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From Switzerland, Ar 756

From the Coming of Arthur, T 540
From the Earthly Paradise, M 842

From the Life and Death of Jason, M 839
From the Ring and the Book, RB 668
Frost at midnight, C 90
Future, The, Ar 724

Galahad, Sir, T 493

Garden by the sea, A (Nymph's song to
Hylas), M 839

Garden of Boccaccio, The, C 102
Garden of Proserpine, The, Sw 877
Gebir, L 425

Genius in beauty, R 796

Jentleman, To a (William Wordsworth),
C 99

George Eliot and Thomas Carlyle, On the
deaths of, Sw 899

Gilliflower of gold, The, M 832
Give a rouse, RB 593

Give her but the least excuse to love me
(Pippa passes), RB 582

Give me the eyes that look on mine, L 442
Gleam, Merlin and the, T 551
Godiva, T, 492

Gold-hair (Rapunzel), M 827

Go not, happy day, (Maud), T 520
Grammarian's Funeral, A, RB 635

Grande Chartreuse, Stanzas from the, Ar

Grasshopper and cricket, On the, K 374
Grave of Burns, At the, W 36

Great men have been among us, W 33

Great spirits now on earth are sojourning,

K 373

[blocks in formation]

Hapless doom of woman (Queen Mary), T
Happy warrior, Character of, W 47
Harp of the north, farewell, Sc 160
Hartley Coleridge, To, W 33

Hast thou seen with flash incessant, W 55
Haydon, To B. R., W 55

Haystack in the floods, The, M 836

Heap cassia, sandal buds (Paracelsus), RB

Health to King Charles, Here's a, Sc 166
Heart of the night, The, R 802
Heart's compass, R 797
Heart's hope, R 794

Heine (from Heine's grave), Ar 768
Hellas, Choruses from, Sh 366, 367

Hellas, Song from, Sh 367
Hellenics, On the, L 444

Here pause, the poet claims at least this
praise, W 51

Here's a health to King Charles, Sc 166
Her gifts, R 798

Her heaven (True woman), R 801

Her love (True woman), R 801
Herself (True woman), R 801
Hertha, Sw 882

Hervé Riel, RB 669

Hesperus, Sappho to, L 437
Hidden love, The, Cl 704
Hie away, hie away, Sc 162
Higher Pantheism, The, T 540
Highland girl, To a, W 37
Hill summit, The, R 803

His own Iphigeneia and Agamemnon, On, L

[blocks in formation]

Iceland first seen, M 863

I fear thy kisses, Sh 345

If this great world of joy and pain, W 61

If thou indeed derive thy light from heaven.
W 61

I grieved for Buonaparte, W 30

I have led her home (Maud), T 520

I have seen higher, holier things, Cl 688

I held her hand, the pledge of bliss, L 431
I know not whether I am proud, L 443
Imitation of Spenser, K 372
Immortality, Ar 762
Impromptus, B 270

In a drear-nighted December, K 389
In a gondola, RB 596

In a lecture-room, Cl 688

In a London square, Cl 705

Incident of the French camp, RB 594
Inconstancy, L 450

Indian serenade, Sh 299
Indolence, Ode on, K 405

Influence of natural objects, W 13
In Guernsey, Sw 901

In memoriam, T 499

In memory of the author of Obermann,
Stanzas, Ar 725

In memory of Walter Savage Landor, Sw 876
In prison, M 839

Inside of King's College chapel, Cambridge,
W 57

Insomnia, R 809

Intellectual beauty, Hymn to, Sh 287
Interpreters, The, Sw 907

In the depths, Cl 694

In the vale of Chamouni, C 96

In the valley of Cauteretz, T 539

In the water, Sw 905

In the white-flowered hawthorn brake, M 855
In three days, RB 631

Intimations of immortality, W 39
In time of mourning, Sw 909
In time of order, A song, Sw 866

Introduction to the Earthly Paradise, M 842
Invasion, The (Gebir), L 425

Invocation to Chaucer (Life and Death of
Jason), M 842

Invocation to the power of love (Endy-
mion), K 385

Iphigeneia and Agamemnon, On his own,
L 440

Iphigeneia and Agamemnon, L 445

Iphigeneia, The shades of Agamemnon and,
L 433

[blocks in formation]

Kate the queen (Pippa passes), RB 582
Keats, R 812

Keen fitful gusts are whispering here and
there, K 373

Kensington Gardens, Lines written in, Ar


King Charles, Here's a health to, Sc 166
King's College Chapel, Cambridge, W 57
King's Tragedy, The, R 812
Known in vain, R 802
Kossuth, To Louis, Sw 891
Kubla Khan, C 72

La belle dame sans merci, K 422
Labuntur anni (Don Juan), B 242
Lachin y-Gair, B 170

Lady of Shalott, The, T 462
La Fayette, C 69

Lake Leman, Sonnet to, B 214

Lamb, To Mary, L 440

Lament, A, Sh 358

Lancelot and Elaine, Song from, T 525

Landmark, The, R 802

Landor, In memory of Walter Savage, Sw


Laodamia, W 51

La Saisiaz, Prologue, RB 677

Last duchess, My, RB 595

Last ride together, The, RB 634

Last sonnet, Keats', K 423

Late, late, so late (Guinevere), T 525

Lately our songsters loitered in greer
lanes, L 457

Latest decalogue, The, Cl 694
Lecture-room, In a, Cl 688
Leech-gatherer, The, W 28

Left upon a seat in a yew-tree, Lines, W 4
Leigh Hunt, Esq., To, K 380

Leman, Sonnet to Lake, B 214

Lenore, Sc 105

L'Envoi (Earthly paradise), M 856
Lewti, C 68

Life, C 66

Life, Sc 165

Life and death of Jason, From the, M 839
Life in a love, RB 630

Life is struggle, Cl 705

Life may change, but it may fly not, Sh 366
Life of life (Prometheus unbound), Sh 320
Life of man (Atalanta in Calydon), Sw 867
Life the beloved, R 807

Light Brigade, The charge of the, T 518
Light woman, A, RB 633
Lilith, R 805

Lime-tree bower my prison, This, C 70

Lines composed a few miles above Tintern
Abbey, W 9

Lines left upon a seat in a yew-tree, W 4
Lines on an autumnal evening, C 66
Lines on the Mermaid Tavern, K 390
Lines, When the lamp is shattered, Sh 369
Lines written among the Euganean Hills,

Sh 293

Lines written in early spring, W 7

Lines written in Kensington Gardens, Ar


[blocks in formation]

Love's philosophy, Sh 299

Love-sweetness, R 797

Love's testament, R 793

Love thou thy land, T 480

Low, lute, low (Queen Mary), T 543

Lucknow, The defence of, T 546

Lucretia Borgia's hair, On, L 438
Lucy, W 14, 15

Lucy Gray, W 18

Lyrics from Maud, T 519

Lyrics from Queen Mary, T 543

Lyrics from the coming of Arthur, T 540
Lyrics from the Princess, T 497

Lyric stanzas of Empedocles, Ar 715
Lyrics, to Ianthe, L 430, 441

Magical nature, RB 674

Maid of Athens, B 170

Maid of Neidpath, Sc 108

Maid's Lament, The, L 433

Maisie, Proud, Sc 164

Manfred. B 214

Marching along, RB 592

Margaret, The affliction of, W 43

Marguerite (Isolation), Ar 756

Marguerite, To (continued), Ar 757
Marmion, Sc 114

Marriage of Geraint, Song from, T 524

Mary- To (Revolt of Islam), Sh 291
Mary Beaton's song (Chastelard), Sw 871
Mary Lamb, To, L 440

Mary Magdalene at the door of Simon the
Pharisee, R 785

Mary's girlhood, R 778

Mary Stuart, Song from, Sw 899

Match, A, Sv7 874

Mater triumphalis, From, Sw 887
Matthew, W 16

Maud, Lyrics from, T 519

Mazzini, On the monument to, Sw 907

Medusa, Aspecta, R 786

Meeting at night, RB 605

Meeting of Gebir and Charoba, The, L 426
Melancholy, Ode on, K 409

Meleager, Death of (Atalanta in Calydon),

Sw 869

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Obermann, Stanzas in memory of the
author of, Ar 725

Obermann once more, Ar 768

O bitter sea (Life and Death of Jason) M 839
Oblation, The, Sw 889

Ocean, The (Childe Harold), B 239
Octogenarian, To an, W 63

Ode (Bards of passion), K 406

Ode composed upon an evening of extra-
ordinary splendor, W 55

Ode, Dejection, An, C94

Ode, France, An, C 88

Ode, Intimations of immortality, W 39

Ode on a Grecian urn, K 407

Ode on indolence, K 405

Ode on melancholy, K 409

Ode on the death of the Duke of Welling-
ton, T 514

Ode to a nightingale, K 408

Ode to duty, W 44

Ode to Napoleon Buonaparte, B 184

Ode to Psyche, K 406

Ode to tranquility, C 94

Ode to the west wind, Sh 297
Oenone, T 464

Of old sat Freedom on the heights, T 479
Of such is the kingdom of heaven, Sw 900
Ogier the Dane, Song from, M 855


Oh! snatched away in beauty's bloom: B
Oh that 'twere possible (Maud), T 5:23
Old and new art, R 804

Old pictures in Florence, RB 622

O, let the solid ground (Maud), T 519

On a country road, Sw 903

On a faded violet, Sh 293

On a Grecian urn, Ode, K 407

On an autumnal evening, Lines, C 66
On a picture of Leander, K 380

[blocks in formation]

On the verge, Sw 906

On this day I complete my thirty-sixth year,
B 272

Orpheus and the Sirens, Songs of (Life and
death of Jason), M 840

Orpheus' song of triumph (Life and death
of Jason) M 840

O ship, ship, ship, Cl 702
Osorio, Song from, C 73

O swallow, swallow, flying, flying south, T

O that 'twere possible (Maud), T 523
Our gaieties, our luxuries, C1 695
Overhead the tree-tops meet (Pippa passes),
ᎡᏴ 591

Over the sea our galleys went (Paracelsus),
RB 568

Ozymandias, Sh 293

Pacchiarotto volume, Epilogue to the, RB


Pains of sleep, The, C 98
Palace of Art, The, T 468
Palladium, Ar 765

Pan, Hymn of, Sh 346

Pan, Hymn to (Endymion), K 382
Pantheon, The, Cl 692

Paracelsus, Songs from, RB 568
Parting at morning, RB 605
Passion and worship, R 794

[blocks in formation]

Poetical commandments (Don Juan), B 242
Poetics, RB 683

Poet's epitaph, A, W 15
Poet's song, The, T 497

Political greatness, Sonnet, Sh 358
Popularity, RB 632

Porphyria's lover, RB 569
Portrait, The, R 776

Portrait, The (House of Life), R 794
Pot of basil, The, K 391

Pray but one prayer for me, M 827

Prelude to the Earthly Paradise, M 842
Pride of youth, R 797

Primrose of the rock, The, W 59

Princess, Lyrics from the, T 497

Prisoner of Chillon, B 206

Proem (Endymion), K 381

Prologue (Fifine at the fair), RB 677
Prologue (La Saisiaz), RB 677

Prologue (Two poets of Croisic), RB 677
Prometheus, B 213

Prometheus unbound, Sh 299
Proserpine, Hymn to, Sw 872

Proserpine, The garden of, Sw 877
Prospice, RB 667

Proud Maisie, Sc 164

Proud word you never spoke, L 443
Psyche, Ode to, K 406

Psyche, Song from the story of Cupid and,
M 854

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Resolution and independence,

W 28

Respectability, RB 630

Retro me, Sathana, R 806

Revenge, The, T 543

Reverie of poor Susan, The, W 5
Revolt of Islam, Dedication of, Sh 291
Riding together, M 825

Rime of the ancient mariner, C 73

Ring and the book, From the, RB 668
Ring out wild bells (In memoriam), T 510
Rivulet crossing my ground (Maud), T 521
Rizpah, T 548

Robert Browning, To, L 443

Robert Browning, Sonnets on the death of,
Sw 909

[blocks in formation]

Rose Aylmer's hair, given by her sister,
L 456

Rosny, RB 682

Roundel, The, Sw 902

Roundelay (Endymion), K 386

Round us the wild creatures (Ferishtah's
fancies), RB 681

Rudel to the lady of Tripoli, RB 602

Rugby Chapel, Är 766

Sailing of the sword, The, M 834
Sailor boy, The, T 536

Saint Agnes' eve, T 479

Saint Agnes', The eve of, K 398
Saint John, The eve of, Sc 108
Saint Luke the painter, R 804
Saint Mark, The eve of, K 404

Salt of the Earth, the, Sw 900

Same flower, To the (celandine), W 27
Same flower, To the (daisy), W 35
Sapphics, Sw 878

Sappho (On the cliffs), Sw 892

Sappho to Hesperus, L 437

Saul, KB 611

Saul before his last battle, Song of, B 197

Say not the struggle nought availeth, Cl


Sceptic moods, Cl 693

Scholar gipsy, The, Ar 741

Scorn not the sonnet, W 58
Seaboard, The, Sw 903

Sea, On the, K 386

Sea, To the (Life and death of Jason), M 839
Sea-limits, The, R 779

Sea-shell, The (Gebir), L 42%

Seasons, The, M 857

Second best, The, Ar 714

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