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But Godamoighty a moost taake mea an' taake ma now,

Wi' aaf the cows to cauve an' Thurnaby hoalms to plow!

Loook 'ow quoloty smoiles when they seeas ma a passin' boy, Says to thessén, naw doubt, "What a man a bea sewer-loy!" Fur they knaws what I bean to Squoire sin' fust a coom'd to the 'All; I done moy duty by Squoire an' I done moy duty boy hall.

Squoire's i Lunnon, an' summun I reckons 'ull 'a to wroite,

For whoa 's to howd the lond ater mea thot muddles ma quoit; Sartin-sewer I bea thot a weant niver give it to Joanes,

Naw, nor a moant to Robins-a niver rembles the stoans.

But summun 'ull come ater mea mayhap wi' 'is kittle o' steam Huzzin' an' maazin' the blessed fealds wi' the divil's oan team.

Sin' I mun doy I mun doy, thaw loife they says is sweet,

But sin' I mun doy I mun doy, for I couldn abear to see it.

What atta stannin' theer fur, an' doesn bring ma the aale?

Doctor 's a 'toattler, lass, an a's hallus i' the owd taale;

I weant break rules fur Doctor, a knaws naw moor nor a floy; Git ma my aale, I tell tha, an' if I mun doy I mun doy. 1864.


ONCE in a golden hour

I cast to earth a seed. Up there came a flower, The people said, a weed.

To and fro they went

Thro' my garden-bower, And muttering discontent Cursed me and my flower.

Then it grew so tall

It wore a crown of light,

But thieves from o'er the wall

Stole the seed by night;


See the Life of Tennyson II, 10-11.

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Can prove you, tho' he make you ever


Dearer and nearer, as the rapid of life Shoots to the fall,-take this and pray that he

Who wrote it, honoring your sweet faith in him,

May trust himself; and after praise and scorn, [world, As one who feels the immeasurable Attain the wise indifference of the wise; And after autumn past-if left to pass His autumn into seeming-leafless days →→ Draw toward the long frost and longest night, [fruit Wearing his wisdom lightly, like the Which in our winter woodland looks a



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