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4. When a question is under debate, no motion shall be recieved, except for adjournment, amendment, postponement, cominitment, or the previous question--namely, Shall the main question now be put? The effect of adopting the previous ques. tion shall be to put an end to clebate and bring the Association to a direct vote upon amendments reported by a committee, if ans, upon pending amendments, and then upon the main question.

5. If a question unler debate contain several parts, any member may hare it diviilel, and a question taken on each part.

6. Every member, when speaking, shall address hiinself to the Chair, and shall be subject to no needless interruption. If he acts disorderly, it shall be the duty of the Moderator, ani the privilege of the other members, to call him to oriler,

7. No member shall leave the association before the session is closed, except with the consent of the body ; nor shall an! one leave the house during a sitting without the consent of the Moderator,

X. CORRESPONDENCE. 1. The Association will maintain a fraternal relation with other ecclesiastical bodies, so tar as this shall be deemed consistent with the principles of our organization, by the appointment and interchange of deleg ites. Representatives from ecclesiastical boilies with whom we are in correspondence shall have the privilege of sitting :with us, and participating in our deliberation, as honorary members.

2. The District Associations are requested to nominate (lelegates to foreign bodies in accordance with the schedule printe! herewith, sending up their nomination for confirmation by delegates to this body, If any association fails to nominate, the Committee on Nomination shall do it.

3. Delegates to foreign bodies may exchange their appointments, when, by so doing, one or both will be enabled to fill the appointment personally. The same clelegate may be appointeil to more than one foreign body ; and any regularly chosen delegate may represent is in any State west of New-York, in the absence of the delegate appointed to that body.

4. The Secretary of the Association, on information that the delegate appointed will fail to represent us, may appoint any minister or layman, in our churches, to discharge this service.

5. The printed minutes of the Association shall be sufficient testimonial of the appointment of delegates to corresponding bodies. In case any delegate is unable to attend, in person or by substitute, in accordance with the preceding rules, it shall be his duty to forward a written communication to the corresponding body to which he was appointed.

XI. EXPENSES. The cost of printing the minutes, and other

necessary expenses of this Association, shall be defrayed by assessments, apportioned among the several Conferences uniting in this organization, according to the number and relative strength of the churches belonging to each ; and the Treasurer of each Conference shall be responsible to the Treasurer of the General Association for the amount so assessed.

XII. AMENDMENTS. Any of the foregoing articles, except the fundamental rules, may be amended or annulled at a regular meeting of this body in which two-thirds of the Associations and Conferences are represented, by a majority of the members voting.


The General Association of New-Hampshire held its Sixtythird Annual Meeting, in the Congregational Meeting-house at Bristol, N. H., commencing on Tuesday, August, 27, 1872, at 10 A. M.

The opening sermon was preached by Rev. S. L. Blake, of Concord, N. H. Text, Matt. 13: 31, 32. “Another parable put he forth unto them, saying the Kingdom of Heaven is like a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field: which indeed is the least of all seeds; but when it is grown, is the greatest among herbs, and becometh a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches thereof."

Subject--The Progressive Character of the Kingdom of Heaven.

After the sermon the preacher called the meeting to order.

The following persons were enrolled as members of the Association ;

DELEGATES FROM DISTRICT ASSOCIATIONS. Belknap-Rev. Quincy Blakely, Rev. M. T. Runnels, Rev. Joseph Blake, D. D., Rev. Cyrus Richardson.

Derry and Manchester-Rev. S. 'L. Gerould, Rev. W. J. Tucker.

Harmony.-Rev. Samuel H. Riddel.

Hollis-Rev. James Laird, Rev. D. E. Adams, Rev. J. G. Davis, D. D.

Hopkinton--Rev. J. B. Cook, Rev. A. W. Fiske, Rev. C. Curtice.

Monandock-Rev.H. H. Colburn.
Orange--Rev. E. M. Kellogg.

PiscataquaRev. H. M. Stone, Rev. Jacob Chapman, Rev. A. B. Peabody.

Sullivan-Rev. Charles M. Palmer, Rev. G. R. W. Scott.

Suncook--Rev. W. 0. Carr, Rev. B. N. Stone.
Union-Rev. Charles Seccombe.
White River-..

DELEGATES FROM CONFERENCES. Cheshire--llon. Milan Harris, Harrisville.

Hillsborough— Dea. J. D. Hills, Hollis : Hon. Thos. Pearson, Nashua.

Merrimack-Dea. C. W. Harvey, Concord ; W. T. Childs, Ilenuiker.


Grafton-D. C. Churchill, Lyme; Robert Ford, Danbury; M. C. Dole, Campton ; W. W. Russell, Plymouth ; Dea. G. S. Dean. Wentworth.

Rockingham-Dea. John L. Fitts, Epping ; Frank R. Drake, Northampton; J. W. Noyes, Chester ; Dea. Charles C. Grant, Auburn ; Dea. C. T. Tuck, Brentwood.

Strafford ---Joseph Hodgdon, Ossipee Centre.
Sullivan-Hon. Dexter Richards, Newport.
Dartmouth College--

Rev. H. S. Huntington, Warner, Statistical Secretary.
Rev. Geo. Dustan, Peterborough, Secretary Sabbath Schools.

Rev. Silas Ketchum, F. H. Bartlett, and S. P. Leeds, D. D., Committee of Arrangements.

Rev. E. H. Greeley, Haverhill, and Rev. H. A. Hazen, Pittsfield, Committee on change in the Constitution.

Rev. S. L. Blake, Concord, Preacher.

Rev. C. E. Milliken, Littléton ; W. A. Rand, Seabrook ; Rev. N. F. Carter, Orfordville; Rev. V. J. Hartshorne, Enfield, Essayists, &c.

Geo. E. Jenks, Concord, of the Committee on Paper.

Rev. Wm. Clark, D. D., Amherst, Secretary, N. H. Missionary Society.

Rev. Isaac Willey, Pembroke, Secretary N. H. Bible Society. Hon. Lyman D. Stevens, Treasurer N. H. M. Society.

Rev. W. R. Jewett, Fisherville, Secretary M. and W. Charitable Fund.

Rer. S. L. Blake, Concord, was elected Moderator.

Rev. A. B. Peabody, Stratham, Scribe, and Rev. W. 0. Carr, Barnstead, Assistant Scribe.

A Committee of Inquiry was chosen, consisting of Rev. D. E. Adams, Rev. G. R. W. Scott, and Rev. Jacob Chapman.

Rev. Geo. Dustan was chosen pro tem on Committee on Nomination. Rev. E. H. Greeley, was chosen on the Committee for two years, and Rev. F. D. Ayer, for three years. Rev. J. G. Davis, 1. D., offered prayer.


TUESDAY AFTERNOON. 2 P. M. Meeting called to order by the Moderator. Prayer offered by Rev. H. A. Ilazen.

Voted to hear from delegates to foreign bodies. Dr. Davis reported on Council at Oberlin. Rev. S. Ketchum from the Methodist Annual Conference of N. H. Rev. E. H. Greeley reported from Committee on change in Constitution. Report laid on table for a time.

Rev. H. S. Huntingtoni read the Narrative of the State of Religion. It was voted, that the Narrative be printed with the Minutes.

BENEVOLENT SOCIETIES. Rev. W. Barrows, D.D., spoke in behalf of Congregational Publishing Society.

Rev. S. W. Hanks spoke in behalf of the Seaman's Society.

Rev. M. E. Strieby, D. D., spoke in behalf of the American Missionary Association.

Rev. W. Warren, D. D., spoke in behalf of the American Board of Foreign Missions.

Singing. “Shall we whose souls are lighted."
Prayer offered by Dr. Strieby.
Adjourned to 7 P. M.

TUESDAY EVENING. Business meeting at 7 o'clock.

Committee on Change of the Constitution, relating to correspondence with Foreign Bodies, reported as follows:

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