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Will, T 524
William and Helen, Sc 105
William Shakespeare, Sw 899
William Wordsworth, To, C 99
Willowwood, R 799

Wind, A word with the, Sw 908
Wind, Ode to the west, Sh 297
Winter Weather, M 824

Wish no word unspoken (Ferishtah's fan-
cies), RB 681

With a guitar, To Jane, Sh 368
With flowers from a Roman wall, Sc 108
Without her, R 800

With rosy hand a little girl pressed down,
L 442

-With whom is no variableness, Cl 702
Woman's last word, A, RB 617
Woodspurge, The, R 788
Wordsworth, To, Sh 276
Wordsworth, To, L 438
Wordsworth, To William, C 99
Word with the wind, A, Sw 908
Work without hope, C 101

World is a bundle of hay, The, B 271
World is too much with us, The, W 50
Worldly place, Ar 761

World's great age begins anew, The, Sh 367
Worlds on worlds are rolling ever, Sh 366
World's wanderers, The, Sh 348
Wrestling-match, The (Gebir), L 427
Written among the Euganean Hills, Sh 293
Written in dejection near Naples, Sh 296
Written in early spring, W7

Written in Kensington Gardens, Ar 724
Written in London, W 32

Written in March, W 26

Written in the album at Elbingerode, C 93
Written on the road between Florence and
Pisa, B 271

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All I can say is - I saw it! RB 674

All June I bound the rose in sheaves, RB 629

All nature scems at work. Slugs leave their lair, C 101

All service ranks the same with God, RB 572 All that I know, RB 626

All the bells of heaven may ring, Sw 900 All the breath and the bloom of the year in the bag of one bee, RB 683

All the night sleep came not upon my eyelids, Sw 878

All thoughts, all passions, all delights, C 91 Along these low-pleached lanes, Sw 903 A lovely form there sate beside my bed, C 103 Among the wondrous ways of men and time, Sw 910

An aged man who loved to doze away, L 458
And all is well, tho' faith and form, T 513
And here the singer for his art, T 550
And is this Yarrow? This the stream, W 54
And now Love sang; but his was such a
song, R 799

Andromeda, by Perseus saved and wed, R 786

And so you found that poor room dull, RB 674

And the first gray of morning fill'd the east,
Ar 728
And therefore if to love can be desert, EBR

And thou art dead, as young and fair, B 171 And thou, O life, the lady of all bliss, R 808

And what though winter will pinch severe, Sc 163

And wilt thou have me fashion into speech, EBB 557

And ye maun braid your yellow hair, Sw 899

And yet, because thou overcomest. EBB 558
An old, mad, blind. despised king, Sh 297
Another year! another deadly blow, W 50
A pen
-to register; a key, W 58
A Poet! he hath put his heart to school, W


A rainbow's arch stood on the sea, Sh 310 Arches on arches! as it were that Rome, B 237

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As two whose love, first foolish, widening scope, R 802

A sunny shaft did I behold, C 101

As when desire, long darkling, dawns, and first, R 793

As when far off the warbled strains are heard, C 69

At Flores in the Azores Sir Richard Gren-
ville lay, T 543

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever, K 381
At midnight by the stream I roved, C 68
At the corner of Wood Street, when daylight
appears, W 5

At the midnight in the silence of the sleeptime RB 686

Ave Maria! blessed be the hour, B 251
A voice by the cedar-tree, T 519

A wanderer is man from his birth, Ar 724
Away, haunt thou not me, Cl 688
Away, my verse; and never fear, L 430
Away, the moor is dark beneath the moon,
Sh 275

Away, ye gay landscapes, ye gardens of roses,
B 170

A whirl-blast from behind the hill, W 8
A widow bird sate mourning for her love, Sh

Back to the flower-town, side by side, Sw 876 Banner of England, not for a season, O banner of Britain, hast thou, T 546 Bards of passion and of mirth, K 406 Beautiful Evelyn Hope is dead! RB 618 Beautiful spoils! borne off from vanquished death! L 456

Beauty like hers is genius. Not the call, R 796

Because thou hast the power, and own'st
the grace, EBB 563

Before the beginning of years, Sw 867
Behold her, single in the field, W 38
Behold, within the leafy shade, W 26
Beloved, my beloved, when I think, EBB 559
Beloved, thou hast brought me many flowers,
EBB 564
Beneath the shadow of dawn's aerial cope,
Sw 899
Beneath these fruit-tree boughs that shed,
W 35

Beneath yon birch with silver bark, C 92
Between the hands, between the brows, R


Between the moondawn and the sundown here, Sw 892

As when two men have loved a woman well, Bring the bowl which you boast, Sc 166
R 806
Brook and road, W 12

Brother mine, calm wandered, Sh 334
Bury the Great Duke, T 514

But "

But do not let us quarrel any more, RB 650
But Gebir, when he heard of her approach,

L 426

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carpe diem," Juan, "carpe diem!" B

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[blocks in formation]

Dear child of nature! let them rail, W 46 Dear friend, far off, my last desire, T 513 Dear, had the world in its caprice, RB 630 Dear, near and true no true Time himself, T 539

Death stands above me, whispering low, L 456

Death, what hast thou to do with one for whom, Sw 909

Deep in the shady sadness of a vale, K 410
Deep on the convent-roof the snows, T 479
Departing summer hath assumed, W 56
Dip down upon the northern shore, T 507
Dos'nt thou 'ear my 'erse's legs, as they
canter awaay? T 541

Dost thou look back on what hath been, T 506

Do you remember me? or are you proud? L 441

Each eve earth falleth down the dark, M 861 Earth has not anything to show more fair, W 31 Earth, ocean, air, beloved brotherhood! Sh 276

Eat thou and drink; tomorrow thou shalt die, R 803

Echoes we: listen! Sh 314

Ere on my bed my limbs I lay, C 98
Escape me? RB 630

Eternal hatred I have sworn against, L 457
Eternal Spirit of the chainless Mind, B


Ethereal minstrel! pilgrim of the sky, W 58 Even as a child, of sorrow that we give, R

797 Even in a palace, life may be led well, Ar 761

Ever let the fancy roam, K 390

Fair Isabel, poor simple Isabel, K 391
Fair is the night and fair the day, M 855
Fair ship, that from the Italian shore, T 501
Fair Star of evening, Splendor of the west, W

Fame, like a wayward girl, will still be coy, K 423

Fare thee well, and if for ever, B 188 Far-fetched and dear bought, as the proverb rehearses, Sw 902

Faster, faster, Ar 710

Father! I now may lean upon your heart L 433

Father! the little girl we see, L 437

Fear death? to feel the fog in my throat, RB 667

Fiend, I defy thee! with a calm fixed mind,
Sh 303

Fire is in the flint: true, once a spark escapes,
RB 681
First pledge our Queen this solemn night, T

First time he kissed me, he but only kissed,
EBB 563

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He is gone on the mountain, Sc 160

Here begins the sea that ends not till the
world's end. Where we stand, Sw 906
Here is a story, shall stir you! Stand up,
Greeks dead and gone, RB 679
Here, oh here, Sh 329

Here pause; the poet claims at least this
praise, W 51
Here's my case.
Of old I used to love him,
RB 673
Here the self-torturing sophist, wild Rous-
seau, B 200

Here, where precipitate spring, with one light bound, L 431

Her eyes are homes of silent prayer, T 504
He rose at dawn and fired with hope, T 536
He prayeth best who loveth best, C 81
Hie away, hie away, Sc 162

High grace, the dower of queens; and therewithal, R 798

High is our calling, Friend! Creative art,

W 55

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