Hallowed Be Thy Name: The High Cost of Holiness

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If you have ever said the Lords Prayer, you have prayed that the Lords name be hallowed; that is, holy. But why pray for that? Because, even though the Lord is holy, His name can be made unholy if it is taken in vain - something prohibited by the Third Commandment. Therefore, it becomes important to understand what it means to take Gods name in vain. And if you think using Gods name as a swear word is the only way to take His name in vain, think again. Hallowed Be Thy Name will expand your understanding of what it truly means to take Gods name and why it is so important to pray that it be hallowed.


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Terry was saved at 7 years of age, but it would be over 20 years before he felt a specific calling from the Lord upon his life. Acting upon that calling he helped teach a “Life in the Spirit” seminar. When that ended some of the participants asked Terry to lead a Bible Study. He agreed. They lasted for over 10 years. In January of 2000 he began a writing ministry called “Whispers of the Spirit” (www.whispersofthespirit.com). In June 2003 he graduated from Yellowstone Valley Bible Institute with high academic honors, achieving a Certificate of Ministry. Today he continues to teach, preach, and write.

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