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Apostles, the twelve called, v. ii. 276. Bricks, how made in the east, v. i. 185.
Apostles apprehended, 468.

Arabians, v. i. 501.

Cain born, v. i. 22....kills Abel, 23.
Araunah, 463.

Caleb, 310....takes Hebron, 311.
Arioch, v. ii. 36.

Canaanites described, 245.
Aristobulus takes the title of king, 128. Cassius and Crassus, v. ii. 139.
Aristobulas II. 133.

Cæsar Julius, 139.
Ark of the covenant, v. i. 229....carried Capernaum, a city of Galilee, 244.

before Israel, 240....taken by the Phi. Carmel mount, v. i. 498.
listines, 270....brought to Jerusalem, Carchemish, v. ii. 8.

Capharsalum, a city, 114.
Arsaces, king of Parthia, v. ii. 137. Cendebeus, a general, 126.
Asahel killed by Abner, v. i. 429. Circumcision instituted, 50.
Asa, king of Judah, 490.

Civil war in Israel, 428.
Ascension of Christ, v. ii. 439.

Chariots first described, 207, 327.
Ashima, v. i. 561.

Chemosh, 480.
Ashdod, v. ii.84.

Cherith, a brook, 495.
Astyages, 49.

Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, 131.
Athalia, queen slain, v. i. 530,531. Cilicia, 122.
Augustus Cæsar taxes the Roman em- Corban, or the curse among the Jews,
pire, v. ii. 221.

what it was, 305.
Avites, v, i. 561.

Cozbi slain by Phineas, v. i. 272.

Cushan rishathaime, 314.
Baal Berith and his horrid sacrifices, v. Cushi, 454.
i. 347.

Crete, now Candia v.č. 119.
Balak, king of Moab, 263.... sends for Cyrus, king of Persia, 52.
Balaam, 264.

Barak delivers Israel, 329.

Dalilah, Samson's treacherous wife, v:
Balaam, his country, 263.....comes to i. 363 ...sells her husband to his ene-

Balak, rebuked by an angel, mies, 364.
265....attempts to curse Israel, 267.... Dagon deseribed, 364....falls before the
but blesses them, 269....circumvents ark, 371.
them by his counsels, slain, Dan, its idolatry, 317.

Daniel, v. ii. 34....his history, 35, 41, 44,
Baash, king of Isracl, 493.

49, 51.
Babylon, v. ii. 8.

Darkness, Egyptian, v. i. 200.
Bacchides, a general, 113.

Darius Hystaspes, or Ahasuerus, v. ii.
Bahurim, a city, 450.

Barzillai, David's friend, 452.

Darius Codomanus, 89.
Bathsheba, her history, 410.

Darius the Mede, 50.
Baruch, 15.

Darius Nothus, 60.
Bagoas, the Eunuch, 22.

David, king of Israel....his origin....a-
Bel and the dragon, 50.

nointed by Samuel, v.i. 399....introdu-
Beltshazzar, his short and impious reign, ced to Saul, 400....slays Goliah, 403

44....sees a hand-writing on the wall, ....Alies from Saul, 414....spares him slain by Darius, 46.

in the cave, 416.... goes to Gath, 420
Benjamites cut off, v. i. 323.

....laments over Saul and Jonathan,
Bethel, God's house, Jacob's dream 426....takes Jerusalem, 432....defeats
there, 82.

and ruins the Philistines,
Bethlehem, 332....Christ born there, v. seats the Syrians, 436....takes Rab.
ii. 222.

bah, guilty of murder and
Bethshemosh, v. i. 372.

adultery, 440....makes Solomon king,
B ethsura, a city, v. ii. 112.

and dies, 468... his character.
Bethulia, Judith's city besieged, 19. Deborah, the prophetess, 348....her song
Beracha, valley of blessing, (see 84th of triumph, 336.
psalm) v. i. 507.

Deluge, 30....abates, 32.
Blasphemer stoned, 237.

Demetrius, v. ii. 114.
Book first mentioned in history, 224. Devil tempts Christ, 236.
Born again here possible, v. ii. 246. Dinah, her fall, v. i. 98.

Doeg slays the Lord's priests, 413. First born slain, v. i. 203.
Dothan, a city, 520.

Flies, plague of, 193.
Doves dung, what is meant by it in Food, what allowed, 233.
Scripture, 521.

Foxes, story of Samson's explained,

Ebal mount, 296.

Ebedmelech, the black, v. ii. 25. Gabinius, v. ii. 138.
Ebenezer, stone of help, v. i. 374. Gabel, v. i. 556.
Eclipse at our Saviour's death, v. ii. 414. Gabriel appears to the Virgin Mary, v.
Ecbatan, a city of Media, v. i. 558.

ii. 216.
Edomites, 512.

Gaza, its gates carried off by Samson,
Eglon, king of Moab, 326.

v. i. 363.
Ehud delivers Israel, 325.

Gedaliah, v. ii. 31.
Elah, valley of, 401.

Gehazi, Elisha's servant, 519.
Elah, king of Israel, 493.

Gibeonites, their fraud, v. i. 297....made
Eldad and Medad prophesy, 241.

slaves to Israel, 299.
Eleazar, brother of Judas, killed, v. ii. Gibeah, its horrid sin, 320....and over-

throw, 323.
Eleazar, killed by order of Antiochus, Gideon defeats the Midianites, 341.

Gilgal, the circumcision there, 288.
Eli judges Israel, v. i. 365....his sons Gilboa, Saul slain there, 425.
wickedness, 367.

Golden calf, account of, 220....reduced
Elijah, 495....destroys Baal's priests, 497 to powder by Moses, and how, 222.

...prays for rain, 498....taken up to Goliah slain by David, 403.
heaven, 510.

Gozan in Media, 555.
Elisha succeeds Elijah, 510....divides the

Jordan, 510....curses the wicked chil. Hagar given to Abraham, 48....expelled
dren, 511....feeds a poor widow, 510 his family, 49....again driven out, 60
raises up a dead child to life, 515.... ....comforted by an angel, 61.

causes iron to swim, and dies, 536. Haggai, the prophet, v. ii. 61.
Eliashib, v. ii. 81.

Haman, his history, 54....and fall, 58.
Elon judges Israel, v. i. 355.

Hamor and Shechem, their story and
Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist,

massacre, v. i. 99.
v. ii. 217.

Hanan, king of Ammon, 438.
Elymas the sorceror, 495.

Harbonah, the eunuch, v. ii. 59.
Esther, queen, her extraordinary history, Hazael, king of Syria, v. i. 499....smo.

thers his master, 526.
Esarhaddon, king of Assyria, v. i. 567. Heber, the Kenite, 329.
Esau born, 71....sells his birthright, 72 Herod the Great, v. ii. 140....marries

marries two Canaanitish wives, 76.... Mariamne, 144....flies into Parthia,
loses the blessing, 78.

145.... goes to Mark Antony, 148....
Ephraimites, their quarrel with Jeph. besieges and takes Jerusalem, 152....
thanh, 355.

puts Hircanus to death, 159....and his
Ethbaal, father of Jezebel, king of Si. wife Mariamne, 162....builds Cæsarea
don, 494.

in honour of Augustus, 163....sketch
Euphrates, river, v. ii. 13.

of Herod's character, 164....account
Eve, her creation and fall, v. i. 18. of his family and successors, 165....
Essenes, account of, 172.

further particulars of his reign, 185....
Evilmerodach, king of Babylon, v. ij.44. and miserable end, 188.
Ezra comes to Jerusalem, 65....dedicates Herod Agrippa, smitten of God, 494.
the temple, 66.

Hezekiah, his good reign, v. i. 562.

High-Priest, his vestments, 230.
Fable of Jotham, the first in history, v. Hinnom, the valley of, 551.
i. 346.

Hiram, king of Tyrus, 473.
Fall of man, 19.

Hircanus, v. ii. 127.
Famine in Egypt, 120.

Holy Ghost, descent of, 461.
Festivals, 232

Holofernes, 20
Fiery furnace, Nebuchadnezzar's, v. Hophra, king of Eygpt, 25.
ii. 38.

Huldah, the prophetess, 6.

nes, 22.

Herod Antipas, the murderor of John Jericho, city of Palm trees taken, 325.
the Baptist, 297.

Jeroboam I. 481-rebels against Reho-
Herodias, some account of her, 296. boam, 484-sets up the golden calves,

Ibzan, judges Israel, v. i. 355.

Jeroboam, his reign in Israel, 512.
Isaiah the prophet, 565.

Jethro, prince of Midian, 174—his visit
Israelites enslaved by the Egyptians, 168 and advice to Moses, 217.

....their children ordered to be drown- Jezebel, 492-married to Ahab, 494
ed, 169....saved by the midwives, 170 her miserable end, 529.
....quit Egypt on Tuesday the 5th of Judah, his marriage, 109_his folly with
May, before Christ 1491 years, 205 Tamar, 110_his generosity in Egypt,
....cross the Red Sea, 209....their re- 129.
bellion, 240....again at Kadesh, 243 Judah, tribe of, ordered against the Ca-
....enslaved by Eglon, 325....and by naanites, 309.
Jabin, Midian, and are deli- Judas Maccabeus, his history, v. ii. 107.
vered by Gideon, 341. ..and by Jeph- Judith, her history, 99-slays Holofer.
thah, 351....chuse a king,
feated at Apheli, 422....finally led Joab, David's general, his history, v. i.
away captive and dispersed, 554.

Isaac born, 59....offered to God, 64.... Joakim, v. ii. 23.

marries Rebekah, 70 ...travels to Ge. Job, his supposed country, v. i. 151–
rar, 73....and to Beersheba, 75.... time when he lived, 153—his riches,
blesses his two sons.

153—and misfortunes, 155-rebuked
Ishmael born, 49.

by his friends, 161-his restoration,
Ishbosheth, Saul's son, king, 431. 164-reflections on his history, 165,

Jabin, king of Canaan, v. i. 327. Joseph of Arimathea, v. ii. 419.
Jacob born, 71....obtains the birthright, Joseph, his drooms, v. i. 105–sold into

72....deceives his father, 77....Alies to Egypt, 113, 114-thrown into prison,
Padan-aram, 81....his dream at Beth- 115-interprets the butler and baker's
el, 82....marries Leah, 85....and Ra. dream, 116-called before Pharaoh,

el, 86_his prosperity, 88—depen. 118-made lord over Egypt, 119-sees
dance on providence, 89_leaves La- his brethren come for corn, 121–
ban, 90-wrestles with an augel, 96_ makes himself known to them, 130
meets Esau, 97-puts away his fami. -sends for and meets his father, 133
ly's idols, 101-visirs his father Isaac, and dies in Egypt, aged 110 years.
102---sends his sons to Egypt for Jonathan, Saul's son, 392.
corn, 120-goes to meet Joseph, 132 Jonah prophesies at Nineveh, 540-
-blesses his sons and dies, aged 138 swallowed by a fish, 541-his discon-

tent, 545..
Jaddua, High-Priest, v. ji. 89.

Jotham, king of Judah, 549.
Jair judges Israel, v. i. 348.

Joppa, city of, now Jaffa, v. ii. 120.
Jamnia, a city, v. ii. 110.

Jonathan, one of the Maccabees, 109,
Jason, High-Priest, 93.

Jehus, since called Jerusalem, v. i. 310. Josephus, 93.
Jehoiada, High-Priest, 533

Josiah, his pious reign, 4.
Jehu, the prophet, 492.

Joshua, takes the command over Israel,
Jehu, king of Israel, 499-cuts off A. v. i. 282–passes the Jordan, 287–
hab's family, 528.

takes Jericho, 291-slays five kings,
Jehosaphat, king of Judah, 500.

299defeats the united Canaanites,
Jehoahaz, king of Judah, 527. v. ii. 11. 301_divides the promised land, 303
Jehorar, king of Judah, slain by Jehu, and dies, aged 110 years, 306.
v.i. 557, 559.

Jesus Christ the Saviour of the world,
Jehoiakim, king of Judah, v. ii. 528. born at Bethlehem, v. ii. 222-cir-
Jerusalem, its king slain, 118-taken by cumcised on the 8th day, 225_escapes
David, v. i 432.

Herod's cruelty, 227—is carried into
Jeremiah the prophet, v. ii. 9.

Egypt, 228-dwells at Nazareth, 229
Jephthah, v. í. 349—judges and delivers disputes in the temple at twelve years
Israel, 351-his rash yow, 352.

of age, 230-lives with his supposed

years, 138

parents till 30 years of age, 231_state restores Bartimeus to sight, 353-Ma-
of Judea at that time, 232, 233-be- ry anoints him at Bethany, 355—he
gins his mission, 236—is acknowledge enters Jerusalem in triumph, 357–
ed by the baptist as the Messiah, 237 certain Greeks visit him, 359—he cur-
led into the wilderness to be tempted, ses the barren fig-tree, 360—reproves
238-turns water into wine, 244 the Pharisees, 362—foretells the de-
drives the buyers and sellers out of the struction of the Jews, 362–his wise
temple, 245—foretells his own resur- answers to them, 364—confutes the
rection, 245–confers with Nicode- Sadducees, 365-cautions his disci.
mus on the nature of regeneration, ples against hypocrisy, 366_his para-
246—is followed by many disciples, ble of the ten virgins, 367—Judas sells
247-goes into Galilee, 250—confers him to the Jewish Sanhedrim, 370-
with the woman of Samaria, 251– cats the paschal lamb with bis disci-
leaves Nazareth and goes to Caperna- ples, and institutes the sacrament of
um, 253—the miraculous draught of the Lord's supper, washes his dis-
fishes, 254-cures the diseased, 254 ciples feet, 371-warns Judas to be-
-confessed by the devils, 255-ap- ware, 375–his dreadful ageny in the
peases a great storm, 256-cures two garden, 383—he is betrayed by Judas,
possessed with devils, 257—cures a 386-carried before Annas and Caia-
lame man on the sabbath-day, 259— phas, 388—is condemned by the San-
calls Matthew the publican, 260— hedrim, 392—denied by Peter, 394-
cures Jairus' daughter, 261-restores taken before Pontius Pilate, 395–
sight to the blind, 263-explains the sent by him to Herod Antipas, 400-
true nature of the Sabbath-day, 269– is most unjustly condemned by Pilate,
restores a poor man's right hand, 272 403-ismocked, scourged, and crown-
numbers his twelve apostles, 275– ed with thorns, 404—foretells the de-
instructs them in their duties, 276— struction of Jerusalem, 406—is cruci-
preaches his sermon on the Mount, fied on mount Calvary, 407-earth-
277, 281-heals the centurion's ser- quake and darkness at his death, 413,
vant, 283—raises the widow's son to 414-expires about three in the after-
life, 284.-dines with Simon the pha- noon, and buried the same evening,
risee, 287-accused of dealing with 416—his resurrection, 422—appears
the devil, 289—speaks many parables, to Thomas, 433—his ascension, 439
290, 293—is driven out of Nazareth, his parables, 446—and discourses,447.
295-feeds five thousand miraculous. John the baptist flies from Herod to the
ly, 298–explains what is the bread of wilderness, v. ii. 233—his mode of liv
life, 302-goes to Tyre and Sidon, ing and preaching there, 234—bears
306–casts a devil out of a child, 307 witness to Jesus, 249—is imprisoned
-returns to Galilee, and cures one by Herod, 250 ---and beheaded by him,
deaf and dumb, 308—again feeds 4000 297.
miraculously, 309-predicts his own John St. the divine, 212---his writings,
death, 316—is transfigured on Mount sufferings, and death, 213, 214.
Tabor, 311-pays the tribute at Ca. Judas betrays Christ, 370---repents and
pernaum, 318—cures ten lepers, 322

hangs himself, 396.
comes to Jerusalem, 322—and cures a

blind man, 327-sends out 70 disci. Karaites, a sect among the Jews, 169..
ples, 330_his parable of the good Sa- Keilah, a town of Judah, 413.
maritan, 332–cures an infirm woman, Kerharsarah taken, 513.
337—heals a man of the dropsy, 338 Korah Dathan and Abiram, v. i. 249,
goes up to Jerusalem to the feast of

dedication, 339—the parable of La-

zarus and the rich glutton, 343-ex- Lacedemonians, v. ii. 124.
plains the true nature and causes of Lachish, a city of Judah---Joash killed
divorce, 342—the parable of the Pha- there, v. i. 538.
risee and publican, 344-blesses the Lepers four at Samaria, 523.
young children,345-Martha and Ma- Libnah, a city, 527.
ry invite him to Bethany, 350-he Lions among the Samaritans, 560.
raises Lazarus from the dead, 350- Locusts, account of, 198.
foretells his own crucifixion, 351-- Lot leaves Chaldea, 40...quits Abram,
43.--Alies from Sodom, 55.--fate of his 200---his song of triumph after pass.
wife, 56---dwells in a cave, 57 ---his ing through the Red Sea, 211 ---strikes
daughters wickedness, 57.

the rock in Horeb, 215---goes up to
Luke St. an account of him, v. ii. 209. Mount Sinai, 217 --receives the law
Lysias, a general to Antiochus, 106. from God, 225.--sends ambassadors
Lydia of Thyatira, 337.

to Edom, 257 ---defeats the Amorites,

261..-his charge to Israel, 277 ---and
Maccabees, their name whence derived, death, 279.
v.ii. 128.

Mount Zion, 572.
Magicians of Egypt, v. i. 189.

Matthew, St. account of him, v. ii. 204.
Magi described, v. ii. 35.

and of his gospel, 205.
Malachi, last of the prophets, 85 to 287. Mark, St. his preaching, writings, and
Malchus, 122.

death, 206.
Malichus, 142.

Manoah visited by an angel, v. i. 357. Naaman the Syrian, a leper, v. i. 517.
Menelaus, High-priest, v. ii. 94.

Nabal, his history, 417.
Manasseh, his impious reign, v. j. 571, Naboth murdered by Ahab and Jezebel,

572---his repentance and death, 572. 504.
Manna, particular account of, 213. Nadab and Abihu burnt, 236.
Mannasses, High-priest, v. ii. 90. Nahash, king of the Ammonites, 438.
March of Israel, its order, v. i. 299. Nahum, the prophet, v. ii. 10.
Marah, bitter waters at, 212.

Nathan, the prophet, v. i. 435.
Matrimony, laws of, 234.

Nathaniel acknowledges Christ, v. ij.
Mattathias, father of the Maccabees, v. 242.

ii. 104---slays an idolatrous Jew, 107 Naomi, her history, v. i. 331.
---reestablishes the law, 108.

Nazarite, what it was, 356.
Mattathias chosen in place of Judas, Necho, king of Egypt, v. ii.8---kills Jo-

siah, 9.
Mark Antony the triumvir, 144.

Nebuchadnezzar, 13---defeats Arphax-
Mathaniah, 17.

ad, king of Media, 20..-his fatal
Media, cities of, v. i. 555.

dream, 39.--his madness, repentance,
Menahem, an usurper, 550---takes Tiph- and death, 43.
sah, 550.

Nebuzaradan, 27.
Mephibosheth, Saul's grandson, 437. Nehemiah, governor of Judea, 68---re.
Meroz cursed by Deborah, 430.

pairs Jerusalem, 69---purges the tem-
Megiddo, valley of, v. ii.9.
Merodach Baladan, king of Babylon, v. Nergal, an Assyrian idol, v. i. 561.
i. 569.

Nicanor, Antiochus's general, v. ii. 115.
Micah establishes idolatry, 315.--robbed Nicodemus comes to Christ by night,
of his gods, 318.

Micaiah, a prophet, 505.

Nile river, account of it, v. i. 191.
Michal, Saul's daughter, 406.

Nineveh, the capital of Assyria, some
Midianites defeated, 341.

account of it, 539---Jonah prophecies
Mithridates, the great king of Pontus, there, 544---its overthrow and total

ruin, 551.
Miriam, instrumental in saving Moses, Nob, the city of the priests destroyed by
171 --her ingratitude and punishment,

Saul, 410,
243---her death, 255.

Noah born, 26.--enters the ark, 29...
Mizpeh, the ark there, 373, 376.

blesses his sons, 35.
Moab descended from Lot's daughter, Numbering the people, 461.
57 ---enslaves Israel, 488--- Israel, 325.

Mordecai, his history, v. ii. 54.

Obed, the prophet, 434.
Moses born, v. i. 170---cast into the riv. Omri, king of Israel, 495.

er, 170----slays an Egyptian, 172.- Oreb and Zeeb slain, 341.
flies to Midian, 173---marries Jethro's Othniel takes Debir, 310---marries Ca-
daughter and keeps his flock, 175... leb's daughter, 311---his administra-
God appears to him at Horeb, 176...

tion, 314.
is sent to deliver Israel, 180---rudely

treated by Pharaoh, 184---smites E. Pacorus invades Judea, v. ii. 145...and
gypt with ten terrible plagues, 190 to

is slain, 147.

ple, 83.

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