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Aiken, Dr. Edward, Amherst.
Aiken, Mrs. Sarah C., Amherst.
Bailey, Mrs. Hannah L., Haverhill.
Blood. Parker, (A. H. M. S.,) Groton.
Bradford, Mrs. Robert, Francestown.
Burnham, Mrs. John C., Dover.
Blanchard, Mrs. Lydia, Francestown.
Clark, Mrs. Laura W., (A. H. M. S.,) Henniker. .
Clough, Dea. Henry, (A. H. M. S.,) Manchester.
Chandler, Dea. Peter K., (A. H. M. S.,) Manchester.
Carter, Hiram J., (A. H. M: S.,) Concord.
Cromby, Mrs. Sarah, Derry.
Cogswell, Ebenezer, (A, H. M. S.,) Derry.
Conant, Miss Martha E., (A. H. M. S..) Mont Vernon.
Cook, Dea. Jason, Campton.
Chapman, Dea. S., North Hampton.
Cogswell, Joseph, East Andover.
Dumas, Frank E., (A. H. M. S.,) Lyme.
Dickey, Mrs. T. M., Acworth.
Davis, Mrs. Sarah. Newport.
Durgin, Mrs. Charles, East Andover.
Edwards, Rev. J. M.. West Lebanon.
Emmons, Mrs. H. V., Lancaster.
French, Leonard, (A. H. M. S.,) Manchester.
Farmer, David, (A. H. M. S.,) Manchester.
Firth, Richard, Northfield.
Foss, Jason, Tilton.
Freeman, Mrs. George E., Milford.
Fisk, Rev. A. W., (A. H. M. S.,) Fisherville.
Gage, Calvin, (A. H. M. S.,) Fisherville.
Gage, Daniel T., (A. H. M. S.,) Hudson.
Gage, Mrs. Maria K., (A. H. M. S.,) Hudson.
Gage, Mrs. Mary E., (A. H. M. S.,) Hudson.
Gates, Mrs. Susan E.. (A. H. M. S.,) Hollis.
Gage, Mrs. Priscilla P., Fisherville.
Gerould, Mrs. Laura A., Goffstown.
Hill, Edmund, Candia.
Hubbard, Miss Martha W., (A. H. M. S.,) Manchester.
Haywood, Mrs. Mary, Hollis.
Holmes, Mrs. Frederick M., Londonderry.
Hazeltine, Mrs. Sarah, Chester.
Jackson, Mrs. Josiah, Centralia, Kansas.
Knowles, Dearbon, Chester.
Lambert, Mrs. Thomas, (A. H. M. S.,) Lyme.
Lawrence, Mrs. Augusta, New Boston.
LeBosquet, Mrs. Martha P., Danbury.

Martin, J., (A. H. M. S.,) Fisherville.
Murrison, Hon. Charles R., (A. H. M. S.,) Manchester.
Mann, Rev. Asa, Bath.
Joulton, Mrs. Susan P., Dover.
Voulton, Dea. Alvah P., Dover.
Newell, Benjamin C., (A. H. M. S.,) Lyme.
Pettee, Horace, (A. H. M. S.,) Manchester,
Putnam, Rev. H. B., West Concord.
Putnam, Rev. Rufus A., Pembroke.
Parsons, Mrs. S. D., (A. H. M. S.,) Derry.
Parker, Frank W., (A. H. M. S,) Derry.
Peabody, Rev. Charles, Epsom.
Rockwood, George P., (A. H. M. S.,) Manchester.
Richardson, Mrs. D. A., West Lebanon.
Richardson, Mrs. B. E., West Lebanon.
Russell, Mrs. Wm. M., Plymouth.
Smart, Calvin, (A. H. M. S.,) Concord.
Smart, Mrs. Hiram, Nashua.
Smith, Mrs. S. P., West Lebanon.
Stearns, Miss Mary E., Epping.
Starrett. Mrs. Amy A., Francestown.
Stone. Mrs. [ra, (A. H. M. S.,) Manchester.
Stewart, Mrs. Judith, Warner.
Thompson, Mrs. E, Claremont.
Thayer. Miss Catherine O., Exeter.
Tarbell, Mrs. Betsey, Francestown.
Tyson, Mrs. Ira, Bedford.
Warren, Mrs. A. E., Goffstown.
Watts, Horace P., (A. H. M. S.,) Manchester.
Wallace, George, Bath.
Whitcomb, George A., Claremont.


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Appointments and Officers for 1870.
Constitution and Rules of the Association,
Minutes of Annual Meeting,
Narrative of the State of Religion,
Pastoral Letter,
Report of the Directors of the N. H. Education Society,
Report of Treasurer of Ministers' and Widows' Charitable

Statistics of the Ministerial Associations,
Statistics of the Churches,
Summary of Statistics,
Schedule for appointing Delegates to Foreign Bodies,
Ministerial Record,
Catalogue of Ministers,
Business Meeting,
Executive Committee,
Public Meeting,
Annual Report,
Cent Institution,
Memorial Fund,
Table of Statistics,
Details and Results,
Short Missions,
Decaying Churches,
Home Missionary Work,
American Home Missionary Society,
Treasurer's Report,
Receipts, .
Plan for Benevolent Contributions,
Table of Contributions,
Rules of the Society,
Rules for Missionary Returns,
Notices, ..
Form of a Bequest,
Life Membership,

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