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[blocks in formation]

Heard! have you ever heard, when the storm on the downs began,

The wind that I wail like a child and the sea that I moan like a man?

Eleation, Election, and Reprobationit's all very well.

But I go to-night to my boy, and I shall not find him in liell.

For I cared so much for my boy that the Lord has look'd into my care,

And He means me I'm sure to be happy with Willy, I know not where.

And if he be lost-but to save my soul, that is all your desire

Do you think that I care for my soul if my boy be gone to the fire?

I have been with God in the dark-go, go, you may leave me aloneYou never have borne a child-you are just as hard as a stone.

I think

Madam, I beg your pardon!
that you mean to be kind,
But I cannot hear what you say for my
Willy's voice in the wind-

The snow and the sky so bright-he
used but to call in the dark,
And he calls to me now from the
church and not from the gibbet-
for hark!

Nay-you can hear it yourself-it is coming-shaking the wallsWilly-the moon 's in a cloud---Goodnight. I am going. He calls. 1880.



Thro' the heat, the drowth, the dust, the

glare, Far from out the west in shadowing showers,

Over all the meadow baked and bare,
Making fresh and fair

All the bowers and the flowers,
Fainting flowers, faded bowers,
Over all this weary world of ours,
Breathe, diviner Air!

O diviner light,

Thro' the cloud that roofs our noon with night,

Thro' the blotting mist, the blinding showers,

Far from out a sky for ever bright, Over all the woodland's flooded bowers,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

And so to the land's
Last limit I came-
And can no longer,
But die rejoicing,
For thro' the Magic
Of Him the Mighty,

Who taught me in childhood,
There on the border
Of boundless Ocean,
And all but in Heaven
Hovers the Gleam.
Not of the sunlight,
Not of the moonlight,
Not of the starlight!
O young Mariner,
Down to the haven,
Call your companions,
Launch your vessel
And crowd your canvas,
And, ere it vanishes
Over the margin,
After it, follow it,
Follow the Gleam.


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