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[blocks in formation]

Allen-a-dale, Sc 161

All is well, CI 705

All service ranks the same with God (Pippa
passes), RB 572

Alteram partem, Cl 694

America, To Walt Whitman in, Sw 886

Among the rocks (James Lee's wife), RB 657
Amours de voyage, From, C1 691

Amphibian (Fifine at the fair) RB 671
Ancient mariner, Rime of the, C 73
Andrea del Sarto, RB 650

And thou art dead, as young and fair, B 171
Another way of love, RB 629

Any wife to any husband, RB 626

Apology, An (Earthly paradise), M 842
Appeal, An, Sw 881

Appearances, RB 674

April, 1814. Stanzas, Sh 275

Arethusa, Sh 346

[blocks in formation]

Aspecta medusa, R. 786

As through the land at eve we went, T 498
Atalanta in Calydon, choruses from, Sw 86€
Atalanta's race, M 843

At the sunrise in 1848, R 778

At the grave of Burns, W 36

A toccata of Galuppi's, RB 621

August (Earthly paradise), M 855
Augusta, Epistle to, B 210

Augusta, Stanzas to, B 209

Austerity of poetry, Ar 761

Autumnal evening, Lines on an, C 66
Autumn song, R 776

Autumn, To, K 409

Ave atque vale, Frater, T 550

Ave Maria (Don Juan), B 251
Aylmer, Rose, L 428

Bacchanalia; or, the new age, Ar 764
Balder dead (III), Ar 745

Ballad of burdens, A, Sw 875

Ballad of dreamland, Sw 890

Ballad of François Villon, Sw 891

Ballad of the dark ladie, The, C 92

Bards of passion and of mirth, K 406
Barren spring, R 805

Battle of Waterloo, B 192

Beauty's pageant, R 805

Before the beginning of years (Atalanta in
Calydon), Sw 867

Belle dame sans merci, La, K 422
Bethesda (A sequel), Cl 691

Better part, The, Ar 762

Between the sunset and the sea (Chas

telard), Sw 872

Birds in the high hall garden (Maud), T


Birth-bond, The, R 796

Bishop orders his tomb in St. Praxed's

church, The, RB 609

Blake, William, R 811

Blank misgivings, Cl 688

Blessed damozel, The, R 774

Blot in the scutcheon, Song from, RB 602
Blow, trumpet, for the world is white with
May (Coming of Arthur), T 540
Blue closet, The, M 835
Boccaccic. The garden of, C 102

[blocks in formation]

Castled crag of Drachenfels, The, B 196
Cauteretz, In the valley of, T 539

Cavalier song, Sc 163

Cavalier tunes, RB 592

Celandine, To the small (two poems), W 27
Chamouni, In the vale of, C 96
Chapel in Lyoness, M 826

Chapman's Homer, On first looking into,
K 373

Character of the happy warrior, W 47
Charge of the Heavy Brigade, Epilogue to
the, T 550

Charge of the Light Brigade, The, T 518
Chastelard, Songs from, Sw 871
Chatterton, Thomas, R 811

Chaucer, Invocation to (Life and death of

Jason), M 842

Chaucer (On a country road), Sw 903

Chrysolites and rubies Bacchus brings,

The, L 455

Circassian love-chant (Lewti), C 68
Claribel, T 461

Clarion, Sc 163

Cleone to Aspasia, L 437
Cliffside path, The, Sw 904
Cliffs, On the, Sw 892
Cloud, The, Sh 343

Cloud confines, The, R 808
Coleridge, S. T., R 812
Coleridge, To, Sh 275

Coliseum, The (Manfred), B 231
Coliseum, The (Childe Harold), B 237

Come back, come back (Songs in absence),
CI 700

Come home, come home (Songs in absence),
CI 700

Come into the garden, Maud (Maud), T 521
Come not when I am dead, T 514

Come poet, come, Cl 704

Coming of Arthur. Songs from the, T 540
Coming of Dian, The (Endymion), K 383
Composed a few miles above Tintern Abbey,
Lines, W 9

Composed by the sea-side, near Calais, W 31
Composed upon an evening of extraor-
dinary splendor, W 55

Composed upon Westminster Bridge, Sept
3, 1802, W 31

Confessions, RB 666

Consider it again, Cl 700
Cor cordium, Sw 888

Corinna to Tanagra, from Athens, L45
Coronach, Sc 160
County Guy, Sc 165
Cristina, RB 594

Crossing the bar, T 553

Cuckoo, To the, W 42

Cupid and Psyche, Song from the story
of, M 854

Currente calamo (Mari magno) Cl 703
Cyclamen, To a, L 442

Daffodils, W 43

Daisy, To the (Three poems), W 34, 35
Dark glass, The, R 798

Dark ladie, Ballad of the, C 92

Darkness, B 212

Dark wood, The, M 857

Day is coming, The, M 860

Day of days, The, M 861

Day returns, my natal day, The, L 443

[blocks in formation]

Day of love, The (Love is enough): M 858

Childe Roland to the dark tower came, RB

Child's future, A, Sw 901.

Children, Sw 900

Child's laughter, A, Sw 900

Child's song, Sw 892

Chillon, The prisoner of, B 206

Chillon, Sonnet on, B 206

Chimes, R 809

Choice, The, R 803

Choric song (Lotos-eaters), T 472
Choruses from Atalanta, Sw 866
Choruses from Hellas, Sh 366, 367
Christabel, C 81

Days that were, The, (House of the Wolf-
ings) M 861

Death-in-love, R 799

Death of Artémidora, The, L 434

Death of James Hogg, Extempore effusion
upon the, W 61

Death of Meleager (Atalanta in Calydon),

Sw 869

Death of Southey, On the, L 456
Death, On Southey's, L 457

Death of the Duke of Wellington, Ode on

the. T 514

[blocks in formation]

Epilogue to Dramatis Personæ, RB 668
Epilogue (Fifine at the fair), RB 671
Epilogue to the Pacchiarotto volume, RB

Epilogue (Two poets of Croisic), RB 678
Epipsychidion, Sh 348

Epistle to Augusta, B 210

Epitaph at Fiesole, For an, L 432

Equal troth, R 798

Error and loss, M 857

Étude réaliste, Sw 901

Euganean Hills, Lines written among the,

Sh 293

Evelyn Hope, RB 618
Evening ode, W 55

Eve of Crecy, The, M 834

Eve of St. Agnes, The, K 398
Eve of St. John, The, Sc 108
Eve of St. Mark, The, K 404
Expostulation and reply, W 8

Extempore effusion upon the death of
James Hogg, W 61

Extinction of the Venetian republic, On
the, W 31

Face, A, RB 667

Faded violet, On a, Sh 293

Fame (Earth's immortalities), RB 60
Fame, On, K 423

Fancy, K 390

Fare-thee-well, B 188

Farewell, A, T 494

Farewell to Italy, L 440

Farewell to the glen, R 806

Far, far away, T 553

Fate (Atalanta in Calydon), Sw 869

Fears and scruples, RB 673

Feast of Dian, K 387

Ferishtah's fancies, Songs from, RB 681

Fiesolan idyl, L 431

Fiesole, For an epitaph at, L 432

Fifine at the fair, RB 671

Final chorus (Atalanta in Calydon), Sw 871
Final chorus (Hellas), Sh 367

Final chorus (Love is enough), M 859

Fire is in the flint (Ferishtah's fancies), RB

First love remembered, R 787
Firwood, A young, R 779

Five English poets, R 811
Flower, The, T 539

Flower in the crannied wall, T 541

For an epitaph at Fiesole, L 432
For a Venetian pastoral, R 779
Forsaken garden, The, Sw 889
Forsaken merman, The, Ar 708
Fountain, The, W 17

Fra Lippo Lippi, RB 644
France, an ode; C 88

François Villon, Ballad of, Sw 891

Frater ave atque vale, T 550

French revolution, W 46

From Amours de voyage, Cl 691
From Dipsychus, Cl 694
From Endymion, K 381

From Mater triumphalis, Sw 887

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