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My heart leaps up when I behold, W 26
My hopes retire, my wishes as before, L 443
My letters! all dead paper, mute and white,
EBB 561

My love has talk'd with rocks and trees, T


My love, this is the bitterest, that thou, RB 626 My own Beloved, who hast lifted me, EBB 560

My poet, thou canst touch on all the notes, EBB 558

My sister! my sweet sister! if a name, B 210
My soul is an enchanted boat, Sh 321
My spirit is too weak mortality, K 386

Nay, but you, who do not love her, RB 605 Nay traveller! rest. This lonely yew tree stands, W 4

Never the time and the place, RB 681
Nobly, nobly, Cape Saint Vincent to the
Northwest died away, RB 605

No, great Dome of Agrippa, thou art not
Christian! canst not, Cl 692

Nor happiness, nor majesty, nor fame, Sb 358

No more no more-Oh! never more on me,
B 242
Now Morning from her orient chamber came,
K 372

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Push hard across the sand, Sw
Put forth thy leaf, thou lofty p
Queen Guinevere had fled the co
T 525
Quick, painter, quick, the mome

Quoth a young Sadducee, RB 65"
Rain, rain and sun! a rainbow in
Raised are the dripping oars, Ar 7
Rarely, rarely comest thou, Sh 347
Remain, ah not in youth alone, L
"Return" we dare not as we fain,
Revered, beloved - O you that ho
Rhaicos was born amid the hills w

L 446

Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sk Rivulet crossing my ground, T 521 Roll on, thou deep and dark blueroll, B 239

Roman Virgil, thou that singest Ilic temples robed in fire, T 550 Rome disappoints me still; but I sla adapt myself to it, C1 692 Rome is fallen, I hear, the gallan taken, Cl 693

Room after room, RB 630
Rough wind, that moanest loud,
Round the cape of a sudden came
RB 605

Round us the wild creatures, RB 68 Rousseau-Voltaire-our Gibbon Staël, B-214

Row us out from Desenzano, to your S row! T 550

Said Abner "At last thou art come!
tell, ere thou speak, RB 611
St. Agnes' Eve-Ah, bitter chill
K 398

Saint Peter sat by the celestial gate, Saith man to man, We've heard and M 860

Savage, I was sitting in my house, lat RB 671

Say not the struggle nought availeth, Say over again and yet once over again 549

Say what blinds us, that we clain the Ar 714

Scorn not the sonnet; critic, you have fr
W 58

Sea beyond sea, sand after sweep of
Sw 902
Season of mists and mellow fruiti
K 409
Seaward goes the sun, and homeward
down, Sw 904

See, as the prettiest grave will do i
RB 605

See what a lovely shell, T 522
Self-exiled Harold wanders forth a
Send but a song oversea for us, S

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[blocks in formation]

"So say the foolish!" Say the foolish so, love, RB 683

So then, I feel not deeply! if I did, L 455
Souls of poets dead and gone, K 390
Sound, sound the clarion, fill the fife, Sc

So we'll go no more a-roving, B 271
Spray of song that springs in April, light of
love that laughs through May, Sw 905
Spring am I, too soft of heart, M 857
Stand close around, ye Stygian set, L 437
Standing aloof in giant ignorance, K 389
Stand still, true poet that you are, RB 632
Stern daughter of the voice of God, W 44
Strahan, Tonson, Lintot of the times, B 270
Strange fits of passion have I known, W 14
Strew on her roses, roses, Ar 727
Strong son of God, immortal Love, T 499
Such, British Public, ye who like me not, RB


Such a starved bank of roses, RB 677
Summer is coming, summer is coming, T 553
Sunset and evening star, T 553
Surprised by joy-impatient as the wind,
W 55

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