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See what a lovely shell (Maud), T 522

Self-deception, Ar 714
Self-dependence, Ar 721
Sensitive plant, The, Sh 338
September, 1819, W 55

Sequence of Sonnets on the death of Robert
Browning, Sw 909

Serenade, Indian, Sh 299

Seventy-fifth birthday, On his, L 456
Severed selves, R 799

Shades of Agamemnon and Iphigeneia, L


Shakespeare, Ar 708

Shakespeare, William, Sw 899
Shakespeare and Milton, L 454
Shameful death, M 833

Shame upon you Robin (Queen Mary), T

She dwelt among the untrodden ways, W

Shelley, R 812

Shelley (Cor cordium), Sw 888

She walks in beauty, B 186

She was a phantom of delight, W 42
Shipwreck, The (Don Juan), B 243
Sibylla palmifera, R 804
Silent noon, R 796
Simon Lee, W 6

Simplon Pass, The, W 12

Singing lesson, A, Sw 902
Sir Galahad, T 493

Sir Giles' war-song, M 838
Sister Helen, R 780
Sisters, The, T 467

Sister's sleep, My, R 774

Sisters, Song from the, T 549

Skylark, To a, W 45

Skylark, To a, W 58

Skylark, To a, Sh 344

Sleep, To, W 50

Sleep, To, K 423

Sleep and poetry, K 374

Slumber did my spirit seal, A, W 15
Small celandine, To the, W 27

So fair, so sweet, withal so sensitive, W 62
Sohrab and Rustum, Ar 728

Soldier rest, thy warfare o'er, Sc 159

Solitary reaper, The, W 38

Solitude, W 18

Solitude, A, Sw 902

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Song from Zapolya, C 101

Song in time of order, Sw 866

Song of Saul before his last battle, B 187
Song of spirits (Prometheus unbound),. Sh

Song of the echoes (Prometheus unbound),
Sh 314

Songs from Chastelard, Sw 871

Songs from Ferishtah's fancies, RB 681
Songs from Paracelsus, RB 568
Songs in absence, Cl 700

Songs of Orpheus and the sirens (Life and
death of Jason), M 840

Song-throe, The, R 802

Song, The miller's daughter, T 463

Song, Where shall the lover rest, Sc 125
Sonnet, The, W 48, 58

Sonnet, The, R 793

Sonnet, England in 1819, Sh 297

Sonnet on Chillon, B 206

Sonnet, Political greatness, Sh 358

Sonnet, Scorn not the, W 58

Sonnets from the Portuguese, EBB 555

Sonnets on the death of Robert Browning,

Sw 909

Sonnets on the thought of death, Cl 705

Sonnet, To an octogenarian, W 63

Sonnet to Lake Leman, B 214
Soon, O Ianthe! life is o'er, L 442
Soothsay, R 810

So then, I feel not deeply, L 455
Soul's beauty, R 804

Southey, On the death of, L 456
Southey's death, On, L 457

So we'll go no more a-roving, B 271
Sparrow's nest, The, W 26

Splendor falls on castle walls, The, T 498
Stanzas, April, 1814, Sh 275

Stanzas for music (There be none of

beauty's daughters), B 189

Stanzas for music (There's not a joy), B 187
Stanzas for music (They say that hope is
happiness), B 212

Stanzas from the Grande Chartreuse, Ar 754
Stanzas in memory of the author of Ober-

mann, Ar 725

Stanzas to Augusta, B 209

Stanzas written in dejection near Naples,

Sh 296

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Sun upon the Weirdlaw Hill, The, Sc 164
Superscription, A, R 807

Surprised by joy, impatient as the wind,
W 55

Swallow, swallow, flying, flying south, T


Sweet and low, T 498

Sweet-briar, Upon a, L 432

Switzerland, From, Ar 756

Switzerland, Thought of a Briton on the
subjugation of, W 50

Tables turned, The, W 9

Tamar and the sea-nymph, Loves of, L 426
Tears, idle tears, T 497

"There is no God," the wicked saith, Cl 694
There! said a stripling, W 61

There's a woman like a dewdrop, RB 602
There was a boy, W 13

Theseus and Hippolyta, L 457

This lime-tree bower my prison, C 70

This world is very odd, we see, Cl 695

Thomas Carlyle and George Eliot, On the

[blocks in formation]

To Augusta, Stanzas, B 209
To Augusta, Epistle, B 210
To autumn, K 409

To a young lady, W 46

To B. R. Haydon, W 55

To Chaucer, Invocation (Life and death of
Jason), M 842

To Coleridge, Sh 275

To Hartley Coleridge, W 33
To Hesperus, Sappho, L 437
To Homer, K. 389

To Ianthe, Lyrics, L 430, 441
To Jane, With a guitar, Sh 368
To Joseph Ablett, L 438
τὸ καλόν, C1. 698

To Leigh Hunt Esq., K 360
To Louis Kossuth, Sw 891
To Marguerite, Ar 756, 757

To Mary (Revolt of Islam), Sh 291
To Mary Lamb, L 440
To-morrow, Sh 368

To Mr. Murray, B 270, 271
To my ninth decade, L 458
To my sister, W 8

To-night, Sh 357

[blocks in formation]

Ulysses, T 487

ὕμνος άυμνος, C1 699

Unremitting voice of nightly streams, The,
W 63

Up at a villa-down in the city, RB 619
Upon a sweet-briar, L 432

Vale of Chamouni, In the, C 96
Valley of Cauteretz, In the, T 539
Various the roads of life, L 443
Vastness, T 550

Venetian pastoral, For a, R 779
Venice (Childe Harold), B 234
Venus victrix, R 798

Verse-making was least of my virtues (Fer ·

ishtah's fancies), RB 681

Villon, Ballad of François, Sw 891

Violet, On a faded, Sh 293

Violet, The, Sc 108

Virgil, To, T 550

Vision of judgment, The, B 257

Vision of sin, The, T 494

Vivien's song (Merlin and Vivien), T 524
Voice and the peak, The, T 542

Voice by the cedar-tree, A (Maud), T 519
Voice of Toil, The, M 859
Voyage, The, T 537

[blocks in formation]

West London, Ar 762

Westminster Bridge, Composed upon, W 31
West wind, Ode to the, Sh 297

When a man hath no freedom, B 271

When Helen first saw wrinkles in her face,
L 430

When I have borne in memory, W 33
When I have fears that I may cease to be,
K 381

When the enemy is near thee, Cl 695
When the lamp is shattered, Sh 369
When we two parted, B 171
Where are the great, Cl 695

Where lies the land (Songs in absence), Cl

Where shall the lover rest (Marmion), Se


Whirl-blast from behind the hill, A, W 8
Whitman, To Walt, Sw 886

Who kill'd John Keats, B 271

Why from the world (Ferishtah's fancies),
RB 682

Why I am a Liberal, RB 682
Why, why repine, L 440

[blocks in formation]

-With whom is no variableness, Cl 702
Woman's last word, A, RB 617
Woodspurge, The, R 788

Wordsworth, To, Sh 276

Wordsworth, To, L 438

Wordsworth, To William, C 99

Word with the wind, A, Sw 908

Work without hope, C 101

World is a bundle of hay, The, B 271
World is too much with us, The, W 50
Worldly place, Ar 761

World's great age begins anew, The, Sh 367
Worlds on worlds are rolling ever, Sh 366
World's wanderers, The, Sh 348
Wrestling-match, The (Gebir), L 427

Written among the Euganean Hills, Sh 293
Written in dejection near Naples, Sh 296
Written in early spring, W ?

Written in Kensington Gardens, Ar 724
Written in London, W 32

Written in March, W 26

Written in the album at Elbingerode, C 93
Written on the road between Florence and
Pisa, B 271

Yarrow revisited, W 59
Yarrow unvisited, W 39
Yarrow visited, W 54

Year's at the spring, The (Pippa passes), RB

Years, many parti-colored years, L 455
Yes, I write verses now and then, L 441
Yes, it was the mountain echo, W 48
Yew-trees, W 36

You ask me why, tho' ill at ease, T 479
You'll love me yet (Pippa passes), RB 588'
Young lady, To a, W 46

Young Lochinvar (Marmion), Sc 141
You smiled, you spoke, L 442
Youth, to, L 454

Youth and age, C 101
Youth and art, RB 666

Youth and calm, Ar 761

Youth of nature, The, Ar 719

Youth of the year, The (Atalanta in Caly.
don), Sw 866

Youth's antiphony, R 795
Youth's spring-tribute, R 795

Zapolya, Song from, C 101


[blocks in formation]

After dark vapors have oppressed our plains, K 380

Again at Christmas did we weave, T 506 Agnes went through the meadows a-weeping, M 862

A golden gilliflower to-day, M 832

Ah! County Guy, the hour is nigh, Sc 165
Ah, did you once see Shelley plain, RB 632
A heavy heart, Beloved, have I borne, EBB

Ah what avails the sceptred race, L 428
A king lived long ago, RB 586

Alas! how soon the hours are over, L 443
A little child, a limber elf, C 88
A little while a little love, R 788

All along the valley, stream that flashest white, T 539

All day long and every day, M 826
Allen-a-Dale has no faggot for burning, Sc


All I can say is I saw it! RB 674

All June I bound the rose in sheaves, RB 629

All nature scens at work. Slugs leave their lair, C 101

All service ranks the same with God, RB 572 All that I know, RB. 626

All the bells of heaven may ring, Sw 900 All the breath and the bloom of the year in the bag of one bee, RB 683

All the night sleep came not upon my eyelids, Sw 878

All thoughts, all passions, all delights, C 91
Along these low-pleached lanes, Sw 903
A lovely form there sate beside my bed, C

Among the wondrous ways of men and time, Sw 910

An aged man who loved to doze away, L 458
And all is well, tho' faith and form, T 513
And here the singer for his art, T 550
And is this Yarrow? This the stream, W 54
And now Love sang; but his was such a
song, R 799

Andromeda, by Perseus saved and wed, R 786

And so you found that poor room dull, RB 674

And the first gray of morning fill'd the east, Ar 728

And therefore if to love can be desert, EBR 557

And thou art dead, as young and fair, B 171 And thou, O life, the lady of all bliss, R


And what though winter will pinch severe, Sc 163

And wilt thou have me fashion into speech, EBB 557

And ye maun braid your yellow hair, Sw 899

And yet, because thou overcomest, EBB 558
An old, mad, blind, despised king, Sh 297
Another year! another deadly blow, W 50
A pen
to register; a key, W 58
A Poet! he hath put his heart to school, W


A rainbow's arch stood on the sea, Sh 310 Arches on arches! as it were that Rome, B


Arethusa arose, Sh 346

Ariel to Miranda - Take, Sh 368

A rock there is whose homely front, W 59
A roundel is wrought as a ring or a star-
bright sphere, Sw 902

Artemidora! Gods invisible, L 436
Art thou a statist in the van, W 15
Art thou indeed among these, Sw 881
Art thou pale for weariness, Sh 348

A sensitive plant in a garden grew, Sh 338 As growth of form or momentary glance, R 802

A ship with shields before the sun, M 838 - A simple child, W 6

A simple ring with a single stone, RB 683 As I ride, as I ride, RB 593

Ask me no more; the moon may draw the sea, T 499

Ask nothing more of me, sweet, Sw 899
Ask not one least word of praise, RB 682
As late I journey'd o'er the extensive plain,
C 66

A slumber did my spirit seal, W 15

A sonnet is a moment's monument, R 793
As ships, becalmed at eve, that lay, Cl 688
As sometimes in a dead man's face, T 506
As thro' the fields at eve we went, T 498
As thy friend's face, with shadow of soul
o'erspread, R 807

A still, serene, soft day: enough of sun, L


As two whose love, first foolish, widening scope, R 802

A sunny shaft did I behold, C 101

As when desire, long darkling, dawns, and first, R 793

As when far off the warbled strains are heard, C 69

As when two men have loved a woman well, R 806

At Flores in the Azores Sir Richard Grenville lay, T 543

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever, K 381
At midnight by the stream I roved, C 68
At the corner of Wood Street, when daylight
appears, W 5

At the midnight in the silence of the sleeptime RB 686

Ave Maria! blessed be the hour, B 251
A voice by the cedar-tree, T 519

A wanderer is man from his birth, Ar 724
Away, haunt thou not me, Cl 688
Away, my verse; and never fear, L 430
Away, the moor is dark beneath the moon,
Sh 275

Away, ye gay landscapes, ye gardens of roses,
B 170

A whirl-blast from behind the hill, W 8

A widow bird sate mourning for her love, Sh 369

[blocks in formation]

Beneath yon birch with silver bark, C 92 Between the hands, between the brows, R 792

Between the moondawn and the sundown here, Sw 892

Between the sunset and the sea, Sw 872
Bird of the bitter bright gray golden morn,
Sw 891

Birds in the high Hall-garden, T 519
Blow trumpet, for the world is white with
May, T 540

Bob Southey! you're a poet-Poet-laureate
B 240

Boot, saddle, to horse and away, RB 593 Borgia, thou once wert almost too august, L 438

Break, break, break, T 497

Bright clouds float in heaven, Sh 329

Bright flower! whose home is everywhere, W


[blocks in formation]

Calm is the morn without a sound, T 501 Can it be right to give what I can give, EBB 557

Can tyrants but by tyrants conquer'd be, B 236

Child of a day, thou knowest not, L 430
Coldly, sadly descends, Ar 766

Come back, come back, behold with straining mast Cl 700

Come back, ye wandering muser, come back home, L 555

Come, dear children, let us away, Ar 708 Come hither, all sweet maidens, soberly, K 380

Come hither, lads, and harken, for a tale there is to tell, M 860

Come home, come home! and where is home for me, Cl 700

Come into the garden, Maud, T 521
Come not, when I am dead, T 514
Come, poet, come! Cl 704

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