior to the establishment and publication of maximum prices by the commission.

Whoever shall, with knowledge that the prices of any Punishment such commodity have been fixed as herein provided, ask, demand, or receive a higher price, or whoever shall, with knowledge that the regulations have been prescribed as herein provided, violate or refuse to conform to any of the same, shall, upon conviction, be punished by fine of not more than $5,000, or by imprisonment for not more than two years, or both. Each independent transaction shall constitute a separate offense.

Nothing in this section shall be construed as restrict. No restricing or modifying in any manner the right the Govern-chases, etc.. for ment of the United States may have in its own behalf use. or in behalf of any other Government at war with Germany to purchase, requisition, or take over any such commodities for the equipment, maintenance, or support of armed forces at any price or upon any terms that may be agreed upon or otherwise lawfully determined.


tracts not im.

for violations.


Hoarding, destroying, etc., necessaries to limit supply,


of farms,


Sec. 26. That any person carrying on or employed in

commerce among the several States, or with foreign naetc., a felony. tions, or with or in the Territories or other possessions

of the United States in any article suitable for human food, fuel, or other necessaries of life, who, either in his individual capacity or as an officer, agent, or employee of a corporation or member of a partnership carrying on or employed in such trade, shall store, acquire, or hold, or who shall destroy or make away with any such article for the purpose of limiting the supply thereof to the

public or affecting the market price thereof in such comPunishment merce, whether temporarily or otherwise, shall be deemed for.

guilty of a felony and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by a fine of not more than $5,000 or by impris

onment for not more than two years, or both: Provided, sonal products That any storing or holding by any farmer, gardener, cepted. or other person of the products of any farm, garden, or

other land cultivated by him shall not be deemed to be a Associations storing or holding within the meaning of this Act: Proof farmers, etc.

vided further, That farmers and fruit growers, cooperative and other exchanges, or societies of a similar

character shall not be included within the provisions of future this section: Provided further, That this section shall

not be construed to prohibit the holding or accumulating of any such article by any such person in a quantity not in excess of the reasonable requirements of his business for a reasonable time or in a quantity reasonably required to furnish said articles produced in surplus quan

tities seasonally throughout the period of scant or no Antitrust production. Nothing contained in this section shall be

construed to repeal the Act entitled [287] "An Act to 209.

protect trade and commerce against unlawful restraints and monopolies," approved July second, eighteen hundred and ninety, commonly known as the Sherman Antitrust Act.

Sec. 27. That the President is authorized to procure President or aid in procuring, such stocks of nitrate of soda as he and sell to aid may determine to be necessary, and find available, for agriculture.

increasing agricultural production during the calendar years nineteen hundred and seventeen and eighteen, and

to dispose of the same for cash at cost, including all exAppropria-penses connected therewith. For carrying out the pur

poses of this section, there is hereby appropriated, out of any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appro

For business needs, etc.

Act not

al. fected.

Vol. 26, p.

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Nitrate soda.


priated, available immediately and until expended, the Means of sum of $10,000,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary, and the President is authorized to make such regulations, and to use such means and agencies of the Government as, in his discretion, he may deem best. The Deposit of

proceeds. proceeds arising from the disposition of the nitrate of soda shall go into the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts.


(344) CHAP. 77.-An Act To provide for the acquisition of an alr October 6,

1917. station site for the United States Navy. [Approved, October (S. 2437.) 6, 1917. 40 Stats. 344.]

[Public, No.

62.) Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa- Cape May.

N. J. tires of the United States of America in Congress as- Appropria

tion for acquirsembled, That the Secretary of the Navy be, and he is ing, naval

air hereby, authorized to acquire, by purchase or condem- station site at. nation, including all easements, riparian and other rights appurtenant thereto, for use for naval purposes, the tract of land situate at Cape May, New Jersey, lying between Princeton and Kansas Avenues and the water front and Cape May Avenue, comprising, exclusive of Pennsylvania Avenue, which intersects the tract and is to remain a public thoroughfare, approximately fiftyseven and seventy-three one-hundredths acres, or such enlarged area for which he may be able to contract within the appropriation, and there is hereby appropriated, to be paid out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the acquisition of said property and of all easements, riparian and other rights appurtenant thereto, the sum of $150,000: Provided, Expenditures That the Secretary of the Navy shall authorize the payment of no part of this sum, except for perfecting the title and dredging Cold Spring Harbor and the entrance thereto, in order to make it more available for naval purposes: And provided further, That the Secretary of Acquisition the Navy be, and he is hereby, empowered in his discre- lands without tion to acquire, if possible, additional acreage without increased cost and within the appropriation herein authorized, and to exact guarantees for the maintenance of the electric railway now running through the above-Condemna

author described land; and power is hereby conferred upon the ized. Secretary of the Navy to condemn the said tract of land for naval, aviation, and kindred purposes on the New Jersey coast adjacent to Cold Spring Harbor; and the Conditions.



Secretary of the Navy is hereby directed, in conducting
his negotiations with the Cape May Real Estate Com-
pany, to maintain intact the obligation existing between
the United States and the Cape May Real Estate Com-
pany, executed by the said company June twenty-fifth,
nineteen hundred and seven; and that this contract shall
not be regarded as a waiver of either the obligation of
the company or the rights of the United States.


H. R. 5949.


October 6, 1917. ' 345) CHAP. 79.-An Act Making appropriations to supply urgent defi

ciencies in appropriations for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, Public, No.64.1

nineteen hundred and eighteen, and prior fiscal years, on account oi
war expenses, and for other purposes. Approved, October 6, 1917.
40 State. 345.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled.

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Limit of cost in


Ehipping Fund.

Purchasing, The cost of purchasing, requisitioning, or otherwise
etc., shipping
plants, ships, etc. acquiring plants, material, charters, or ships now con-

structed or in the course of construction and the expeAnie, p. 182

diting of construction of ships thus under construction,
authorized by the urgent deficiency appropriation Act
approved June fifteenth, nineteen hundred and seven-
teen, is increased from $250,000,000 to $515,000,000, and
there is appropriated for this purpose the sum of

Building ships. The cost of construction of ships authorized by the ur-

gent deficiency appropriation Act approved June fifteenth,
nineteen hundred and seventeen, is increased from
$500,000,000 to $1 234,000,000, and there is appropriated

for this purpose the sum of $250,000,000. Purchase of

For the purchase of ships, other than those heretofore other ships.

or herein authorized, $150,000,000.
Acquisition, For the acquisition or establishment of plants suitable
etc., of plants for
shipbuilding. for shipbuilding, or of materials essential thereto, and for

the enlargement or extension of such plants as are now,
or may be hereafter acquired or established, $35,000,000.


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Proving ground.

[352] PROVING GROUND: For increasing facilities for the Buildings, proof and test of ordnance material, including necessary equipmont, land,

buildings, construction, equipment, land, and damages
and losses to persons, firms, and cor[353]porations, result-


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