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Página 298 - Annual Report of the Supervising Surgeon-General of the Marine Hospital Service of the United States for the fiscal year 1890.
Página 148 - VII. The dried particles of cholera poison may be carried (in clothing, bedding, etc.) to any distance; and when liberated may find their way direct to the alimentary canal through the medium of the air— by entering the mouth and nose and being swallowed with the saliva — or, less directly, through the medium of water or food in which they have lodged.
Página 147 - To set up anew the action of the poison, a certain period of incubation with the presence of alkaline moisture is required, which period is completed within one to three days ; a temperature favoring decomposition and moisture, or fluid of decided alkaline reaction hastening the process; the reverse retarding.
Página 212 - He found that the three epidemics were attended with a particular state of atmosphere characterised by a prevalent mist, thin in high places, dense in low. During the height of the epidemic, in all cases, the reading of the barometer was remarkably high, and the atmosphere thick. In 1849 and 1854 the temperature was above its average, and a total absence of rain, and a stillness of air, amounting almost to calm, accompanied the progress of the disease on each occasion. In places near the river the...
Página 214 - Such exhalations were often found, even in a concentrated form, in houses where the existence of any palpable cause of insalubrity would scarcely be suspected, and thus the fact...
Página 268 - A quarter, or half an hour, or even longer, after the breathing had ceased, and all other sigus of animation had departed, slight, tremulous, spasmodic twitchings and quiverings, and vermicular motions of the muscles would take place ; and even distinct movements of the limbs, in consequence of these spasms.
Página 269 - Not long after the cessation of the respiration the left hand was carried by a regular motion to the throat, and then to the crown of the head ; the right arm followed the same route on the right side ; the left arm was then carried back to the throat, and thence to the breast, reversing all its original motions, and finally the right hand and arm did exactly the...
Página 181 - Koch overlooked the fact that " comma-bacilli " occur in other intestinal diseases, in the mouths of healthy persons, and, as shown recently, even in some common articles of food. (By Dr. Deneke in stale cheese.) 8.
Página 212 - In 1849 and 1854, the first decline of the disease was marked by a decrease in the readings of the barometer, and in the temperature of air and water. The air, which previously for a long time had continued calm, was succeeded by a strong south-west wind, which soon dissipated the former stagnant and poisonous atmosphere.
Página 330 - It should be used in solution, which had better be made as required. An insoluble residue will be left, which may be removed by filtration or decantation. This, however, is not at all necessary. Chlorinated lime owes its disinfecting power to the presence of the hypo-chlorite of lime, a salt which is freely soluble in water, and which is quickly decomposed by contact with organic matter. Germs of all kinds, including the most resistant spores, are destroyed by this solution, but it must be remembered...

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