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A king lived long ago (Pippa passes), RB 586
Alas, how soon the hours are over, L 443
Alastor, Sh 276

Allen-a-dale, Sc 161
All is well, CI 705

All service ranks the same with God (Pippa
passes), RB 572

Alteram partem, Cl 694

America, To Walt Whitman in, Sw 886
Among the rocks (James Lee's wife), RB 657
Amours de voyage, From, C1 691
Amphibian (Fifine at the fair) RB 671
Ancient mariner, Rime of the, C 73
Andrea del Sarto, RB 650

And thou art dead, as young and fair, B 171
Another way of love, RB 629

Any wife to any husband, RB 626

Apology, An (Earthly paradise), M 842
Appeal, An, Sw 881

Appearances, RB 674

April, 1814. Stanzas, Sh 275
Arethusa, Sh 346

Artemidora, The death of, L 436

Arthur, Passing of, T 481

Ask me no more, T 498

Ask not one least word of praise (Ferish-

tah's fancies), RB 682
Asolando, Epilogue to, RB 686


Aspecta medusa, R 786

As through the land at eve we went, T 498
Atalanta in Calydon, choruses from, Sw 86€
Atalanta's race, M 843

At the sunrise in 1848, R 778
At the grave of Burns, W 36
A toccata of Galuppi's, RB 621
August (Earthly paradise), M 855
Augusta, Epistle to, B 210

Augusta, Stanzas to, B 209
Austerity of poetry, Ar 761
Autumnal evening, Lines on an, C 66
Autumn song, R 776

Autumn, To, K 409

Ave atque vale, Frater, T 550
Ave Maria (Don Juan), B 251
Aylmer, Rose, L 428

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Elgin marbles, On seeing the, K 380
Empedocles, Lyric stanzas of, Ar 715
Endymion, From, K 381

England, An appeal to, Sw 881

England and America in 1782. T 542
England in 1819, Sonnet, Sh 297
Enid's song (Marriage of Geraint), T 524
En route (Amours de voyage), C1 691
Envoi (Amours de voyage), Cl 693
Envoi (Earthly paradise), M 856
Epilogue to Asolando, RB 686

Epilogue to the charge of the Heavy Brig-
ade, T 550

Epilogue to Dramatic Idyls, RB 680

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Hellas, Song from, Sh 367
Hellenics, On the, L 444

Here pause, the poet claims at least this
praise, W 51

Here's a health to King Charles, Sc 166
Her gifts, R 798

Her heaven (True woman), R 801
Her love (True woman), R 801
Herself (True woman), R 801
Hertha, Sw 882

Hervé Riel, RB 669
Hesperus, Sappho to, L 437
Hidden love, The, CI 704
Hie away, hie away, Sc 162
Higher Pantheism, The, T 540
Highland girl, To a, W 37
Hill summit, The, R 803

His own Iphigeneia and Agamemnon, On, L

Hoarded joy, R 805

Hogg, Extempore effusion on the death of
James, W 61

Homer, On first looking into Chapman's, K

Homer, To, K 389

Home thoughts from abroad, RB 605
Home thoughts from the sea, RB 605
Home they brought her warrior dead (The
Princess), T 498

Honeysuckle, The, R 788

Hope and fear, Sw 899

Hope evermore and believe, Cl 698

Hounds of Spring, The (Atalanta in Caly-
don), Sw

House, RB 672

Householder, The, (Fifine at the Fair).
RB 671

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Inside of King's College chapel, Cambridge,

W 57

Insomnia, R 809

Intellectual beauty, Hymn to, Sh 287
Interpreters, The, Sw 907

In the depths, Cl 694

In the vale of Chamouni, C 96

In the valley of Cauteretz, T 539

In the water, Sw 905

In the white-flowered hawthorn brake, M 855
In three days, RB 631

Intimations of immortality, W 39
In time of mourning, Sw 909

In time of order, A song, Sw 866
Introduction to the Earthly Paradise, M 842
Invasion, The (Gebir), L 425

Invocation to Chaucer (Life and Death of
Jason), M 842

Invocation to the power of love (Endy-
mion), K 385

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Leman, Sonnet to Lake, B 214

Lenore, Sc 105

L'Envoi (Earthly paradise), M 856
Lewti, C 68

Life, C 66

Life, Sc 165

Life and death of Jason, From the, M 839
Life in a love, RB 630

Life is struggle, Cl 705

Life may change, but it may fly not, Sh 366
Life of life (Prometheus unbound), Sh 320
Life of man (Atalanta in Calydon), Sw 867
Life the beloved, R 807

Light Brigade, The charge of the, T 518
Light woman, A, RB 633

Lilith, R 805

Lime-tree bower my prison, This, C 70
Lines composed a few miles above Tintern
Abbey, W 9

Lines left upon a seat in a yew-tree, W 4
Lines on an autumnal evening, C 66
Lines on the Mermaid Tavern, K 390
Lines, When the lamp is shattered, Sh 369
Lines written among the Euganean Hills,
Sh 293

Lines written in early spring, W 7
Lines written in Kensington Gardens, Ar


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