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[In place of the full Report read at Milford, the following general statement is furnished by Rev. S. P. LEEDS, Secretary.]

About eight hundred dollars have been contributed to the Education Society during the past year, in New Hampshire, or nearly three times the amount annually raised for several years past. Thirteen young men have been assisted in Dartmouth College. Now that the fund accumulated during the war has been exhausted, the Society needs aid to an extent it has not done for many years.



The Annual Meeting of the Trustees of the Ministers' and Widows' Charitable Fund was held at the office of Dr. Bouton in the State House, June 1, 1870. The Treasurer made his reports, which were adopted. Rev. John K. Young, D. D., was chosen a Trustee in the place of Rev. P. B. Day, D. D., deceased.

Made choice of the following persons as officers for the ensuing year:

PresidentRev. N. BOUTON, D. D.
Secretary-Rev. Wm. R. JEWETT.
Auditor-Rev. B. P. STONE, D. D.

Prudential Committee Rev. N. BOUTON, D. D., Rev. WM. R. JEWETT, SHADRACI SEAVEY, Esq.

At a meeting of the Prudential Committee, held immediately after the annual meeting of the Trustees, appropriations were made to the amount of $200, to eight widows in indigent cir. cumstances.

The Treasurer presented his reports, showing that the funds of the Widows' Charitable Society amounted on the first day of June, 1870, to

$2,763.05 The amount of the Ministers' and Widows' Charitable Fund, on June 1, 1870, was

$1,464,41 The following donations have been received from June 1, 1869, to June 1, 1870:


$26.50 Rev. P. B. Day,

1.00 Rev. Horace Wood,



MINISTERS AND WIDOWS' CHARITABLE FUND. Cong'l Society, Gilmanton Center,

$7.50 Cong’l Society Francestown (including $50 from Israel Bachelder), 94.00 General Association at Keene,

56.00 Rev. B. P. Stone,

1.00 Rev. B. Smith,

1.00 John Mooney, Northfield,

10.00 Congregational Society, Temple,

1.95 First Church, Keene,

30.25 Congregational Church, Pembroke,

5.28 South Congregatioual Church, Concord,

40.11 Durham,

18.00 Chichester,

4.00 Greenfield,

6.00 Stratham,

7.00 Lyme,

6.00 Littleton,

9.00 Hopkinton,

8.00 Campton,

8.00 Sabbath School,

4.00 Congregational Church, Webster,

15.00 Gilmanton Center,

8.75 Sanbornton,

12.00 Salisbury,

6.50 $359.34

For the information of any who may ask why our pecuniary resources are divided into two distinct sums, I would state, that the moneys contributed to the Society previous to the charter being modified, are left apart, forming the Widows' Charitable Fund. The interest of this fund can be paid only to the widows of indigent clergymen. Moneys given subsequently to the modification of the charter, are added to the Ministers' and Widows' Fund, the income of which can be appropriated to indigent clergymen, as well as to the widows of such. The utmost economy has been observed in the management of the funds, the Prudential Committee paying themselves the necessary expenses which they incurred in the collection and disbursement.


Fisherville, Aug. 22, 1870.



General Association of New-Hampshire, in account with H. S. Hun. ZINGTON, Treasurer.

Cr. $170.39

26.00 4.00

Aug. 26. Balance in the Treasury,

From Strafford Conference for 1869,
Oct. 2. Coos
June 23. " Rockingham “

1870, " 29. « Merrimack

Aug. 2. Grafton
" 10. " Coös

23. " Hillsborough“

36.00 32.00 24.00 24.00

4.00 14.00 44.00



Dr. Dec. 21. Paid C. C. Pearson & Co., for printing 1,000 copies Minutes,

$157.66 1870. Aag. 24. Rev. Geo. M. Adams' bill: namely, Advertising,

$2.70 Printing Certificates,

2.75 Postage,


7.58 Aug. 24. Postage and expressage on Minutes to date,

13.78 Letter Postage and Stationery to date,


$183.92 Aug. 24. Balance in Treasury,


$378.39 This may certify that I have carefully examined the above account, and find the same correctly cast and supported by proper vouchers.

L. D. STEVENS, Auditor.


ABBREVIATIONS. P., Pastor; A. P., Acting Pastor; W.C., Without Charge.

1. BELKNAP ASSOCIATION. Formed April 20, 1841.

QUINCY BLAKELY, Scribe. Names of Members. Residences. College. Theo. Sem. Ordained.


m'n't. Almon Benson, Center Harbor.

Dec, 23.1840 W.C. Joseph Blake, Gilmanton. Bowdoin, 1835 Bangor, 1840 Mar. 3.1841 P. Quincy Blakely, Campton. Univ. Vt., 1854 Union, 1857 Feb. 16.1859 P. J. Henry Bliss, Center Harbor. Amberst, 1866 Hartford, 1869 Nov. 25,1869 A. P. Cha's Burnham, Meredith. Dartmouth, 1836

Nov. 7,1841 P. Geo. Buttertield,

Bangor, 1838

Jan, 5.1839
John Clark,

Jan, 23,1835 S. S. Liba Conant, Orford.

Brown, 1819

May 29, 1823 S. S. James B. Hadley, Campton. Amherst, 1833 Andover, 1836 Sept.20,183 W.C Cyrus Richardson, Mymouth. Dartmouth, 1864 Andover, 1869 Sept.30.1863 P. Moses T. Runnels, Sanbornton. Dartmouth,1853 Th. Ins. Ct., 1856 Aug. 13,1856 P. Harvey M. Stone, Laconia.

Bangor, 1847 Nov, 2,1848 P. John K. Young, Hopkinton. Dartmouth,1821 Andover, 1829 Sept.24,1829 A P.

Times OF MEETING. Tuesday before the last Sabbath in January and October, and second Tuesday of May and August.


Scribe. Names of Members, Residences. College. Theo. Sem.

Ordained. Emp

m'n't. J. L. Armes, Auburn.

Hamilton With Dr. Blake June25,1846 A. P. Lauren Armsby, Oberlin, Ohio. Amherst, 1842

1 yr. Cvion,1845 May 27,1846

2yrs.Andy'r Augustus Berry, Pelham. Amherst, 1851

Oct. 30,1861 P. A. Burnham, Hooksett, Dartmouth, 1852 Andover, 1857 Sept.30,1857 A. P. M. A. Gates, Salem.

Mich.Univ. 1850 Auburn, 1858 Sept. 2,1858 A. P. Sam'l L. Gerould, Goffstown. Dartmouth,1858 Union, 1861 Oct. 3,1961 P. James Holmes, Bennington. Dartmouth,1839 Andover, 1841 June 22,1842 A. P. William House, Londonderry. Col. of N.J.1854 Princeton, 1857 Oct. 7,1857 P. Cha's L. Hubbard, Merrimack. Dartinouth, 18tj5 Andover, 1868 Sept. 2,1868 P. E. M. Kellogg, Manchester. Hamilton, 1840 Auburn, 1842 Oct. 26,1812 W.C.

Windham. Joseph Lanman,

Yale, 1864

2 yrs.Union1867 June 2,1868 P.

1 yr. Andy'r Jesse Page,

Atkinson. Dartmouth,1831 Andover, 1835 sept.16,1835 A. P. Leonard S. Parker, Oberlin, Ohio. Oberlin

Dec. 16,1837 Ag'nt E. G. Parsons, Derry. Bowdoin, 1838

Andvir, lyr.1837 Oct. 3,1837 W. C.

Bangor, Theodore C. Pratt, Tilton.

June 21.1853 A. P. J. L. Tomlinson, Waterbury, Ct.

Yale, 1855 Oct. 1.1803 A.P. William J. Tucker, Manchester, Dartmouth,1861 Andover, 1866 Jan. 24,1867 P. C.W. Wallace, D.D. Manchester.

Gilmauton, 1838.Jan. 8,1840 P. Isaac Willey, Pembroke. Dartmouth,1822

Jan. 18,1825 Sec'y. TIMES OF MEETING. Second Tuesday of January, April, July and October.

III. HARMONY ASSOCIATION. Formed March 4. 1834.


Ordained Emp

Names of Members. Residences. College. Theo. Sem.

m'n't. Naibaniel Barker, Wakefield. Dartmouth,1822 Andover, 1825 Nov. 1,1826'W.C. James Doldt, Canterbury

Dec. 26.1843 A. P. Tho's V. Haines, So. Hampton.

Feb. 1,1861 A. P. Otis Holmes, Long Island.

Sept. 8,1842 A. P. Reuben Kimball, Korth Conway

Gilmanton Jan. 27,1841 A. P. Samuel II. Riddel, amworth, Yale, 1823 Andover, 1826 Juue 27,1527 P. Horace Wooa, ilsum.


1839 A. P. John Wood, Wolfeborough.

Th. Ins. Ct.

1840 Ag'nt Times OP MEETING. Third Tuesday of January, and second Tuesday of May, July and October. So few of the members of this Association are resident, that its meetings have been nearly discontinued for the past two years.

[blocks in formation]

D, E. Adams, Wilton.

Bangor, 1860 Dec. 5. 1860 P. Frederick Alvord, Nashua. Yale, 1855 Hartford, 1857 July 21, 1868 P. J.S. Black,


Congregational Theologic'l Hall
Edinburgh. Scotland, 1869

Mar. 31,1870 P. Wm. Clark,

Amherst, Dartmouth, 1822 Audover, 1827 Apr. 30,1828 Sec'y. J. G. Davis, D.D., Amherst. Yale, 1836 Union, 1841 May 22, 1844 P. Walter Follett. Temple. Middlebury, '25 Andover, 1829 Oct. 17, 1832 W.C. Geo. E. Freeman, Milford

Bangor, 1858 Oct. 5, 1858 P. D. C. Frink, New-Boston. Beloit, 1859 Bangor, 1862

1862 P. W. L. Gaylord, Nashua. Harvard, Union, 1861 Sept.14,1860 P. Daniel Goodwin, Mason.

Dartmouth,1835 Andover, 1838 Feb. 22,1839 P. George Goodyear, Temple. Yale, 1824 Yale, 1828 July 22,1828 W. C. S. H. Keeler, D. D., Mont-Vernon. Middlebury, 26 Andover, 1829 Oct. 15, 1829 A. P. James Laird, Hollis.

Oberlin, 1861 Andover, 1864 Mar. 15,1866 P. Geo. F. Merriam, Mason Village. Amherst, 1861 Onjon, 1864 Mar. 7, 1865 P. Jonathan McGee, Nashua. Williams, 1814 Andover, 1817 June 30,1819 W.C. H. Moore, D.D., Milford, Harvard, 1799

Aug. 3, 1802 W. C. Royal Parkinson, Temple. Dartmouth,1842 Andover, 1847 Oct. 18, 1848 P. David Perry, Hollis,

Dartmouth,1824 Andover, 1827 May, 1828 W.C. A. Richards, D.D., Francestown. Amherst, 1824 Andover, 1827 Nov. 7, 1827 A. P. F. D, Sargent, Brookline. Amherst, 1866 Andover, 1869 Oct. 20, 1869 P.

TIMES OF MEETING. First Tuesday of February, May, August and November.

V. HOPKINTON ASSOCIATION. Formed August 29, 1788.

F. D. AYER, Scribe.

[blocks in formation]

F. D. Ayer,

Concord. Dartmouth,1856 Andover, 1859 May 1, 1861 P. G. I. Bard,

Dunbarton. Uni'ty of Vt.'57 Andover, 1860 Oct. 17, 1860 P. 8. L. Blake,

Concord. Middlebury, '59 Andover, 1864 Dec. 7, 1864 P. N. Bouton, D. D. Concord. Yale, 1821 Andover, 1824 Mar. 23,1925 W.C. E. Buxton, Webster.

Apr. 10,1836 P. J. B. Cook, Salisbury.

Bangor, 1849 Dec. 18.1850 P. C. Curtice, Boscawen.

Gilmanton, 1843 Oct. 5, 1813 A. P. J. M. R. Eaton, Med tield, Mass. Amherst, 1841 Andover, 1814 Jan. 9, 1845 A. P. A. W. Fiske,

Fisherville. Brown, 1829 Andover, 1832 May 8, 1833 W. C. H. S. Huntington, Warner. Yale, 1857 Andover, 1862 Jan. 31, 186 P. W. R. Jewett, Fisherville. Amherst, 1831 Andover, 1834 Jan. 8, 1837 P. H. A. Kendall, East Concord.

Gilmanton, 1839 Oct, 21, 1840 W.C. S. Ketchum, Bristol.

Bangor, 1863 Sept.17,1867 P. H. Moody, East Andover.

Gilmanton, Nov. 22,1843 A. P. S. S. Morrill, Henniker. Dartmouth.1855 Chicago, 1859 May 12, 1859 A. P. H. B. Putnam, West Concord. Amherst, 1860 Hartford, 1866 Oct. 28, 1868 P. W.T. Savage, D.D. Franklin. Bowdoin, 1833 Lane, 1837 Oct. 3, 1839 P.. Geo. Smith, East Concord.

Aug. 9, 1853 A. P. B. P, Stone, D.D., Concord. Middlebury, "28 Andover, 1831 May 26, 1931 W.C. C. B. Tracy,

Wilmot. Williams, 1826 Andover, 1829 Feb. 1830 A. P.

TIMES OF MEETING. Third Tuesday of January, May, August and October.

VI. LANCASTER ASSOCIATION. Formed August 13, 1833.

H. V. EMMONS, Scribe.

Ordained. Emp

Names of Members. Residences. College. Theo. Sem.

m'n't. H. V. Emmons, Lancaster. Amherst, 1854 Bangor, 1859 Nov. 15,1860 P. Hugh McLeod, Colebrook. Amherst, 1851 Bangor, 1854 June 27,1865 A. P.

TIMES OF MEETING. First Tuesday of February, May and October. This Associa. tion includes also several neighboring ministers of Vermont.

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