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Numerously attended drawing-room meetings had also been held by the kind permission of the following ladies and gentlemen :-Mrs. D. Greig, 18, Lyne Loch Crescent, Glasgow; Dr. Muirhead, Baskerville, Cambuslang; Washington Hotel, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, Mrs. Mason presiding; Mrs. Lindsay, Sandown, Montgomerie Drive, Glasgow ; Mrs. Henderson, Glenvale, Pollokshields, and many others.

Meetings and lectures have also been held in Perth, Aberdeen, and Dundee, by Miss Craigen.

ENGLAND.-In the West a meeting has been held at Bridgewater, and Miss Blackburn has given lectures at Liskeard and Dartmouth. In the latter town the municipal elections had occurred the previous day. The burning question of the locality is the formation of an embankment, and of the 130 women burgesses in the town, 90 had voted against the embankment. Of the merits of the case we are not qualified to judge, but it had, undoubtedly, caused a good deal of attention to the women's votes.

Two meetings took place at Sandhurst and Yorktown, and there were also drawing-room meetings at Government House, Sandhurst, and Tekel's Castle, near Frimley. Another meeting took place in the Fuller Chapel Assembly Room, Kettering, on November 9th, and a second in the Corn Exchange, Wellingborough, on November 10th. Lectures have also been given at Blaby and Kibwortb, Leicestershire; and a large meeting, presided over by Lady Harberton, in the Temperance Hall, Leicester, on November 15th.

The annual meeting of the Manchester Society took place on November 7th, the chair was taken by Mr. Alderman Baker, Mayor of Manchester. It was announced that Mr. Mason had written to the effect that he would bring forward his resolution at the earliest possible opportunity next session.

MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS, ENGLAND. A meeting of women ratepayers', in preparation of the Muncipal Elections, was held at Hyde, in which Mrs. Dowson, Mrs. Scatcherd, Mrs. Alfred Osler, Mrs. Moss, Mrs. Thorley and Mrs. Tweedale took part.

In Manchester Miss Becker addressed three Ward Meetings of women electors. The meetings were also attended by the various candidates for election, who placed their views before the audience.

MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS, SCOTLAND. EDINBURGH.—A very important meeting, in view of the approaching municipal election, was held on October 17th, in the Oddfellows Hall, Forest Road, Mrs. Wellstood occupying the chair. Miss Wigham moved the first resolution, which was seconded by Mrs. Grieve, and supported by Mrs. Scatcherd: “That the thanks of this meeting, representing the women householders of Edinburgh, be accorded very heartily to Dr. Cameron, M.P., for Glasgow, for having secured the right of the municipal voting to women householders in Scotland, and this meeting further pledges itself in token of gratitude to endeavour to promote a general intelligent and conscientious exercise of the privileges thus assured.” When they remembered the numerous women voters in Scotland, they found out the importance more than ever of the franchise being exercised. There were 7,599 women voters in Edinburgh, one fifth of the whole number; in Glasgow, 12,986, one sixth; in Aberdeen, 3,288, one fifth ; Perth, 1,376, one fourth ; Leith, 1,365, one seventh ; Paisley, 1,100 and Greenock, 1,000. She wanted women-every oneto consider well what they were to do in this matter, as a privilege placed in their hands to exercise for their own interests, as also those of their children and of the poor, and even of the criminal classes.

The second resolution was moved by Miss Anna Stoddart, of Kelso, and supported by Mrs. Shearer. Miss Burton, Mrs. Nichol, Mrs. Duncan McLaren, and Miss Simpson, also addressed the meeting.

On November 8th took place the first municipal election in Scotland, in which women have borne a part.

From the Scotsman we take the following particulars:

EDINBURGH.-St. Luke's and St. Leonard's Ward. There was observable a good deal more bustle and excitement than was occasioned on the previous Friday




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by the Parliamentary election. This was due in some measure to the circumstance that this was the first time women householders exercised the franchise in the election of Town Councillors. “This infusion of women voters into the electorate, to the extent this year of 7599, over all the wards, is a matter which future Councillors will have seriously to reckon with-yesterday's experience showing that the women on the roll are by no means indisposed to exercise the right now conferred upon them.” The number of voters in the Ward is 972 men and 279 women. Of these 876 went to the pollabout 176 of these being women.

One of the sworn-in agents for Mr. Greig was Mrs. Stephen Wellstood, who sported a blue ribbon, and than whom no more active agent could have been desired. Her mission seemed to take charge of Mr. Greig's female friends. It was to the female voters on this occasion that much of the fun going on in connection with the election was due. A young man who was working for Mr. Bryden particularly distinguished himself by the number of such electors he succeeded in bringing to the poll. His gallantry was unwearied, and ever and anon as a cab drove up with a woman voter, who might perhaps be bonnetless, or hardly so tidy as could have been wished, he would jump out, politely assist his charge to alight, and giving his armi escort her, amid general laughter, to the inner door of the polling place.

In St. Leonard's Ward the total number of voters is 2,701 men and 1,506 women. Of the women 300 polled.

LEITH. There were contests in the second and fourth wards; there are 2,610 electors in the second ward including 374 women, and in the fourth ward 1770 voters of whom 242 are women;


few women recorded their votes.

PORTOBELLO.-There are 1,300 voters, of whom about 300 are women. The Irish and female vote is stated to have done much towards carrying the election.

GLASGOW.—The Municipal Election was attended with more animation than has been the case for a long time. The electors number 79,581 of whom 12,986 were women. The number of female electors exercising the newly-acquired privilege was in some of the wards considerable.

AIRDRIE.-A keen contest in the second ward. All the female voters but four exercised the privilege.

AILSA.—No female voters.

ARBROATH. There were 4,779 electors, but only 1,191 voted. Although there are 1,393 women voters only 65 voted.

BURNTISLAND.-Out of a constituency of 787, 393 yoted, including about 60 women who are credited with being on the winning (the dock extension) side.

DINGWALL.—There are 50 ladies on the roll, of whom 33 voted.

DUMFRIES.-Very few women voted.

DUNDEE.—There was considerable excitement in the election. The women voted to a greater or less extent in the six contested wards; they turned out strongest in the fourth and ninth wards, nearly half entered on the roll, or 930 having voted.

DUNFERMLINE. —Eighty-three women are on the roll, but none voted.

DUNOON.-Over 200 women recorded their votes.

FORFAR.— The constituency numbers 1,964, 1,537 men and 427 women, of these 814 men and 33 women voted. The votes of 50 men and five women were declared spoiled.

GALASHIELS.--Contests took place in three wards. In the second, out of 163 women electors, 7 voted. Third ward, 193 women electors, only 8 voted, and fifth ward of 83 women, 20 voted. As a whole, less than 10 per cent. of the female voters.

HELENSBURGH.--Much excitement in the town. Of about 550 women, one half polled.

HAMILTON.-Out of 190 female electors, no fewer than 125 voted.

KILSYTH.-Out of 586 voters, the number of women voters constituted one half.

KIRKWALL.-Only 94 electors polled, including one lady out of a constituency of 458.

LANARK.-Out of 690 on the roll, 514 polled, 128 being females.

LOCHMABEN.—The female voters who form one third of the constituency, turned out numerously.

MONTROSE.—Out of a constituency of 2,029 men, and 337 women, 1,256 men and only 48 women voted.

NEWBURGH.—No women polled.
PEEBLES.–Out of a constituency of 380, 252 electors

voted, and a fair proportion of women exercised their right as voters for the first time.

ROTHESAY.-Out of 1647 electors 1009 voted. Of these 296 were women, out of 567 on the roll. The temperance party cast in their lot with the Liberals, and it is believed the majority of the women inclined that way.

SELKIRK.-Out of a constituency of 1,186, 380 male and 2 female voters polled.

STIRLING.-A keen contest. The female voters came out in considerable numbers, cabs being employed by both parties to convey them.

TAIN.–Fourteen of the 195 votes recorded were those of women.

WIGTOWN.–Of the 50 women voters 30 polled.

No record has reached us of the women who voted in other towns. We may here observe that wherever meetings have been lately held for the purpose of instructing the women electors in their responsibilities, they appear to have availed themselves very freely of the new right.

LONDON SCHOOL OF MEDICINE. The Entrance Scholarship, value £30, of the London School of Medicine for Women has been awarded to Miss Huntley of the Women's Missionary Institute, Louth. The Worshipful Company of Cutlers has made a grant of £10 10s. to the London School of Medicine for Women, Henrietta street, Brunswick square, W.C. A hall of residence for the accommodation of ladies attending University College and the London School of Medicine for women has been opened at Byng place, Gordon square, W.C.; under the superintendence of Miss Grove.

MARRIED WOMEN'S PROPERTY COMMITTEE. The Committee have the honour of inviting their subscribers and friends to meet them at Willis's Rooms, St. James's street, London, on Saturday, November 18th, when they propose to present their final Report, and to commemorate the passing of the Married Women's Property Act, 1882. The chair will be taken at 2.30 by the Right Hon. the Lord Coleridge.

George Anderson, M.P., Arthur Arnold, M.P., Mrs.

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