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Past ruin'd Illion Helen lives, L 431
Patriot, The, RB 633

Pearl, A girl, A, RB 683

Peele Castle, W 45
Penumbra, Ŕ 780

Perchè pensa? Pensando s'invecchia, Cl

Personal talk, W 49
Peschiera, C1 693

Phantom or fact, C 103

Philomela, Ar 741

Pibroch of Donald Dhu, Sc 163

Pictor ignotus, RB 606

Pied piper of Hamelin, The, RB 598
Pilgrims, The, Sw 884'
Pippa passes, RB 570
Pis-aller, Ar 764

Pleasure! why thus desert the heart, L 431
Plighted promise, R 788

Poet! he hath put his heart to school, A,
W 62

Poet, The, T 461

Poetical commandments (Don Juan), B 242
Poetics, RB 683

Poet's epitaph, A, W 15

Poet's song, The, T 497

Political greatness, Sonnet, Sh 358
Popularity, RB 632

Porphyria's lover, RB 569

Portrait, The, R 776

Portrait, The (House of Life), R 794
Pot of basil, The, K 391

Pray but one prayer for me, M 827
Prelude to the Earthly Paradise, M 842
Pride of youth, R 797

Primrose of the rock, The, W 59
Princess, Lyrics from the, T 497
Prisoner of Chillon, B 206

Proem (Endymion), K 381

Prologue (Fifine at the fair), RB 677
Prologue (La Saisiaz), RB 677

Prologue (Two poets of Croisic), RB 677

Prometheus, B 213

Prometheus unbound, Sh 299
Proserpine, Hymn to, Sw 872
Proserpine, The garden of, Sw 877
Prospice, RB 667

Proud Maisie, Sc 164

Proud word you never spoke, L 443
Psyche, Ode to, K 406

Psyche, Song from the story of Cupid and,

M 854

Qua cursum ventus, C1 688
Quatrains, L 443

Queen Mary, Lyrics from, T 543

Queen's song, The (Chastelard), Sw 872
Question, The, Sh 347

Questioning spirit, The, Cl 690
Quiet work, Ar 708

Qui laborat, orat, Cl 698

Rabbi ben Ezra, RB 659

Rain, rain and sun (Coming of Arthur), T


Rapunzel, Songs from, M 827

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Remain, ah not in youth alone, L 442
Requiescat, Ar 727

Resolution and independence, W 28
Respectability, RB 630

Retro me, Sathana, R 806
Revenge, The, T 543

Reverie of poor Susan, The, W 5
Revolt of Islam, Dedication of, Sh 291
Riding together, M 825

Rime of the ancient mariner, C 73
Ring and the book, From the, RB 668
Ring out wild bells (In memoriam), T 510
Rivulet crossing my ground (Maud), T 521
Rizpah, T 548

Robert Browning, To, L 443

Robert Browning, Sonnets on the death of,

Sw 909

Robin Hood, K 388

Rome (Childe Harold), B 236

Rome, Cl 692

Rondel, Sw 876

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Sequence of Sonnets on the death of Robert
Browning, Sw 909

Serenade, Indian, Sh 299

Seventy-fifth birthday, On his, L 456
Severed selves, R 799

Shades of Agamemnon and Iphigeneia, L


Shakespeare, Ar 708

Shakespeare, William, Sw 899
Shakespeare and Milton, L 454

Shameful death, M 833

Shame upon you Robin (Queen Mary), T

She dwelt among the untrodden ways, W

Shelley, R 812

Shelley (Cor cordium), Sw 888
She walks in beauty, B 186

She was a phantom of delight, W 42
Shipwreck, The (Don Juan), B 243
Sibylla palmifera, R 804

Silent noon, R 796

Simon Lee, W 6

Simplon Pass, The, W 12
Singing lesson, A, Sw 902
Sir Galahad, T 493

Sir Giles' war-song, M 838
Sister Helen, R 780

Sisters, The, T 467
Sister's sleep, My, R 774
Sisters, Song from the, T 549
Skylark, To a, W 45
Skylark, To a, W 58
Skylark, To a, Sh 344
Sleep, To, W 50

Sleep, To, K 423

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Sun upon the Weirdlaw Hill, The, Sc 164
Superscription, A, R 807
Surprised by joy, impatient as the wind,
W 55

Swallow, swallow, flying, flying south, T


Sweet and low, T 498
Sweet-briar, Upon a, L 432
Switzerland, From, Ar 756
Switzerland, Thought of a Briton on the
subjugation of, W 50

Tables turned, The, W 9

Tamar and the sea-nymph, Loves of, L 426
Tears, idle tears, T 497

"There is no God," the wicked saith, C1 694
There! said a stripling, W 61
There's a woman like a dewdrop, RB 602
There was a boy, W 13
Theseus and Hippolyta, L 457

This lime-tree bower my prison, C 70
This world is very odd, we see, Cl 695
Thomas Carlyle and George Eliot, On the
deaths of, Sw 899

Thomas Moore. To, B 234, 271

Thought of a Briton on the subjugation of
Switzerland, W 50

Thought of death, Sonnets on the, Cl 705
Thrasymedes and Eunoe, L 444

Three Roses, The, L 457

Three shadows, R 809

Three years she grew in sun and shower,
W 15

Throstle, The, T 553

Through a glass darkly, C1 699

Through death to love, R 799

Through the Metidja to Abd-el-Kadr, RB


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To the same flower (celandine), W 27

To the same flower (daisy), W 35

To the small celandine, W 27

To the west wind, Ode, Sh 297
To Thomas Moore, B 234, 271
To Toussaint l'Ouverture, W 32
To Tranquility, Ode, C 94
Touch him ne'er so lightly, RB 680
Toussaint l'Ouverture, W 32
To Virgil, T 550

To William Wordsworth, C 99
To Wordsworth, L 438

To Wordsworth, Sh 603n.
To Youth, L 454

Tranquillity, Ode to, C 94
Transfigured life, R 802
Tray, RB 679

Trees of the garden, The, R 806
Triads, Sw 892

Trosachs, The, W 60

Troy Town, R 789

True-love, an thou be true, Sc 164

True woman, R 801

Trumpet song (Coming of Arthur), T 540
Twenty years hence, L 442
Twist ye, twine ye, even so, Sc 162
Two April mornings, The, W 17
Two in the Campagna, RB 628
Two poets of Croisic, The, RB 67′′

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