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ple, 483.

Passover instituted, v. j. 203.

Ramah, Samuel's city, 416.
Paul at the death of Stephen, v. ii. 479 Ramoth a city, 504.

...his conversion, 484---preaches at Rages a city of Media, 556.
Damascus, 485.--his discourse at An- Raguel, 558.
tioch, 496---heals a cripple at Lystra, Raphael the angel, 557.
500.--parts from Barnabas, 305.--con- Red Sea, account of it, 199.
verts his jailer, 508---preaches at A. Rehoboam, king, 482---offends his peo-
thens, 511---founds the church of Co-
rinth, 515---and of Ephesus, 519... Resurrection of Jesus, v. ii. 422.
raises a dead man at Troas, 521--- Rezin king of Syria, 551.
goes to Jerusalem, 525---is persecuted Riblah a city of Syria, 11.
by the Jews, 527.--delivered to the Rimmon, a Syrian god, v. i. 518.
Romans, 530.--defends himself before Rizpah, Saul's concubine, 429.
Felix, Festus, and Agrippa, 532---ap- Romans make an alliance with the
peals to Cæsar, 534---is sent to Rome, Jews, v. ii. 115.
538---shipwrecked at Malta, 540--- Ruth leaves her country with Naomi,v.
arrives at Rome, and is beheaded by i. 331.
order of Nero, 545---his labours and

writings, abstract of, 543.

Sacrifices first mentioned, 32.--beasts of-
Pekah, v. i. 550.

fered, 231.
Pekaiah, 550.

Sabbath breaker stoned, 243.
Pentateuch, its antiquity, 279.

Sadducees, account of, v. ii. 167.
Persepolis or Elymais, v. ii. 109. Samson, his birth, v. i. 357-.. marries
Persecution of the Jews, 97.

a Philistine woman, 358----kills a
Peter called by Jesus, 241----denies lion, 359..-burns the Philistine corn,
Christ and repents, 392, 393.

361---retires to the Rock Eram, 361---
Peter denies Christ, 394.--sent to Cor. slays a thousand of his enemies, 362---

nelius, 488---delivered from prison, has his eyes put out, 364.-pulls down

the temple of Dagon, and dies, 365.
Pharaoh, king of Egypt, v. i. 168--- his Samuel born, 366---called by God, 368.--

cruelty, 185---is drowned in the Red governs Israel twenty years, 373---
Sea, 210.

anoints Saul king, 376---dies at Ra-
Pharisees, particular account of, v. ii. mah, 416.

Samaria built, 494---its dreadful siege
Philip, a Phrygian, 95.

and famine, 555---is providentially de-
Philip the apostle called, 241.

livered, 523.
Philip converts the Eunuch, 482. Salmanassar king of Assyria, 555.
Philistines, 49,337---besiege Aphek, and Sarepta a city, 495.

take the ark, 370---defeated by Sam- Sarah, her death, v. i. 64.
uel, 373.

Saul, first king of Israel, 391---defeats
Phul, king of Assyria, 550.

the Ammonites, 392---and the Phi-
Plagues of Egypt, v. i. 190.

listines, 392.--visited by an evil spirit,
Plague in Israel, 242.

400---is jealous of David, 405.--gives
Pompey takes Jerusalem, v. ii 137. him his daugi 406----persecutes
Pontius Pilate, 395---Christ brought be- him, 414.--consults the witch of En-

fore him, 395---is admonished by his dor, 422 --and falls in battle with his
wife, 401---condemns Jesus in oppo-

sition to his own sentiments, 403. Seleucus, v. ii. 92.
Ptolmy Epiphanes, 92.

Sects among the Jews, 66.
Prolomy Philometer, 121.

Serpents, fiery, v. i. 259.
Ptolemais a city, 121, 130.

Serpent, brazen, 259.
Puriin, a lot, 59.

Seth born, 25.

Sennacherib, 565--- his army destroyed,
Quails described, v. i. 242---raised upon 566---assassinated by his sons, 567.
the Israelites, 243.

Seven sons and their mother killed, v. ii.

Rabbah taken, 440.

Shamgar delivers Israel, v. i. 326.
Rabshekeh, his blasphemy, 565. Shalluin, a usurper, 549.
Rahab entertains the spies, 284.

sons, 423.

Shadrach, Meshech, and Abednego, v. Tiphsah, a city, v. i. 549.
ji. 34.

Tobiah, the Ammonite, v. ii. 70.
Sheba, queen of, v. i. 477.

Tobit and Tobias, v. i. 557.
Shebnah, 565.

Tola, a judge of Israel, 348.
Shechemites destroyed, 100.

Tower of Babel, 36.
Shekel of silver, its value, 315.

Tyre and Sidon, v. ii. 17.
of gold, its valua, 565.

Shimei curses David, 450.

Uriah slain, v. i. 440.
Shishak invades Judea, 487.

Uzzah, killed for touching the ark, 434.
Sihon, king of the Amorites, 261. Uzziah king of Judah, 548---totally ru-
Simon, v. ii. 116.

ins the Philistines, 548---is struck
Sodom destroyed, v. i. 56.

with leprosy, 549.
Solomon born, 443---made king, 467 ----

his great wisdom, 471.--his alliance Vashti, queen of Persia, v. ii. 53.
with Hiram, 473---builds the temple Ventidius kills Pacorus, 149.
at Jerusalem, 473---falls into idolatry, Virgin Mary saluted by the angel Ga.
479---repents and dies, 481.

briel, 217.
Spies hid by Rahab, 244.

Visits Elizabeth, 218.
Siephen stoned, v. ii. 479.

Strange fire offered, v. i. 236.

Whirlwind, described, v. i. 156.
Straton, the tower of, v. ii. 130.

Wise men come to Jerusalem, v. ii. 224.
Sun and moon stand still, v. i. 300.

Susanna and the two elders, v. ij. 49. Zabad kills his master, v. i. 535.

Zaccheus, account of him, v. ii. 353.
Tabernacle described, v. i. 228.

Zadok the priest, v. i. 449.
Tables of stone, 225.

Zeba and Zalmunna, 342.
Talmud, account of it, v. ii. 169.

Zechariah, king of Israel, 548.
Tamar, David's daughter, v. i. 443. Zechariah, the prophet, v. ii. 62.
Targunis, account of, v. ii. 174---that of Zechariah the priest slain, v.i. 534.

Onkelos, 177---of Jonathan, 178... Zedekiah, his impious reign and captivi.,
their use, 181.

ty, v. ii. 24.
Tartan, v. i. 565.

Zechariah, father of John the Baptist,
Tatnai, v. ii. 63.

217 ---slain by Herod, 297.
Temple founded by Solomon, v. i. 474. Zelophehad, his daughters, v. i. 276.

---destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar, v. ii. Zephaniah, v. ii. 204.
27.--rebuilt by Zerubbabel, v. ii.68.- Zerah, the Ethiopian, v. i. 490.
stopped by its enemies, 52.

Ziba, Saul's servant, 437.
Teraphim, what, v. i. 315.

Ziklag buynt, 425.
Thomas, his unbelief, v. ii. 433.

Zimri slain, v. ii. 272.
Tiglath, king of Assyria, v. i. 554. Zimri, king, v. i. 494.
Timotheus, a general, v. ii. 110. Ziph, and Ziphites, 419.
Tigranes, king of Armenia, 134. Zerubbabel, v. ii.51.

Mr. John Allen, Botetourt county, Virginia. Mr. Robert Anderson, do. do. Mr. James D. Anderson, Abbeville, S. C. Rev. Joseph Buller, Grenville, Miss. Territory. Mr. James Bolls,

do. do, Mr. John Bolls, senr. do.

Mr. John Burch, do. do.
Mr. John Buchannan, Indianna co. Pennsylvania.
Capt. John Beale, Botetourt co. Vir.
Col. H. Bower, do. do.
Mr. John D. Bibb, Abbeville, S. C.
Mr. Thomas Brough,

Mr. Thomas S. Baskin, do.
Mr. L. Lowndes Brown, do.
Col. Robert Barnwell, Beaufort, S. C.
Mesrs. Birch & Small, Philadelphia, 12 copies.
Rev. Thomas Cleland, Wash. co. Kentucky.
Mr. John Craven, Washington city.
Wm. H. Caldwell, Abbeville, S. C.
Rev. David Cooper, Grenville, M. T.
Waterman Crane, Esq. do. do.
Israel Coleman, Esq. do. do.
Ebenezer Clapp, Esq.

do. do. Thomas Cooper, A. B. do. do. Mr. Jesse Cook,

do. do.
John W. Chandler.
-Mr. Ralph Crabb, Botetourt, co. Vir.
Mr. George Cary, Abbeville, S. C.
Mr. James Collier,

Col. Joseph Colhoun do. do.
Mr. John Cameron, do. do.
Oliver D. Cook, New Haven, Connecticut, 2 cop.
Mr. David Darden, Grenville, M. T.
Mr. Samuel Dickson, Charleston S. C.
Mr. Alexander Don, do.
Mr. Robert Deas, do.
William Davidson, junr. Botetourt, co. Vir.
Rev. John B. Davis, Chester dis. S. C.
Rev. Daniel Dana, Newburyport, Mass.


Rev. Hugh Dickson, Abbeville, S. C.
Rev, James Dickson, Pindleton, S. C.
Mr. Israel Davis, do. do.
Mr. Ezekiel Flower, Grenville, M. T.
Mr. Jonah Flower, do. do.
Mr. George Fulton, Philadelphia.
Mrs. (Charles) Frier, Charleston, S. C.
Mr. John Grant, Philadelphia.
John N. Gamble, Esq. Knoxville, Tennesse.
Mr. Wm. Griffing, Grenville, M. T.
Wm. Graydon, Esq. Harrisburgh, Penn. 6 cop.
Joseph Gaston, Esq. Grenville, Ten.
Rev. Daniel Gray, Union dis. S. C.
Mr. Eli Gordon, Newbury dis. S. C.
Mr. William Gilman, New Jersey.
Mrs. Sarah Gibbes, Charleston, S. C. 2 cop.
Mrs. Mary C. Gregorie, do. do.
Mr. Wm. Gray, Abbeville, S. C.
Mr. David Hogan, Philadelphia, 4 cop.
Rev. Thomas Hamilton, New-York.
Mesrs. Hopkins & Bayard do.

6 copies.
John Henderson, Esq. Grenville, M. T.
Mr. Jesse Harper, do. do.
Mr. Daniel Harrigil do.

Mr. John Hughey, Union dis. S. C.
Rev. John Hartt, Long Island, N. Y.
Andrew Hamilton, Esq. Botetourt, Vir.
Mr. Joel Harris, New-jersey.
Mr. Joseph Honston, Abbeville, S. C.
Alexander Hunter, Esq. do. do.
Major Joseph Hutton, do. do.
Mr. John Haslet

do. do. Mr. John Harris

do. do. Miss Eliza Hext, Charleston, do. Mr. Daniel Husted, Cumberland, N. J. Rev. Dr. William Hollinshead, Charleston, S. C. Rev. Horatio G. Jones, Penn. Mr. Thomas Jacquett, Philadelphia. Mr. George Jones, do. Mr. John Jones, Grenville, M. T. Mr. Jonathan Jones,


Mr. James Johnson, Union dis. S. C.
Mrs. Sarah Jones, Philadelphia.
Mr. John Jordan, Botetourt, Vir.
Mrs. Elisabeth Jennings, Charleston S. C.
Rev. Dr. Isaac S. Keith, Charleston, $. C.
Mr. Alexander B. Linton, Abbeville, S. C.
Samuel Linton, Esq.

do. do.
Mr. Malachi Long, Cumberland, N. J.
Col. Hugh Means, Union dis. S. C.
Mr. John Means, do do.
Mr. Hugh Means, jur. do.
Hugh Morrah, Abbeville, S. C.
Mr. William Magan, do.
Capt. Hugh Mecklin, do.
Mr. Charles Martin, do.
Rev. Dr. Samuel Miller, New-York.
Mr. John Maybin, Philadelphia.
Mr. Wm. Milliken, do.
Mr. Thomas M Daniel, Grenville, M. T.
Marchant, Willington, & co. Charleston, S. C.
Mrs. Martha Ann Matthews, do.
Mrs. Sarah Matthews,

Martin M Farran, Botetourt, Vir.
Mr. James M'Connell, do.
Miss Mary Mills, N. J.
Mr. Francis Nichols, Philadelphia.
Andrew Norris, Esq. Abbeville, S. C.
Mr. Julius Nichols, do.
Major Samuel Otterson, Union dis. S. C.
Major John Oliver, Petersburg, Georgia.
Mr. John Powell, East Fallowfield, Penn.
Capt. George Poage, Botetourt, Vir.
Capt. Frederick Pitzer, do.
Jonah Patterson, jur. Abbeville, S. C.
Wm. Payne, Esq. Charleston, S. C.
Mrs. S. P. Parker, do.
Mr. Lewis Paulin, Cumberland, N. J.
Mr. James Roland, Botetourt, Vir.
Mr. Robert Rickey,

Rev. James Rogers, S. Carolina.
Mr. Henry Ravenal, Abbeville, S. C.
Mrs. Caroline Rutledge, Charleston, S. C.

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